An Understated Dominance Chapter 1357 by Marina Vittori

“Hey! Who’s causing a ruckus at the Golden Balcony?”

The atmosphere grew tense as a young man stormed in. His eyes were sharp as daggers, casting an intimidating presence upon arrival.

All those who met his fierce gaze instinctively lowered their heads. “Isn’t that Hugo Langford, the fourth young master of the Langford family? What is he doing here?”

“Remember, the Langford family is the big boss behind the Golden Balcony. If there’s a ruckus here, they won’t turn a blind eye.”

“They’ve not only beaten up Mr. Hans but also messed up the Langford family’s establishment. These two kids are in deep trouble today!”

“Hah, youngsters nowadays think a few punches make them kings of Oakvale. What a joke!”

The unexpected turn of events ignited a flurry of discussions among the guests in the VIP hall. Now that the Langford family was here, there was no way this situation would end well.

“Mr. Hugo … please, help me!” Hugo’s arrival had Pablo shedding tears of relief. He struggled to his feet. Despite a shaky gait, made his way forward. But halfway through, he lost his balance, causing him to tumble forward.

His momentum threw him right at Hugo’s feet.

“Pablo? What happened to you?” Hugo was taken aback, looking astonished. He had been having a good time in the adjacent venue when he heard about the trouble at the Golden Balcony and rushed over. He had never seen Pablo in such a wretched condition.

With both hands broken, a fractured left leg, and a battered face covered in fresh blood, Pablo looked utterly disheveled.

He was a pawn of the Langford family in the South City. He might not have been a big shot, but he had some power in the area. Ordinary forces wouldn’t have dared to provoke him, much less brutalize him to this extent.

“Mr. Hugo, you came just in time. If you’d been a moment later, I don’t think I’d be here to talk to you!” Pablo was crying, face down, near Hugo’s feet, appearing pitiful.

“Who did this to you? How did you end up like this?” Hugo demanded in a grave tone. “It was those two young kids.” Pablo pointed at Dustin and Maximus. “It’s them!”

Hugo followed the direction and fixed his gaze on Dustin. He then eyed Dustin from head to toe.

“Kid! Who are you? How dare you cause trouble at the Golden Balcony? Do you know that this place belongs to the Langford family?”

“I didn’t know that before, but I certainly do now,” Dustin replied calmly. “Alright, now that you know, how should we resolve this?” Hugo asked, his expression darkening.

“It’s pretty simple. Have Pablo kneel, say sorry, and then compensate me with the Golden Balcony. And I can just forget about today’s mess,” Dustin said nonchalantly.

“What did you just say?” Hugo was taken aback, doubting if he had misheard. The crowd exchanged bewildered glances.

Was Dustin out of his mind? He won’t yield or apologize in front of the Langfords, but he dared to demand an apology from Pablo. Dustin even shamelessly wanted the Golden Balcony as compensation. Was he crazy?

“Talking tough in front of Mr. Hugo- that’s a surefire way to a world of trouble!” Cody sneered.

“Yep, just a country bumpkin, completely unaware of who he’s messing with.” Harper shook her head.

Anyone with enough knowledge or intelligence wouldn’t utter such words. For him to dare act tough in front of Hugo, he was either foolish or clueless.

“Kid, did I hear you right? You just said Pablo should apologize, and you want the Golden Balcony as compensation?” Hugo raised an eyebrow.

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