An Understated Dominance Chapter 1376 by Marina Vittori

“That’s true! Grandpa tends to get sick often, and each time, he ends up bedridden!” Eleanor nodded enthusiastically.

“So, this situation has given the spellcaster an opportunity,” Dustin said with a faint grin. “Honestly, healing Mr. Welch Senior is pretty easy. We just have to rid him of that blood gem and assist him in replenishing his energy. Soon, he’ll be fine.

“I just performed acupuncture to help him sleep soundly and ease his restlessness. I’ll also give him a remedy to calm his mind. With rest, he should recover in about ten days.”

“Is that it? Are you for real?” Ezra asked skeptically. “What if you’re trying to pull a fast one on us?”

Dustin raised an eyebrow, and he said earnestly, “I’m serious. If we didn’t find that blood gem, Mr. Welch Senior’s condition would have deteriorated.”

Joanne chimed in, her concern evident, “We don’t fully understand what you’re saying, but we’re hoping he can wake up soon.”

“Mr. Welch Senior has just dozed off, and he needs some rest right now. We shouldn’t disturb him; it could mess things up,” Dustin explained.

“Humph! You’ve said a whole bunch, but why should we trust you? We need a clear answer right now. When will Mr. Welch Senior wake up?” Ezra persisted.

“He’ll recover swiftly; he should be awake by tonight, or at the latest, by tomorrow,” Dustin responded.

“Fine! We’ll give it one more day. If Mr. Welch Senior isn’t awake by tomorrow, you’ll be accused of murder!” Ezra declared.

“Whatever you said.” Dustin shrugged, not appearing fazed by Ezra’s threats. To him, Ezra was nothing more than a fool, not worth his concern.

“Dr. Rhys, you’ve been a tremendous help. You should rest here today, and let us extend our hospitality.” Alistair smiled.

Without waiting for Dustin’s refusal, he ordered, “Prepare a room for Dr. Rhys with some food and drinks; don’t keep him waiting!”

“Mr. Welch, I’m grateful for your generosity. I’ll accept your offer,” Dustin replied with a faint smile. He understood that Alistair’s intention in keeping him was due to his lack of trust.

He thought, “If Mr. Welch Senior wakes up tomorrow, everything will be fine. But if he doesn’t, that will be a different situation.”

“Eleanor, show Dustin around and help him get acquainted with the place,” Joanne said.

“Okay!” Eleanor smiled sweetly. “Dustin, let’s go. I’ll show you around the garden.” With that, she took his hand and led him outside.


Seeing this, Ezra quickly stepped in their way. He had a flattering smile and said, ‘I’d like to talk to you. Can you spare a few minutes?”

“No!” Eleanor’s expression stiffened.” Get out of the way!” “Eleanor, I just need five minutes. I’ll leave once I’m done,” Ezra pleaded anxiously.

“I won’t listen! Move aside!” Eleanor forcefully stomped on Ezra’s foot. When he cried out in pain, she swiftly pulled Dustin away.

“Eleanor! Hey!” Ezra winced in pain and hobbled after them. Once they were gone, Alistair whispered to his wife. “Joanne, do you believe that guy’s words?”

“I only believe part of it,” she responded indifferently. “Dustin has an unclear background, and his origins are mysterious. By getting close to our family, he may have ulterior motives.”

“Do you think I should send someone to investigate him?” Alistair asked. “Of course, we must investigate,” Joanne said, her eyes flashing with determination.

“If he truly has bad intentions, we can’t allow him to stay!”

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