An Understated Dominance Chapter 1406 by Marina Vittori

“Greetings, Ms. Harmon!”

“Hello, Ms. Harmon!” After a short moment of silence, the entire hall erupted in loud chatter. Everyone began crowding around Natasha to greet her.

Those who could show up at the event were either high-ranking officials or top executives of major corporations. It was only natural that they knew Natasha’s identity.

There were even some who had attended the event for the sole purpose of sucking up and currying favor from her.

“No need for formalities, everyone. Please make yourself comfortable.”

Natasha remained composed. She showed no reaction to the crowd, who flattered and fawned over her. Her alluring eyes swept across the hall as though searching for something.

“Cody, could that be Ms. Harmon?” Harper discreetly pointed at Natasha. “She should be. I cannot think of anyone who has such captivating beauty apart from Ms. Harmon!”

Cody’s eyes were bright, his face flushed, and his heartbeat accelerated. He had seen many beautiful women, but never one this enchanting.

In that moment, he finally understood what it was like to fall in love at first sight. He’d willingly give up ten years of his life to be able to marry such a bombshell!

“As expected of someone who ranks third in the Beauty Ranking. She truly is a feast for the eyes!” Harper could not seem to take her eyes off Natasha.

As a woman, she noticed that she felt no jealousy for Natasha. Instead, Harper was just blown away by her beauty. Right at that moment, Natasha, who was surrounded by people, seemed to have spotted something.

Joy came over her, and she hurried toward a particular direction. There was no concealing the happiness on her face. “Look, Cody! Ms. Harmon is heading our way! Could she be coming for you?”

When she saw Natasha approaching them, Harper was both excited and anxious.

“Coming for me? No way.” Cody was taken aback and at a loss. He had been full of confidence earlier. But when he saw Natasha in person, he couldn’t help feeling intimidated and inferior.

She was so perfect that she seemed like an angel, so flawless and pure. Cody couldn’t bring himself to even touch her.

“Why not? There are just a few of us here. If she isn’t coming for you, then who else?”

Harper’s imagination began getting the better of her, and she added, “I think you must have caught Ms. Harmon’s eye. That’s why she’s heading here to get to know you!”


Cody took a quick look around and found that it was exactly as Harper had said. There weren’t any people of importance around them that Natasha could be interested in. For a moment, he was both surprised and on edge. Could this be the day he lucked out?

“Be confident, Cody!” Harper quietly cheered him on from the side. “You’re handsome, smart, and very charismatic! It’s no surprise that you’d catch Ms. Harmon’s eye!

“If you grab hold of the opportunity and win her over, you’ll have a bright future ahead!”

With Harper’s flattery and encouragement, Cody grinned widely and regained the confidence he lost.

“Alright! If Ms. Harmon is interested in me, I can’t let her down! I’ll make sure I win her over today!”

Cody straightened his necktie and fixed his hair. Then, he puffed out his chest and walked up to Natasha with his head held high. He almost looked like a gallant knight out to marry his princess.

“Hello, Ms. Harmon. I’m—”

Cody walked up to Natasha and extended his hand. Just as he was about to introduce himself, he realized that Natasha paid him no attention. Instead, she walked straight past him.

Then, under everyone’s gazes, she jumped into Dustin’s embrace joyfully. “I’ve missed you, dear!”

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