An Understated Dominance Chapter 1368 by Marina Vittori

Don’t pick a fight you can’t handle.

“Think fast. If you don’t spill the beans, I’m going to use this poison for your extreme makeover.” As he spoke, Dustin unscrewed the bottle. He held it threateningly over Harper’s head.

“No, please! Don’t mess up my face!” Harper’s legs turned to jelly as tears streamed down his face. She pleaded, “Okay, okay, I’ll talk. Just put that thing away!”

“It would’ve been easier if you’d started with that,” Dustin said, putting the bottle away. After all, someone like Harper never changed unless she was backed against the wall. Harper gasped for air and composed herself. In a shaky voice, she began.

The story about Cinna goes back a few years. “One day, a stranger suddenly showed up at our door and chatted with my grandpa. I overheard a bit through the door.

“It turns out this stranger is the one who saved Cinna ten years ago.”

“Wait! Wasn’t it Dr. Busch who saved Mr. Shaffer?” Dustin interjected. “This stranger brought the critically injured Cinna to Harmony Healers. So, my grandpa treated him.

“What’s more, this stranger would drop by occasionally to secretly check Cinna’s condition,” Harper clarified.

“So, who is this stranger?” Dustin’s expression turned serious. He’d always thought Brooke saved Cinna, but it seemed there was more to the story.

“I don’t know,” Harper shook her head..

“I’ve never seen the stranger’s face directly. Whenever he visited, my grandpa told me to go somewhere else. I was just curious that day, so I eavesdropped.”

“And what did you hear?” Dustin inquired. “I overheard this stranger telling my grandpa that Cinna’s identity had to be protected at all costs. If anyone comes looking for Cinna, my grandpa should inform this stranger immediately to avoid any unexpected trouble,” Harper replied.

Dustin furrowed his brow upon hearing this. It was clear that Brooke was keeping a secret or hadn’t completely trusted Dustin yet. The pressing question now was who this mysterious person was.

He’d saved Cinna, brought him to Brooke for treatment, and was taking serious precautions. Dustin had a gut feeling that finding this mysterious person would uncover the truth about the events from years ago.

“Is there any more information?” Dustin asked again. “Oh, yeah! I remember my grandpa referring to this person as Mr. Judd!” Harper suddenly remembered.

“Mr. Judd?”

Dustin pondered. As far as he knew, there was neither a prominent Judd family in Oakvale nor any high- ranking officials with the Judd surname. So, who was this, Mr. Judd?

“I-I only know this much, nothing more,” Harper said nervously. Dustin stared at Harper for a few seconds, making sure she wasn’t lying. “Okay, based on the information you’ve given, I won’t hold today’s events against you.

“But in the future, you both better behave. If you try any more sneaky stuff, don’t blame me for cutting ties.”

Harper nodded earnestly, though a hint of resentment flashed in her eyes. “Ms. Camron …” Dustin walked over to Lana’s car now that the score was settled.

“I appreciate your help today, but I’ll have to ask for a ride. It’s getting late, and finding a cab won’t be easy.”

“No problem,” Lana replied with a charming smile.

She patted the seat next to her. ”

C’mon, handsome, join me in the passenger seat.

“And by the way, you looked pretty fierce, scolding that bitch just now. I liked it. “How about spending the night at my place? My bed is big and soft. I guarantee you won’t want to leave.”

Dustin suddenly felt like he was walking into the lion’s den.

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