An Understated Dominance Chapter 1412 by Marina Vittori

His actions elicited hushed whispers among the crowd. “Isn’t the guy a bit too bold? He actually has the gall to go on stage to take Dexter up on his challenge? Dexter’s a decent fighter! It’d be a futile attempt to fight someone like him in a match!”

“Though it’s a courageous act to fight to defend his woman, I still say he’s bringing trouble upon himself.”

“He should have known his place. Wouldn’t it have been better if he just behaved and played the part of the boy toy that he was?

“Why did he have to pretend to be all tough and insult Dexter? He’ll regret it when he ends up injured.”

The guests sighed and shook their heads at Dustin. From how they saw it, Dustin’s actions were no different from seeking out death.

He originally had Natasha defending him, so he’d be alright if he just yielded to Dexter. He could have just pretended like nothing had happened. But because of his ego, he had to offend Dexter. Now, he was stuck in a difficult situation with no way out. He might even lose his life!

“Hmph! What a fool! Wouldn’t it have been better to just cower behind Ms. Harmon? This is what he gets for trying to be the hero!” Cody sneered.

“He overestimates himself! Just because he’s trained in martial arts, he thinks he’s fit to go up against a Four- star Marshal. He’s really seeking trouble!” Harper gloated.

The two stood side by side, watching Dustin make his way up on the stage. They looked at him like he was already dead.

They had been madly jealous of him when they learned that Natasha liked him. But now, there was no need for that anymore. He didn’t have much time left to live anyway.

“This is your final chance, rascal! Get on your knees, beg for forgiveness, and get the hell away from Natasha. I will spare you only if you do that.”

Dexter stood on the stage with his hands behind his back. His expression was cold, and his gaze was sharp. He looked confident that he would win.

“And I’d say the same to you. Quit harassing Natasha, or I’ll beat you up real bad,” Dustin answered.

“You asshole! Let’s see if you’re still so gutsy when death stares you in the face! Dexter couldn’t hold it in any longer, and he flew into a rage.

With a quick leap, he launched himself through the air and threw Dustin a hard punch. His punch was aimed right at Dustin’s face. He packed enough force into it to shatter the hardest rocks. He had always won during military combat. So, dealing with a weak boy toy was a piece of cake.

However, Dustin did not flinch, nor did he duck when Dexter’s attack came straight at him. Instead, he raised his hand and caught Dexter’s fist in his palm.

The two collided with a dull thud. Dustin stood there unmoving. He wasn’t the least bit affected. Dexter, however, was astonished. He had disbelief written all over his face.

When his punch made contact with Dustin’s palm, he felt like his fist had simply melted into his palm. It did not even seem to create an impact!

He had always boasted of his strength. But it was completely ineffective against Dustin! How was that possible?

“If this is all you’ve got, you better admit defeat,” Dustin said casually.

“You’re really asking for it now!” Anger replaced the embarrassment that Dexter felt. He summoned all the internal energy he had within him.

Then, in one swift motion, he threw another punch straight at Dustin’s chin. The force of it was shocking, having increased many folds from his first attack.

“How pig-headed.”

Dustin shook his head and sidestepped Dexter’s blow. At the same time, he reached out to grab Dexter’s wrist and gave it a light tug. Dexter lost his balance and staggered forward.

Dustin stretched his foot out at just the right time, causing Dexter to stumble. He ended up falling forward. Then, with a loud crash, Dexter fell and planted his face on the ground. Gone was his magnificent and formidable image.

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