An Understated Dominance Chapter 1407 by Marina Vittori

“I’ve missed you, dear!”

Under the incredulous stares of the guests, Natasha jumped into Dustin’s embrace and hugged him tightly.

They truly looked like a pair of lovers who were finally reunited after having been apart for a very long time. They were both intimate and passionate.

However, their bold actions had everyone staring and gaping in shock and disbelief. Cody and Harper, especially, stood frozen in place as though they’d been struck by lightning. They simply could not believe what they saw.

What was going on? She was the chairperson of Dash Corporation and the woman who ranked third on the Beauty Ranking. And most importantly, she was the granddaughter of a duke!

What the hell was happening? Why was she so eager to show affection toward a poor loser?

Cody’s hand was still extended, but without realizing it, he had already turned his head to stare at Dustin and Natasha. The smile on his face stiffened, and his emotions churned.

He was shocked beyond belief. Could Dustin have told the truth? The charming Natasha was actually his?

But how was that even possible? Dustin was a nobody! At most, he knew some martial arts and some medical skills. There were countless people like that in Oakvale! He was as plain as plain could be!

But why? Why would someone like him deserve Natasha’s attention?

While Cody, who was handsome, young, capable, and talented, was completely ignored by her? Why?

“No… No way! How would this rascal even know Ms. Harmon? How is he even fit to stand beside her?” Harper’s eyes were wide. She refused to accept what she saw. In her mind, Dustin was just a country bumpkin who was out to make a living in Oakvale.

He didn’t have the right background, talent or connections. No matter how hard he tried, he would only manage to scrape by. He would remain stuck in the lower social circle for life, never to break out of it.

He wasn’t even good enough for Harper, much less the granddaughter of a duke! They were truly a mismatched couple.

Nobody could make any sense of what was going on.

“How do I look today, dear? Do I look good? I’ve spent a lot of effort looking good for you today.”

Natasha wrapped her arms around Dustin’s waist, lifting her face to look into his handsome one. There was pure joy in her eyes. It had only been several days since they last met, but to her, it felt like a century had passed.

“Of course you look good! You always do.” Dustin smiled and raised his hand to tuck a loose strand of her hair behind her ear.

All his worries and anxiety faded the moment he saw the beauty in front of him. Even the air around him seemed to change instantly.

“Well, if I look so good, why don’t you give me a kiss?”

Natasha lifted a finger and tapped on her luscious lips. Her smile was sexy and tempting.

“What?” Dustin’s smile froze. He lifted his gaze and looked at all the eyes on them coming from every direction. Would it be appropriate to display their affection so openly?

“I’m just pulling your leg.” Natasha chuckled. “I’d be shy with so many people watching too. We can continue this at home.”

A slight smile broke out on Dustin’s face. What a seductive vixen. She hadn’t changed at all. “Here, everyone, allow me to introduce you.” Natasha turned to the guests with her arm linked with Dustin’s.

She said with a smile, “This is my fiancé, Dustin Rhys.”

“Dustin Rhys?”

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