An Understated Dominance Chapter 1378 by Marina Vittori

“Yeah, in this day and age, finding a guy who genuinely cares isn’t a walk in the park. Look at the dedication this guy’s showing to win you back.

“If my boyfriend had an ounce of that commitment, I’d be over the moon.”

The diners in the restaurant began chiming in with their advice. For a man to publicly apologize was a display of remorse. It was enough to melt a woman’s heart.

“Eleanor, please forgive me,” Ezra implored. “I swear, I will wholeheartedly devote myself to you from now on. If I should I ever stray, may lighting remind me of my promise to you!” Ezra promised solemnly with his arm raised, and three fingers stretched.

His unwavering resolve touched Eleanor despite her tough exterior. Still, she feigned anger and responded, “Ezra, it’s too late now. I gave you a chance, and you didn’t treasure it. Dustin is my boyfriend now.”

She linked her arm with Dustin’s, making her stance clear. Though Ezra had apologized, she was uncertain if she should forgive him. She intended to put him to the test.

“Dustin?” Ezra raised an eyebrow, looking concerned. “Eleanor, do you truly believe this kid is worthy of you? Look at him-no status and capability-just a boy toy that cons people. He can’t even hold a candle to you.”

“Shut up!” Eleanor glared at him. “I won’t let you insult Dustin.”

“Eleanor, I’m thinking of your best interests here. You should know we are the perfect match, deeply in love!

“Plus, we’re already engaged— essentially husband and wife. What does this Dustin have that I don’t?” Ezra argued.

“Who said we’re husband and wife?” Eleanor scoffed. “Eleanor, maybe not now, but I see a future with you! I love you. Will you marry me?” Ezra implored.

As he spoke, he reached into his pocket and took out a small velvet box, unveiling an astonishing pink diamond ring.

The gem sparkled brilliantly under the light; it left the women around gasping in awe. This breathtaking pink diamond wasn’t just worth a fortune; it was as rare as a shooting star. Eleanor responded dismissively, “You think you can buy me with a diamond ring? Dream on.”

“Eleanor, what will it take for you to forgive me? Did this bastard poison you with lies about me?” Ezra asked, frustrated.

He glared at Dustin and accused him, Dustin, how dare you steal my woman? You clearly don’t respect me! We need to settle this. I challenge you to a duel!”

“It’s none of my business. Your conscience is what gives you the trouble,” Dustin responded nonchalantly.

“Cut the chatter! If you’re a man, face me in a fight. The winner gets Eleanor, “Ezra taunted arrogantly.

“I’m not interested,” Dustin said, shaking his head.

Ezra provoked, “Are you scared? What a wimp!”

He sneered. “I’m willing to risk my life for Eleanor. Are you? Can you even fight? What makes you worthy of Eleanor? If you have any sense, you better leave now, or don’t blame me for the consequences.”

“Enough, Ezra!” Eleanor exclaimed.

“You’re taking this too far!” She couldn’t help but think that Ezra had lost his mind. “Risk your life?” Dustin raised an eyebrow, nodding. “Alright. If you’re so fond of fighting, let’s have some fun.”

“Good! Whoever chickens out is a coward!” Ezra taunted Dustin with a wicked grin, delighted that his plans had succeeded.

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