An Understated Dominance Chapter 1389 by Marina Vittori

Engulfed in flames, Dustin leaped high into the air before landing heavily on the ground. The resounding impact left several deep cracks under his feet,

A gust of wind swept over him, extinguishing the flames that had clocked his body. They could see white mist rising from his skin; it looked straight out of a movie.

“What in the world?” The crowd stood in utter shock at the incredible scene they had just witnessed. Even the firefighters were rendered speechless.

No one had expected a person to emerge unscathed from the raging fire, especially not after jumping from the third floor. His crazy and daring actions left everyone astonished.

“Am I seeing things? The guy that went in actually made it out alive?”

“Not only did he survive, he even rescued someone!”

“Oh my God! Who the hell is this guy? Even fire can’t harm him. This is out of this world!”

After a brief moment of silence, the crowd commented excitedly over the scene. Everyone looked at Dustin as if he were some sort of monster.

“Dustin? Y-You’re unharmed?” Brooke stammered in disbelief. “I was lucky. I managed to escape before the fire became too intense.” As he spoke, he placed a wet and smoldering quilt gently on the floor.

Although it was emitting smoke, it wasn’t engulfed in flames. Unwrapping the quilt, it revealed Cinna lying motionless inside. Even though his breathing was weak, he was unharmed.

“Thank God! Cinna is safe!” Brooke exclaimed as he wept tears of joy. He had thought Cinna was beyond saving. He never expected Dustin to show such incredible bravery, charging into the raging flames to save him.

After Dustin checked on Cinna’s condition and placed him in the car, he turned his attention back to Brooke. He asked, “Dr. Busch, how did Harmony Healers suddenly catch fire?”

“I don’t know either. I had just stepped out for a moment when the fire started. “Brooke shook his head. Every morning at the break of dawn, he would take a short stroll in the nearby park as a form of exercise. It was never more than half an hour.

He never encountered any problems all these years. However, Harmony Healers had broken out in a fire upon his return today.

“What time do you typically open?”

Dustin asked again.

“8:00 am daily,” Brooke answered.

“It’s not yet eight. That means the fire started before your operating hours.”

Dustin was frowning as he continued, ” Dr. Busch, was there anyone inside Harmony Healers when you left?”

“No.” Brooke shook his head. “Harper went out with her friends last night and hasn’t returned yet. It’s also quite early, so the students haven’t arrived yet.”

“Dr. Busch, I don’t think this fire was an accident.” Dustin was deep in contemplation. After a moment, he concluded, ” Harmony Healers wasn’t open for business, and the alchemy room wasn’t in use. The chances of an accidental fire are relatively low.

“The fact that the fire started right after you left the building seems too coincidental. I believe this fire was deliberate.”

“What? Harmony Healers was deliberately set on fire?” Brooke was seething in anger.

“I’ve dedicated my life to doing good deeds and helping people. I’ve never done anything to hurt anyone! Who could be so heartless as to set Harmony Healers on fire?”

Having spent decades working as a doctor, he had always done his duty of saving lives and helping those in need.

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