An Understated Dominance Chapter 1394 by Marina Vittori

Dustin shook his head as he chuckled. Instead of explaining, he took out a red card. The front side of the red card featured a golden dragon that appeared powerful and intimidating. On the back of the card were two words in gold: Royal Empire.

“This is the Royal Empire Card from Langford Bank. Only those with assets exceeding a billion are worthy of this card.

“With this card alone, I can withdraw 50 million of cash from any bank in Dragonmarsh. So why don’t you tell me? Am I able to afford Harmony Healers? Am I able to produce 30 million?”

Dustin displayed the red card in his hands clearly, looking at them mockingly.

“What? The Royal Empire Card from Langford Bank?” Everyone widened their eyes in disbelief. Langford Bank was Dragonmarsh’s largest bank backed by the national treasury. It had multiple tiers of clients.

They had executive-tiered clients, gold -tiered clients, platinum-tiered clients, black-tiered clients, diamond- tiered clients, and the highest-tiered, royal empire clients.

Two minimum requirements needed to be fulfilled to achieve royal empire status. First, the person’s assets had to start from billions.

Second, they had to be prominent figures with significant social influence, for example, the patriarchs of wealthy aristocratic families, renowned philanthropists, or pillars of the nation.

It wasn’t an exaggeration that those who owned Langford Bank’s Royal Empire Card stood atop the wealth pyramid. Making money was just like breathing to them.

The issue was less than 50 people owned the Royal Empire Card in the whole of Dragonmarsh. They were all in the hands of major power players and were not used lightly unless absolutely necessary. O

“H-How do you have the Royal Empire Card?” Ezra was unsettled at the sight of the luxurious red card in Dustin’s hands.

Even though he was the scion of an influential family, he was only qualified to apply for a Black Card. He was several tiers lower in comparison to Dustin’s Royal Empire Card. He couldn’t understand how a poor loser like Dustin owned such a prestigious item.

“How I have it doesn’t concern you. I just need an answer. Do you think I would be able to produce 30 million?” Dustin said calmly.

Ezra’s mouth twitched. He was momentarily rendered speechless. Those with the card could easily take out 300 million, let alone 30 million.

“I-Impossible!” Eleanor suddenly screeched. “How could you own Langford Bank’s Royal Empire Card with your status? It must be fake!”

It finally made sense to the crowd after they heard Eleanor. The Royal Empire Card was an extremely prestigious card.

Even the children of influential families didn’t possess the qualifications to own the card. How could a nobody like Dustin possibly obtain a real Royal Empire Card?

“Great job, Rhys! I almost fell for it!” Ezra sneered after coming back to his senses.

“I wondered how a poor loser like you could have a Royal Empire Card. It turns out that it’s a forged card you made for the sake of showing off. How shameless!”

“Please open up your goddamned eyes and take a closer look! The patterns, the embossed steel graving, and the anti-counterfeit mark on it are as clear as day. How could it be fake?” Dustin retorted.

“Hmph! With today’s technology, it is easy to forge a card. Your Royal Emperor Card may seem real, but I can spot its flaws with just one look. It must be fake!”

Eleanor spoke with utmost confidence, not leaving any room for a rebuttal. She then put on a sorrowful expression. Oh, Dustin. I never thought you were this kind of person.

“It’s one thing to have no skills, but you actually enjoy employing these underhanded tricks to deceive the people.

“Did you know that forging the Royal Emperor Card is a grave offense? Using it to deceive the public is an even greater offense.

“Once the authorities find out, you’ll be spending your whole life in prison!”

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