An Understated Dominance Chapter 1408 by Marina Vittori

The crowd exchanged bewildered looks and began to whisper among themselves when they heard what Natasha said.

“Who’s Dustin Rhys? I’ve never heard of him before. Do we have such a person in Oakvale?”

“That’s weird. As someone with wide connections, I’ve never heard of him before, either.”

“So, do you mean to say that he’s not someone special? But why would Ms. Harmon be interested in someone like him?”

“Well, he does have decently good looks. Perhaps he’s just one of those men who pleases women and makes them feel good so that he can mooch off them?”

The influential elites whispered, all looking baffled. As people of the elite circle, they were always very well-informed. However, none of them had ever heard of the name Dustin Rhys. Thus, they deduced that he wasn’t someone from their circle, nor was he anyone of importance.

But what they did not understand was why the high and mighty Natasha would get involved with a small fry like him? Was it true love? Or was it just an infatuation?

“Mr. Rhys! I’ve long since heard of your name!”

A chubby, middle-aged man came up to Dustin with a smile. “I’m Stanley Withams, owner of Skylight Heights Hotel. It’s an honor to finally meet you after hearing so much about you!”

“Hello, Mr. Withams.” Dustin returned the smile. Though Stanley only said what he did to be courteous, it gave Dustin some comfort to hear something nice.

To be able to establish Skylight Heights Hotel and make it so successful showed that Mr. Withams wasn’t a simple- minded person.

“Mr. Rhys, I’m Randell Kymme, chairman of Goodman Corporations. Please show us some support in the future.”

“Mr. Rhys, I’m Rory Maze, assistant general of the City Defenders! If you ever run into any trouble in the future, just let me know! I’ll be sure to handle it for you!”

“Mr Rhys …”

After Stanley introduced himself to Dustin, more and more prominent figures crowded around him. They all flattered and complimented him, trying to gain his favor.

They didn’t know who Dustin was, nor did they care about his identity. Even if he was nothing but a pile of dung, they’d be polite and fawn over him so long as he had Natasha’s favor. That was just the way of the world.

Just moments ago, no one had paid Dustin any mind. But now, he was the center of attention because of Natasha. Everyone clamored to make his acquaintance. Dustin smiled politely at all of them, handling the situation perfectly.

“Why? Why is it him? Why isn’t it me?”

Seeing Dustin gaining everyone’s attention, Cody tightened his fists and clenched his jaw. He was jealous. But most importantly, he was frustrated to have been defeated by someone like Dustin.

Dustin was nothing more than a broke loser, and Cody deemed himself way better than him! So why was it that Natasha picked Dustin over him?

“Don’t be disheartened, Cody. He’s just a boy toy who only has the looks. Perhaps Ms. Harmon will lose interest in him after playing with him for several days.”

Harper continued to influence Cody even though her expression also seemed somewhat uneasy. She refused to believe that someone as excellent as Natasha would willingly marry a nobody like Dustin.

Others aside, the Duke of Lachshire himself would never approve of them. So she was convinced that they wouldn’t last long together. Their relationship was nothing but a short fling.

“Play? How is Dustin Rhys even fit to be played by Ms. Harmon?” Cody was still annoyed.

Dustin had truly lucked out, even if Natasha only saw him as a plaything. Natasha was third on the Beauty Ranking! What a waste of a gorgeous lady! Why was he not the one being played instead? Why?

“What are you doing?” A loud voice suddenly boomed at the entrance. The voice was so loud that it scared the attendees, and they collectively looked over. What they saw was a buff young man in military attire striding in menacingly.

His gaze was sharp, and he had a formidable presence. The golden shoulder badge on his uniform proved that he was a young general.

Natasha’s smile faltered when she saw the man. Her brow knitted together, and disgust was evident in her eyes.

All the elites who surrounded Dustin quickly scurried away as their expressions changed. They didn’t want to be implicated should anything nasty happen.

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