An Understated Dominance Chapter 1354 by Marina Vittori

“Alright, we got it sorted out. Let’s put our differences aside and have a good time together.” Cody chuckled, exchanging a secretive look with Pablo.

Pablo quickly caught on, stepped into the crowd, and shouted, “Hey, bastard! You dare to threaten me? You’re asking for trouble! Someone, grab him!”

Instantly, the group of gangsters in suits surrounded Dustin.

“Hold on!”

Lana abruptly stepped in front of Dustin. “Mr. Hans, we had a deal. Why are you resorting to violence now?”

“Humph! I agreed before, but now I’ve changed my mind,” Pablo declared. “You’ve got a reputation to uphold, so you’re not afraid of public criticism?” Lana frowned.

“Criticism?” Pablo scoffed.

“This is my turf. After I’m done with this kid and have my way with you, I’ll keep all this under wraps. No one will ever find out.”

“Yo-you’re so shameless!” Lana exclaimed.

“I’ll tell I you what I’ve got in store. When we get closer later, you’ll get it,” Pablo leered.

“Pablo, I’ve given you a chance. If you threaten me again, I’ll make you regret it,” Dustin said indifferently. Of course, he didn’t believe what Cody and Pablo were saying. He was just testing the waters.

If the two of them genuinely wanted to patch things up, he could pretend it never happened. Unfortunately, a leopard cannot change its spots.


Pablo roared fiercely, “Bastard! I walked into your trap earlier. Do you still think you can turn the tables?

“You can try it all you want!” Pablo snarled as he saw Dustin stand there with his hands behind his back, unfazed.

“Damn! I’m sure you won’t back down until you’re dead! Get him now!” Pablo gave the order.

“Take him down!” The gang of gangsters swarmed at Dustin.

“Dustin, leave them to me!” Maximus sneered and transformed into a ghostly shadow, crashing into the crowd.

Within a few seconds, the air was filled with screams and cries of outrage.

Maximus displayed the prowess of a seasoned martial artist and was in complete control of the fight. Under Dobson’s tutelage, Maximus honed his skills to the level of a divinity master.

Although the gangsters from the Golden Balcony had some basic combat skills, they couldn’t hold a candle to a martial arts master.

Within five minutes, most of them were sprawling on the ground. “Hmph! This was easy!” Maximus scoffed and crossed his arms, not breaking a sweat.

“Ho-how is this possible?” Pablo’s eyes widened in alarm at the sight of his wounded henchmen.

He had assumed he had the advantage, thinking he could just take back his words. He didn’t realize that Dustin had a highly skilled master at his side.

“Who is this guy? He’s too powerful!” Cody was frightened. He had assumed Maximus was just a harmless attendant and had given no thought to his presence.

“He’s fighting dozens of people on his own. Is he even human?” Harper couldn’t believe her eyes.

Movies don’t make scenes like this, do they?

“Of course, he was so confident. He had the protection of a skilled master.”

Lana was surprised but relieved. Just a moment ago, she thought their situation would be dire. But suddenly, things had taken a promising turn.

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