An Understated Dominance Chapter 1386 by Marina Vittori

Dustin asked politely, “Mr. Welch, I’ve heard that your father has awakened. Is that correct?”

“Yes, my dad has indeed woken up, but he’s still weak. His mind is somewhat clouded. I believe he needs some time to rest,” Alistair replied. Dustin reassured him, “No worries, those are just some aftereffects. He’ll be back on his feet in no time.”

Changing the topic, he continued, ” Now, Mr. Welch, about our deal. You promised me the Emerald Corolla and the Iceheart Lotus. When can I get them?”“Well…” Alistair exchanged a glance with those beside him and hesitated.

Joanne quickly interjected, “Dr. Rhys, we have no intentions of going back on our word. However, it might take a while since we’re swamped with other things, and your request isn’t our top priority.”“Mrs. Welch, it seems you had a different stance when we made the deal. “Dustin shook his head.“Precious herbs are rare and can’t be easily acquired. We’ll notify you when we have any information. Your patience will be appreciated,” Joanne stated, unyielding.Dustin replied with a wry smile, ” Patience? I’m afraid if I wait any longer, I won’t live long enough to see those herbs.”From their previous conversation, he had deduced that the Welch family was determined to kill him. It was likely related to the formula of Dew Balm, a treasure precious enough to prompt them to act against him.Joanne remained cool and unyielding.” If you can’t wait, there’s not much we can do.”“Fine. It looks like I can no longer rely on the Welch family. We’ll go our separate ways,” Dustin declared before leaving. Joanne suddenly called out to him, stopping him in his tracks. “Hold on, Dr. Rhys!”Dustin turned back, his expression cold. “Mrs. Welch, do you have something else to say?”If the Welch family intended to escalate the situation, he would not hold back.“Dr. Rhys, my father-in-law is still weak and needs nourishment. The Dragon Panax we gave you is the best supplement. We hope you can return it, ‘Joanne said, her words unapologetic.“Return it?” Dustin was taken aback but soon chuckled, “Mrs. Welch, are you joking with me?“The Dragon Panax was acquired through a trade for the formula. Why should I return it?”She remained calm. “I can pay for it. Just name your price.”He shook his head. “I don’t need money.”“So, you won’t sell it, is that it? Then, consider our trade-off!” Joanne declared.She placed a piece of paper on the table and stated, “This is the Dew Balm formula you wrote. I’m giving it back to you, and I don’t want to work with you anymore. Return me the Dragon Panax.“Mrs. Welch, are you treating me like a three-year-old?” Dustin narrowed his eyes at her.“You’ve already seen the formula. Who knows how many copies you’ve made?What’s the point of returning it now?”The audacity of Joanne was truly astounding. Not only had she failed to find the Iceheart Lotus and Emerald Corolla, but she now intended to reclaim the Dragon Panax, leaving him with nothing.Joanne argued confidently, “Our trade was herbs for the formula. I don’t want the formula anymore, so give back the herbs. That’s only fair.”Dustin chuckled, though his eyes were cold. “Well, well, it appears the mighty Welch family can’t keep their word.”Joanne raised her voice, her patience wearing thin. “Enough small talk! Hand over the Dragon Panax, take your formula, and we can part on good terms. If not, don’t blame me for the consequences!”As she spoke, two martial artist masters stepped forward, blocking Dustin’s path, their gaze sharp.

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