An Understated Dominance Chapter 1384 by Marina Vittori

Dustin smiled and encouraged, “Go on, don’t be shy.”

Feiver hesitated, holding onto his plate and avoiding eye contact. “You’re still growing, and you’re way too skinny, bud. You’ve got to eat more, “Dustin said, adding food to Feiver’s plate.

Feiver mumbled a reluctant “thanks”. His smile was strained, revealing his nervousness.

“Not hungry? Maybe it’s not to your liking? No worries, try the shrimp or the beef stew.” Dustin added more food to his plate, playing the role of a doting father.

“Okay, Dr. Rhys, you shouldn’t worry about me. You should eat, too!” Feiver trembled with the plate in his hand as he tried to avoid eating.

“I’m not hungry; you go ahead,” Dustin smiled.

“I-I’m not hungry either,” Feiver stammered, trembling occasionally.

“That’s fine; think of it as a tasting session. Go ahead, dig in.” Dustin nodded. As Feiver refused to eat, Dustin suddenly joked, “Why? Do you think I’ve poisoned the food?”

“Wha-?” Feiver paled, and he managed a forced smile, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. “N-no way, Dr. Rhys! You can’t be serious.”

“So, why aren’t you eating?” Dustin asked with a smile, watching closely.

“Okay, I’ll eat.” Feiver finally picked up a piece of vegetable and took a bite. He stole a glance at Dustin, trying to maintain a cordial facade.

“Dr. Rhys, come on, give it a try. These flavors are out of this world!” Dustin put down his utensils but remained silent, calmly observing Feiver.

“Dr. Rhys, what’s wrong? Why aren’t you eating? The kitchen specially prepared this sumptuous feast for you! “Nervousness began to creep into Feiver’s smile as he urged Dustin to eat.

As Dustin remained silent, Feiver’s desperation grew. He got agitated, and his face even showed his frustration.

“Dr. Rhys! Eat! Hurry up! I’ve already eaten, so why aren’t you eating?”

“Feiver, I admire your determination. To achieve your goal, you’re even willing to risk your life. But unfortunately, you’ve underestimated me,” Dustin remarked, his smile dropping.

“Wha-what do you mean?” Feiver started to panic.

“Devil’s grass, aconite, and Zeus’ Vine are a deadly concoction. You’re all out for my life,” Dustin narrowed his eyes at Feiver.

He had sensed something was amiss from the moment Feiver entered the room. Dustin allowed Feiver to eat first as a test, purely to confirm his suspicions.

But he was taken aback by the young man’s determination, willing to risk his own life for malicious purposes. He was truly heartless!

“No! It can’t be! How did you know it was poisoned?” Feiver exclaimed with growing panic. By now, black blood was flowing from his nostrils, and his face had taken on a sickly bluish hue.

“Don’t forget, I’m a doctor, and not just any ordinary doctor,” Dustin explained. “Die, you-!” Feiver’s face turned murderous as he drew a knife and thrust it violently at Dustin’s chest, the blade tainted with poison.

“Is this your last-ditch effort?” Dustin grabbed Feiver’s arm, gave it a quick twist, and followed by a powerful kick to his abdomen.

Feiver let out a howl. He was sent several feet away and crashed into a wall, blood spewing forth uncontrollably.

“Tell me everything. Who sent you? Come clean, and I might be able to help with the poison,” Dustin said casually.

Feiver coughed up more black blood. The pain of the poison caused his body to convulse, and his face contorted in pain.

He attempted to speak but was interrupted by a sudden intruder- Joaquin, the Welch family’s butler.

“You audacious criminal! How could you attempt to harm Dr. Rhys? You have a death wish!” Joaquin bellowed, drew his sword, and swiftly killed Feiver.

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