An Understated Dominance Chapter 1399 by Marina Vittori

When Dustin noticed Lana’s concerned look, he was momentarily stunned, and his thoughts drifted. It was as though he saw Natasha in her.

He wondered about her well-being and whether she might resent him for taking so long before getting in touch. Shaking himself back to reality, Dustin withdrew his hand.

Stopping Lana from tending to his wound, he explained, “It’s alright, Ms. Camron. It’s just a minor cut. It’ll heal soon after I apply some Dew Balm.”

With that, Dustin took out the Dew Balm he had prepared earlier and applied it to his wound. Unlike the previous versions, which were black in color, the Dew Balm he used this time was a clear emerald green. This was the improved, authentic version. It had no side effects and had a remarkable healing effect.

“Hey, handsome. Even if you wanted to test the medicine, you didn’t have to harm yourself. Look at how painful it looks.” Lana said with a hint of resentment.

“This was the fastest and most convincing way,” Dustin replied with a smile.

“You could have just told me directly. I would have believed you. Why did you have to hurt yourself? If it leaves a scar, your arm won’t look good,” Lana shook her head in bewilderment.

“This is also a point I’m trying to prove. Dew Balm not only heals but also removes scars. Pouring them both tea, Dustin continued with a faint smile. “If everything goes as planned, the wound will completely heal by the time we finish this pot of tea.

“Oh, is that so?” Lana raised an eyebrow, her curiosity piqued by his confidence. As they chatted and sipped their tea, Dustin smiled and said, “Ms. Camron, it’s about time. Please, take a look.”

He picked up a tissue from the table and gently wiped the green ointment off his arm. As the green ointment was wiped away, the once gaping wound miraculously vanished. It left not a single scar, only a faint red mark. It was the sign of newly healed skin!


Lana was shocked and asked, “Where’s the wound? Why is it gone?”

“It’s not gone, it just healed.” Dustin corrected her. Lana froze in shock. “How is that possible? A gaping wound healed completely in such a short amount of time!”

“What do you think? Are you satisfied with its effectiveness?” Dustin smiled. “It’s amazing! It’s truly amazing!” Lana grabbed Dustin’s arm and examined it with wide eyes.

She exclaimed, “Handsome, this is the business proposal you were referring to?”

“That’s right. “Dustin nodded.

“Are you interested, Ms. Camron?”

“Of course, I’m interested! I’ve never seen such a miraculous ointment ever. If this can be mass-produced, it will undoubtedly become a bestseller!” Lana’s eyes sparkled with excitement.

Coming from a prestigious family and having been exposed to business from a young age, she recognized the tremendous value of this medicine.

With just a little marketing push, it could easily outperform all other ointments on the market. She had chanced upon a goldmine this time!

“Ms. Camron, don’t get too excited just yet. While Dew Balm is excellent, it also comes with significant risks,” Dustin cautioned.

“Oh? What kind of risks?” Lana asked with a smile.

“To be honest, before I contacted you, I had already sold the Dew Balm formula to the Welchs. However, they went back on our agreement, so I plan to reclaim my assets and teach them a lesson.”

Dustin did not hide any details and briefly explained the situation. Since he had decided to collaborate with Lana, the decision ultimately rested with her.

“So, you mean we have to go against the Welchs? Lana narrowed her eyes, seemingly considering her options.

“It isn’t just the Welchs. They’ve also collaborated with the Swansons,” Dustin clarified.

“What?” Lana was taken aback and chuckled bitterly.

“Handsome, you’re really putting me in a tough spot. You’ve managed to provoke two of South City’s top families.

“Won’t I be walking into a death trap if I were to agree to your proposal?”

With the Camron family’s influence, going against the Welches was already a daunting task, never mind challenging the Swansons, How could a lone wolf possibly win against two fierce tigers?

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