An Understated Dominance Chapter 1411 by Marina Vittori

“Hahaha!” Dexter suddenly began laughing. It started as a soft laugh and gradually grew louder and more maniacal. The onlookers felt their skin crawl, and they reflexively moved away to distance themselves.

Dexter was known to be very temperamental, with impulsive mood changes. When his signature laughter appeared, it meant there was bound to be blood soon.

“You’re quite ballsy, aren’t you, rascal? “After Dexter was done laughing, his expression instantly darkened.“All these years, no one has ever dared to speak to me like that. Incompetent and incapable, you say? Very well, you shall pay for what you said today with your life!”

As he spoke, his hand reached for the gun on his waist.“Dexter! I’m warning you, you better not act rashly!” Natasha stepped in front of Dustin and shielded him. She continued frostily, “Dustin’s mine. If you dare hurt him, I’ll never let you off!”“What?” Dexter frowned, his expression turning from bad to worse. ‘Natasha Harmon, do you know what you’re saying? Are you going against me for this boy toy of yours?”“So what if I’m going against you? Do you really think that you’re above the law?” Natasha wasn’t intimidated by him. Dexter’s reputation might be able to scare the average person, but it wasn’t going to scare her.“Hmph! I’ll forget what you said because you’re a woman!”Then, gritting his teeth, he turned his malicious gaze on Dustin.“Hey, rascal, weren’t you very gutsy just a while ago? What are you doing hiding behind a woman now? If you’ve got what it takes, take me up on a match and let’s settle this between us like real men.”“You’re no match for me,” Dustin said calmly.“Fuck! You’re pretty arrogant, aren’t you?”Dexter continued angrily, “I’m a Four- star Marshal who excels in both martial arts and academics. Who the hell are you to look down on me?”“So what if you’re a Four-star Marshal? Haven’t you achieved all that you have because you have the entire Fallon family backing you up? Do you really think that you’d be able to enjoy such glory without your family’s support?”Dustin huffed disdainfully. He had seen his fair share of spoiled scions like Dexter.They all tend to think they were all that just because they were in positions of power. But they had only gotten those positions because of their family’s influence. In truth, they were just useless trash.“You asshole! Do you dare take me up on my challenge?” Dexter roared in frustration.“If you don’t, then get down on your knees and beg for forgiveness! Admit publicly before everyone here that you’re a wimp! I might let you walk away with your life!”“Fine. If you insist on being beaten up, that’s what you’ll get today. It’ll also serve as a lesson to teach you not to be too full of yourself.” Dustin appeared calm and composed.“Sure! I’d like to see what you’re made of!” Dexter huffed in contempt as he took off his jacket and tossed it to his subordinates. Then, he made his way up the stage. The performers on the stage immediately dispersed and got off the stage.“Are you really going to fight him, dear? “Natasha asked.“Violence is the only way to communicate with brutes like him. There’s no point saying anything else. I’ll just have to beat him into submission before he’ll listen to what we say,” Dustin commented.“You’ve got a point there.” Natasha nodded. “But please be careful.”“What? Are you afraid that I’d lose?” Dustin asked with a chuckle. “Of course not!” Natasha rolled her eyes. “What I mean is for you to go easy on him. Don’t batter him up too badly, or things will get messy.”Natasha knew very well what Dustin was capable of, and he was more than capable of dealing with Dexter.The only problem was Dexter had the Fallon family behind him, and they were one of the ancient houses. They’d end up in a sticky situation if things got out of hand.“Don’t worry, I’m just teaching him a lesson so he knows to back off. He’ll be fine.” Dustin smiled. But of course, if Dexter doesn’t get the message, he couldn’t blame Dustin for taking things up a notch.“Hey, bastard! Why are you stalling down there? Get your ass up here now!”Dexter stood imposingly on the stage, giving off a ferocious presence. He stood at a height of 6’ 3″, with a buff and well-built physique. His threatening expression made him look truly formidable.“What’s the rush? Are you in such a hurry to meet your maker?” Dustin shot him a cold glance before slowly making his way up the stage.

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