An Understated Dominance Chapter 1373 by Marina Vittori

“Oh my God! Mr. Welch Senior is finally awake!”

“Wow, that occult expert lives up to his name!”

“Just one talisman, and voila, the magic happens!” Surprisingly, Theodore’s talisman worked like a charm, and Welch Senior’s eyes snapped open. The Welch family members couldn’t contain their joy and amazement.

Ezra chimed in with a smug grin,” 11 Haha! See? I told you the occult expert I brought over wouldn’t disappoint.”

Alistair nodded in agreement, “Sir Crane, your occult skills are truly incredible. We are genuinely impressed.

“Absolutely remarkable, Sir Crane!”

The Welch family members were in awe, looking at Theodore with respect. Theodore’s extraordinary abilities shattered their preconceptions and shed light on the power of occult techniques.

“Well, punk, are you impressed?” Theodore sneered at Dustin arrogantly. Even though they were knowledgeable in the same field, he viewed Dustin as inferior to him.

However, Dustin cautioned Theodore,” Sir Crane, just be careful. I have a hunch this situation may be trickier than it looks.”

Theodore responded condescendingly, “Humph! You’re clearly ignorant of what ‘breaking a curse with a single talisman’ means. Do you even understand the depth of ‘occult expertise? Or how about-Ahhh!”

Before he could finish his sentence, Welch Senior sprang up. He lunged at Theodore, chomping down on his ear, blood spraying from the wound. Theodore howled in agony, his face twisted in pain as blood spilled.

With a sinister grin, Welch Senior continued to bite and chew on Theodore’s severed ear. At that moment, Welch Senior resembled a deranged, bloodthirsty creature.

“Quick! Get him off me!” Theodore shouted. His voice was filled with panic as he struggled to free himself from Welch Senior.

Unfortunately, Welch Senior’s astounding strength kept Theodore in an unrelenting grip. It resembled an octopus trapping its prey, and Theodore couldn’t break free.

The sudden, horrifying twist of events shocked everyone. They didn’t expect Welch Senior to suddenly attack Theodore so viciously. Furthermore, it seemed that Theodore’s talisman had failed. Amidst the chaos, Welch Senior bit into Theodore’s face and ripped off a chunk of flesh.

“Ah!” Theodore’s earlier confidence and arrogance vanished as he screamed in agony. “What are you all waiting for? Help me shake this lunatic off!”

“Hurry up! Help Sir Crane!” Alistair’s voice was filled with urgency as he ordered the members of the Welch family to help Theodore. Despite their best efforts, they couldn’t pry Welch Senior’s hands apart.

Suddenly, Welch Senior laughed manically, his eyes filled with fury. He focused on Theodore’s neck and lunged to bite again.

“Get out of the way!” At that moment, Dustin sprang into action. He swiftly approached and tapped Welch Senior’s forehead with one finger.

Welch Senior’s body shuddered, his eyes closed, and he passed out. Only then did the Welch family members manage to pry Welch Senior’s hands away and lay him on the bed.

Meanwhile, Theodore was in a terrible state. His face was covered in blood, and his hair was messy.

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