An Understated Dominance Chapter 1362 by Marina Vittori

Ethan had reached his breaking point and slapped Hugo in frustration. The force of the slap sent Hugo sprawling to the ground, leaving everyone in the crowd bewildered. They exchanged incredulous looks, struggling to process what had just transpired.

“What on earth is happening here? Shouldn’t Ethan be dealing with the troublemaker who barged in?”

Some in the crowd whispered.

“Why did Hugo get slapped? Is this some kind of mix-up?”

“Uncle Ethan?” Hugo held his cheek, looking confused.

“Wh-why’d you hit me?”

Ethan’s anger flared, and he threatened, “You blind fool! I’m gonna slap you again!”

He stormed over, landing a series of punches and kicks while yelling, “You laze around all day, bully people, and stir up trouble everywhere.

“Our family is ashamed to have a good- for-nothing like you! Today, I’m giving you a lesson on behalf of your father, you worthless scoundrel!”

“Ouch! Please, stop! Uncle Ethan. I know I messed up…” Hugo winced from the relentless blows and begged for mercy. The crowd was still stunned, sharing puzzled looks.

Ethan’s sudden burst of violence was not what they expected. Usually, when Hugo got into trouble, he’d get a good scolding. But this punishment was just too brutal.

Cody and Harper, who had just arrived by car, were equally shocked by the scene. They thought Dustin would come to the Langford residence to make amends.. They never imagined Ethan would lash out at Hugo like this.

It left them wondering if influential folks had some peculiar habits. “Did the Langford family take a crazy pill or something?” In the car, Lana watched from a distance, her face showing astonishment. Everything that happened that night was completely unexpected.

“Mr. Ethan, he’s your nephew, after all. Take it easy. You don’t need to beat him to a pulp,” Dustin said with a friendly smile.

Ethan’s face twitched, but he didn’t stop the assault on Hugo. In Ethan’s mind, he was thinking, ” Hang in there, Hugo! I have no choice but to do this. It’ll be over soon.”

Under Ethan’s relentless barrage, Hugo lost consciousness. Someone nearby couldn’t bear to watch any longer and said, “Sir Ethan, please stop. If you keep beating him, Mr. Hugo might not make it.”

Ethan finally paused and grumbled, Hmph! A bastard like him needs a solid lesson!”

He then waved his hand and gave the order. “Someone! Get this bastard out of here. Look after him, and give him family discipline once he’s back on his feet!” With Ethan’s command, the nearly lifeless Hugo was carried away, bloodied and bruised.

“Sorry about that,” Ethan said to Dustin, wearing an apologetic smile. “I didn’t handle this right, leading to this mess. If he had done anything to offend you, please forgive us.”

“No hard feelings,” Dustin replied with a friendly grin.

“I’m not here for payback. I just wanted to have a chat with you.”

“A chat?” Ethan gulped nervously. He couldn’t help but think, “What’s there to talk about? With your status, don’t you have some self-awareness?

“How can things go well for anyone who hangs around with you?” While he complained silently, he managed a forced smile and said, “No worries at all; come on in.”

“Thanks,” Dustin nodded, and with Maximus following, he entered the Langford residence. Outside, Cody, Harper, and Lana were left utterly dumbfounded.

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