An Understated Dominance Chapter 1410 by Marina Vittori

Dexter raised his hand midair, ready to strike Natasha. However, he forced back the urge to do so. Never had a woman ever dared to speak to him like that. Had he not had his considerations, he’d have had his way with her.

“Hey, rascal! Who are you to snatch my woman away from me? Do you wish to meet your maker so soon?”

Dexter turned to Dustin and glared at him fiercely. He could not get rough with Natasha, but it would be easy for him to deal with a little boy toy. As long as he wasn’t royalty or part of the four ancient houses, Dexter could do anything he liked to him.“It’s common courtesy to tell the other party your name before asking for theirs,” Dustin said casually.

“Hmph! You want to know who I am? Fine! I’ll tell you!”Dexter shot him a vicious glare before saying, “Now, listen up, and listen well! I am Dexter Fallon of the Fallon family, one of the four ancient houses! I’m a Four-star Marshal, and they call me the Black Tornado!”“Oh? So what?” Dustin responded impassively.“So what?” Dexter was taken aback. He hadn’t expected such an answer from Dustin. Regular people would have gone weak in the knees when they heard about him. But this rascal wasn’t the least bit affected! He started to wonder if he wasn’t clear enough.“Hey, rascal! Don’t you know the Fallon family, one of the four ancient houses?” Dexter narrowed his eyes on him.“I do.” Dustin nodded.“Then do you not know the power of a Four-star Marshal?” Dexter pressed on.“I do.” Dustin nodded yet again. “Well, since you know of my identity and my powers, why aren’t you afraid of me?” Dexter asked exasperatedly.“Why should I?” Dustin answered calmly. “You’re nothing but a spoiled and arrogant brat who takes advantage of your social status and power to mistreat others. Why should I be afraid of you?”An uproar broke out among the guests. “Damn! Has he gone out of his mind? How dare he openly provoke Dexter! Does he have a death wish?”“He’s too young to know what’s good for him. He really is seeking death to offend the Chaos Demon!”“When Dexter flies into a rage, there is bound to be bloodshed. The young man’s done for!”Everyone was shocked by the sudden turn of events. None of them had expected Dustin to be so bold as to openly insult Dexter without a care in the world.After all, Dexter was a Chaos Demon who planted fear in people’s hearts. He wasn’t one to be messed with! Anyone who had ever crossed Dexter either ended up dead or severely harmed. None of them ever ended up well.People usually stayed as far away from him as possible. But now, Dustin had actively gone and offended him. Wasn’t he out to make life difficult for himself?“Hah! What an insolent bastard! How dare he challenge Dexter? He’s truly done for now!”Cody and Harper snickered coldly, gloating at the misfortune that was about to befall Dustin. If Dexter were to lose his temper, not even Natasha could help him.“Hey, bastard! What did you just say? I don’t think I heard you right. Say it again if you dare!”Dexter’s expression darkened. He gnashed his teeth and shot daggers out his eyes. “I said, you’re nothing but an incompetent and incapable spoiled brat who misuses your family’s influence and power to mistreat others. Have I made myself clear now? Did you hear well?” Dustin asked.The moment he said that, everyone began to have the same thought, There, he’s done it. There’s no hope for him anymore.”

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