An Understated Dominance Chapter 1391 by Marina Vittori

“What?” Eleanor’s expression turned ugly as she watched the check burn. It was one thing to reject her offer, but setting the check ablaze was just an act of disrespect and humiliation toward her.

“Hey, Rhys! What’s the meaning of this?” Ezra was upset by Dustin’s actions. He yelled, “Eleanor was generous enough to give you money. Don’t be ungrateful!”

“So just because you gave me money, I should accept it? What do you take me for? A beggar?” Dustin scoffed. His opinion of the Welch family had taken a nosedive.From the way Eleanor used him yesterday to the way the Welchs tried to kill him today, he finally realized the true nature of these people.

“Hmph! Just look at your behavior; it’s no different than a beggar.” Ezra looked at him in disdain..“Another derogatory word from that mouth of yours, and I’ll beat you up.” Dustin’s gaze grew colder.“You-!” Ezra was about to rip him a new one when Eleanor raised her hand to stop him. She stared at Dustin in silence; her eyes reflected her mixed feelings. “Dustin, do you have to act this way? We could have been friends. Why do you keep ruining your opportunities?”“Ms. Welch, as I said before, your status is far beyond my reach. Let’s forget about being friends,” Dustin said indifferently. The word “friends” sounded extremely jarring, coming from her mouth.“Eleanor, this guy is a lost cause. Why bother with him?” Ezra shook his head.“Fine. Since you don’t see me as a friend, let’s not have anything to do with each other moving forward.” Eleanor took a deep breath, and her expression grew colder.As the dignified lady and wealthy heiress of the Welch family, she had never been wronged or mistreated, no matter where she went.She had shown remarkable kindness in lowering herself to allow Dustin to apologize and make amends. However, he clearly wasn’t appreciative and didn’t seem to care. What an ungrateful bastard he was!“As you wish, Ms. Welch,” Dustin replied, unfazed.“Bastard! Do you really think you can make it in Oakvale without Eleanor’s support? How naive!” Ezra sneered.He had been restraining himself for Eleanor’s sake, but since they had fallen out, he saw no reason to hold back any longer. Right then, Eleanor shifted her attention to Brooke. “Dr. Busch, we sympathize with your situation.”She put on a facade and continued, ” Since you helped my grandfather in the past, I’ve decided to offer my help this time.”“What do you mean by that, Ms. Welch? “Brooke’s brows had been set in a frown throughout their conversation.“Harmony Healers is destroyed and can never regain its former glory. Instead of spending your days protecting this wasteland, it would be wiser to sell it sooner.”Eleanor stated seriously, “Considering our past relationship, I’m willing to purchase Harmony Healers from you at market value to help you through this difficult time.”“After all that, it was about Harmony Healers all along!” Brooke’s expression darkened. He was only suspicious earlier, but he was certain now. It was undeniable that the pair of them had a hand in the arson at Harmony Healers.“Dr. Busch, please get things straight. I’m here to help you.”Eleanor emphasized, “Harmony Healers is in ruins and practically worthless. I’m willing to buy it at market value as a sign of respect. All I want is for you to retire without any worries.”“That’s right, Dr. Busch. You’re already in your eighties. It’s time to have a well -deserved rest. With a significant sum of money, you’ll be able to live a life of luxury and enjoy your retirement.“What’s not to like?” Ezra chimed in.“Y-You-!” Brooke’s hands were trembling, and his face turned crimson with anger.First, they set Harmony Healers on fire, and now they had the audacity to make a lowball offer. They were even justifying it as help!These people were the worst!

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