An Understated Dominance Chapter 1398 by Marina Vittori

“Ms. Camron, I have a business proposal I’d like to discuss with you, one that’s sure to be absolutely profitable.” Dustin got straight to the point.

“Oh? What kind of business?” Lana was interested. “I can’t explain it over the phone. Let’s meet face-to-face at Regal Court in an hour,” Dustin suggested.

“Alright, see you there.”

After hanging up, Dustin got into his car and left the house. With Maximus keeping guard at home, he didn’t need to worry about what the Swansons and Welchs were up to.

It was noon when Dustin arrived at Regal Court. He walked through the front doors and was led straight to the second floor by a waiter. He eventually ended up in a private room.

Inside, Lana was sipping her tea leisurely in her tight-fitting red dress. She had put on light makeup and had a paper fan in her hand.

Her long hair was tied behind her back, and her red dress accentuated her voluptuous figure, making her exceptionally alluring. Her long, pale legs that were crossed were particularly eye-catching.

Despite her vintage and elegant attire, she gave off a sensual and captivating charm. The difference in style made her all the more desirable.

“Oh, handsome, you’ve arrived? Please, take a seat.” Lana stood up and welcomed Dustin as he entered, flashing a flirtatious smile.

“Ms. Camron, sorry for making you wait.” Dustin took a seat gracefully.

“It’s nothing. I just arrived myself.” Lana smiled faintly and poured Dustin a cup of tea.

“Here, I brewed it myself. Try it.”

Dustin brought the teacup to his lips and took a sip. He nodded. “It’s good tea, and it has a distinctive taste.”

“Of course, I prefer unique things,” Lana smiled meaningfully. Dustin hadn’t noticed when she slipped off her high heels, but her foot was now gradually making its way up his calf.

“Ms. Camron, shall we start talking business?” Dustin smoothly retracted his leg. He continued calmly, “I invited you out today to discuss a potential collaboration where we can make money together.”

“Make money?” The corner of Lana’s lips curved up into a smile.

“Now that you’ve brought this up, I don’t feel tired anymore. What’s the plan?!!

“Have you heard of Dew Balm, Ms. Camron?” Dustin asked.

“Nope.” Lana shook her head.

“Dew Balm is an ointment that works just like Harmony Healer’s golden salve. But it’s much more effective,” Dustin explained.

“Much more effective? How much more effective?” Lana was unconvinced. “It’s at least ten times better than the golden salve.” Dustin’s statement was astonishing.

“Ten times?” Lana’s heart skipped a beat, and she turned serious.

“You’re not joking, are you?”

“If you don’t believe me, I can prove it to you.” Dustin suddenly pulled out a knife as he spoke and slashed himself in the arm.

Instantly, his skin was sliced open, and blood began to flow. Without an energy armor, even a grandmaster was not immune to injuries.

“Hey! Are you crazy? Why would you cut yourself like that?” Lana was shocked and quickly pulled out her handkerchief to bandage Dustin’s wound.

She was extremely concerned.

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