An Understated Dominance Chapter 1355 by Marina Vittori

After dealing with the gangsters, Maximus glared maliciously at Pablo.” Dustin, what do we do with this big guy?

“Let’s break one of his arms first,” Dustin calmly proposed. “Sure, no problem!” Maximus rushed forward and pinned Pablo to the ground immediately.

“Wai-wait! Let’s talk this out. I believe we can resolve this-Ah!” Pablo panicked, but Maximus twisted his arm before he could say anything. Pablo screamed in agony.

Cody and Harper watched in horror. Their backs stiffened with fear at the sudden downfall of the haughty Pablo.

“Pablo, you made a grave mistake,” Dustin asserted as he approached the giant-like figure.

“I gave you two chances that you didn’t take. Instead, you chose a path that will lead to your death. How am I supposed to handle this now?”

“Kid, I surrender now!”

Pablo gritted his teeth and conceded, ” You’ve beaten and humiliated me. Let’s end this now.

“We won’t cross paths again. Can we agree on that?”

“You think I’m a gullible fool, don’t you?” Dustin retorted coldly. “You have broken our agreement and my trust. You were arrogant when you had the advantage. And now you’re willing to compromise when the tables are turned.

“There is no room for compromise in this world.”

“Kid, don’t push your luck!” Pablo threatened sternly. “All my men are waiting outside. If I give the order, they will storm in here and kill you!”

“You’re still trying to act tough, aren’t you!” Maximus snapped. He grabbed Pablo’s hair and slammed his face into the gambling table.

It was so hard that a resounding “Bang! “echoed through the room. Pablo’s front teeth shattered, his nose flattened, and blood sprayed all over his face.

“The two of you are going to die! I’ll have you killed!” Pablo wailed in a strangled, anguished voice.

“Break one of his legs,” Dustin commanded.

“Yes, sir!” Without hesitation, Maximux planted his foot on Pablo’s knee.

The room filled with a sickening crack as Pablo’s flesh bent inward at an angle of 90 degrees. The broken bone punctured his flesh, spilling blood.

“Ahh!” Pablo’s shrill cry filled the room, and his face twisted in agony.

“Stop! Please, don’t!” Cody tried to intervene when he came to his senses. He warned, “Dustin, do you understand how serious this is?

“Mr. Hans is one of the most powerful underworld bosses in South City, with a vast network and loyal supporters. They will hunt you for the rest of your life if you hurt him.”

“That’s right! Release Pablo now, or your entire family will suffer the consequences,” Harper added. Dustin slowly lifted his head, looking steadily at Cody and Harper. “So, are you both willing to risk losing an arm or a leg?”

Cody’s eyelids fluttered, and he took a couple of steps back. He gathered his courage and said, “Dustin, I know you two can fight well.

“But it won’t work in Oakvale if you use your fists and kicks. No matter how skilled you are, you need to be able to handle gunfire, too!

“What about artillery barrages? Can you take on an entire army?

“Dustin, stop it now! Everyone out there is under Mr. Hans’ command.

“If you change your mind, I can intervene on your behalf and try to ensure your safety. But if you remain stubborn, you are digging your own grave!”

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