An Understated Dominance Chapter 1375 by Marina Vittori

“Found it?” His words piqued everyone’s interest, and all eyes focused on Dustin’s hand. From beneath the mattress, he pulled out a black silk pouch. He opened it and pulled out a red crystal necklace.

The crystal was circular, with a deep crimson hue that was eerily similar to blood. It was also engraved with peculiar symbols.

“What’s this? Why was it under Mr. Welch Senior’s bed?”

The members of the Welch family exchanged confused looks. “This is called a blood gem.” Dustin lifted the crimson necklace, his gaze fixed upon it.

“It’s used as a medium for witchcraft, and it has a rather eerie backstory. Legend has it that when someone passes away, this gem is placed in their mouth.

“As the person breaths their last breath, it begins a bizarre journey down their throat and diffuses into their bloodstream.

“For a century, it soaks up the essence of their blood, ultimately becoming this unique, enchanting blood gem. “They’re quite rare and incredibly valuable. It was highly sought after by many sorcerers and witches for its ability to enhance spells and incantations.

“Fortunately, we discovered it in time. Otherwise, in just three days, Mr. Welch Senior would have been beyond saving.”

Dustin’s words left the members of the Welch family puzzled. No one had anticipated that such a sinister object would be hidden beneath Welch Senior’s mattress. It was evident that someone did this.

Dustin looked at Alistair and hinted,” Mr. Welch, it’s not something an outsider could easily pull off- sneaking into Mr. Welch Senior’s room and hiding that blood gem under his bed.”

“I understand.”Alistair nodded, connecting the dots. Realizing that this was likely the work of someone within the family, he was determined to investigate the matter thoroughly.

“Hmph! You could be making all of this up. How do we know if what you’re saying is true?” Ezra expressed his skepticism.

“If you doubt me, Mr. Swanson, how about you wear it for a few days?” Dustin handed the blood gem over to Ezra.

“What are you doing? Keep that thing away from me!” Ezra hurriedly stepped back as if he would get bewitched by that gem.

“Dustin, we’ll handle the investigation of the blood gem. Right now, the main concern is whether or not you can cure my father-in-law’s illness,” Joanne remarked calmly.

“Of course I can.” Dustin took out his silver needles and began to insert them into Mr. Welch Senior’s Spirit Gate Point, Kidney 1 acupoint, Kidney 2 acupoint, and Heart 7 acupoint.

With a flick of his finger, the needles vibrated as he channeled his pure energy into them, which flowed into Welch Senior’s body.

After a moment, Welch Senior’s tense expression relaxed, his muscles loosened, and a flush of color returned to his pallid face. Three minutes later, Dustin took out the silver needles.

“That’s it?” Joanne furrowed her brows, her skepticism evident.

“Pretty much.” Dustin nodded, Then, he explained, “You see, witchcraft is a peculiar manifestation of energy. It’s a bit like poison, but it doesn’t harm the body.

“Instead, it goes after the victim’s spirit energy. The strength of their spirit energy can provide resilience against witchcraft.

“On the other hand, those who are frail and unwell are more vulnerable to its influence.

“If my guess is correct, Mr. Welch Senior hasn’t been in the best health, has he?”

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