An Understated Dominance Chapter 1365 by Marina Vittori

“What?!” Dustin’s request hit Ethan like a bolt of lightning, instantly draining the color from his face. Ethan knew the Purple City rebellion from ten years ago was taboo.

The death of the Princess Consort of West Lucozia, still a mystery, wasn’t because of its unsolvability but the collective reluctance to investigate it.

Even the once-mighty Prince of West Lucozia had to shut down any inquiries, leaving the truth buried. Who, in their right mind, would dare to address it?

Despite the royal family’s assurance to uncover those responsible for the Purple City rebellion, the issue gradually receded from the public eye.

This silence suggested that the elusive masterminds behind the rebellion held significant influence. Also, this matter involved the highest imperial authority.

The Langford family might be wealthy and influential but not on the same level as the top royal relatives. So, when Ethan heard Dustin’s request, it rattled him. He was uneasy and downright scared.

Dustin’s tone softened, and he tried to reassure Ethan, “There’s no need to stress out. I’m not asking you to risk your life. Why so jittery?”

Ethan replied, genuinely concerned, Your Grace, I can vouch for the first two conditions, but the last matter is beyond me. You know the ten-year-old taboo; it could cause another huge upheaval.”

Dustin then asked, “Remember when my mother helped your family out in the past?”

Ethan hesitated for a moment. Years ago, the Langford family was in big trouble due to a momentary lapse in judgment. They sought help from the mighty Prince of West Lucozia, but he didn’t want to get involved.

It was the Princess Consort of West Lucozia who convinced him to save the Langfords from disaster. That favor meant a lot to Ethan.

“It seems you haven’t forgotten,” Dustin said with a faint smile. “My mother did kind deeds expecting nothing in return. I’m different. I intend to claim what’s owed to me.

“Mr. Ethan, my mother saved over a hundred lives in your family. Don’t you think it’s fair to repay that debt?”

Ethan fell silent upon hearing this. He held his teacup with both hands and said nothing for a while, his eyes reflecting his inner turmoil.

Dustin poured more tea and said calmly, “I’m not asking you to seek revenge for my mother. I just want your discreet help in investigating the past. Is that too much to ask?!!

Ethan’s hand, holding the teacup, trembled slightly, creating ripples in the tea. It mirrored the turmoil within him..

After thinking for a while, he took a deep breath, steadied his hands, and allowed the tea to settle. “Okay, I agree. There were no more words, just a straightforward affirmation. The gratitude for saving his family left him no other choice. He could only offer his limited support to Dustin.

“Thanks, Mr. Ethan,” Dustin said sincerely. Ethan replied, “Your Grace, there is no need for formalities. It’s the least I can do. My help only goes so far.”

Ethan couldn’t take on seeking revenge for the princess consort, and he didn’t have the ability. He could only support Dustin behind the scenes and repay the favor from the past.

Dustin smiled. “That’s enough. At least it confirms my mother made the right choice when she saved you.”

Ethan nodded. “Yes…”

Dustin continued, “It’s getting late, Mr. Ethan. I won’t keep you any longer. If you find any relevant information, please get in touch.”

He exchanged contact details with Ethan before leaving. To make a place in Oakvale and find the truth, Dustin needed support from these influential noble families. Otherwise, he couldn’t avenge his mother on his own.

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