An Understated Dominance Chapter 1405 by Marina Vittori

“What? She’s yours?” Both Cody and Harper exchanged puzzled glances when they heard that. They began to wonder if they had heard him wrongly.

Natasha was, after all, a siren who ranked third in the Beauty Ranking. Besides, she was also the Duke of Lachshire’s granddaughter.

She was basically the dream of countless young men! How dare a poor loser like Dustin so shamelessly claim that she was his? Had he lost his mind?

“Dustin. Are you … serious?” Cody probed.

“Of course,” Dustin answered confidently. “Pfft!” Cody burst out laughing as though he’d just heard the greatest joke of the century.

“Oh, Dustin! Do you even hear yourself? Did you just say that Ms. Harmon is yours? Hahaha!” Cody clutched his belly as he laughed with an exaggerated expression.

“Hmph! How shameless!” Harper folded her arms in front of her chest as she huffed. “Don’t you have any self- awareness?

“Don’t go around thinking that your identity has changed just because you put on new clothes. A loser will always remain a loser! Someone like you isn’t even fit to hold Ms. Harmon’s shoes!”

Natasha came from a noble background. Not only that, she had the looks, a perfect figure, and was immensely capable. A woman as brilliant as her had no lack of suitors.

So how dare a poor beggar like Dustin even think of claiming Natasha as his? He was desiring someone way out of his league!

“Dustin, please be more self-aware. Though it’s good to be ambitious, you should consider if it’s reasonable!”

Cody snickered and said, “There’s a world of difference between you and Ms. Harmon. She’s like the brightest star in the sky, and you’re nothing more than an ant deep underground..

“No matter how hard you try, you’ll never reach her. So wake up, Dustin. Quit dreaming!”.

Even Cody, with his prominent background, dared not brag about calling Natasha his. How dare someone like Dustin do so?

“Hey, don’t make fun of others! There are some things you’ll never understand,” Dustin retorted calmly. He continued, “I still stand by what I said. Natasha is mine, so you both better not be getting any thoughts.”

“You’re lying! I’d like to see just how long you can keep up this act!” Harper pursed her lips in disdain.

“Dustin, making baseless claims comes at a cost. If Ms. Harmon hears the nonsense you’ve said, you might get into trouble! So you better watch your mouth.” Cody chuckled condescendingly.

“I’ve said all there is to say. It’s up to you whether you believe me.” Dustin didn’t want to waste his time on making further explanations.

There was no point in saying more to these narrow-minded people. He had given them the warning they needed. Just then, a commotion broke out near the entrance. When they looked over, their eyes lit up immediately.

A lady dressed in a black evening gown walked in elegantly in her black stilettos. Her stunning figure was to die for, and all eyes were on her.

Even without any make-up on, she still looked absolutely stunning. Her cold and aloof demeanor only enhanced her elegance. It did nothing to diminish her authority.

As she stood there, she looked like a high and mighty queen. The moment she made her appearance, everyone’s attention was on her, and no one was able to peel their eyes off her.

“What beauty!” Cody gaped, astonishment clear on his face.

“So this is what true beauty looks like.” Even Harper was startled by how charming the lady was. She even began to feel inferior when she compared the lady’s flawless looks and figure to her own. Harper was undoubtedly pretty. But she was no match for the unparalleled beauty before her.

There were a significant number of socialites and wealthy heiresses in attendance tonight. All of them had put in a lot of effort to look good, and they were indeed stunning.

However, the moment Natasha entered the hall, she instantly outshone them, stealing the limelight.

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