An Understated Dominance Chapter 1430 by Marina Vittori

“Whatever it is, you have to follow the rules!” the bodyguard sternly refused.

“Well, I’ll just speak directly with Mr. Dawson,” Dustin said.

“Sorry, guys,” he added apologetically. Then, with a swift motion of his hand, a row of silver needles shot out, precisely hitting the necks of several guards.

The bodyguards instantly froze, unable to move or even make a sound. Only their eyes were darting around in surprise.

“This is an unavoidable action. Please forgive me,” Dustin said with a nod. With that, he continued into the room.

As he entered the room, a sharp gaze immediately swept over him. It was accompanied by a chilling air that sent shivers down his spine. In the next moment, a black steel blade with a fierce blade aura swung viciously at Dustin’s neck.

Dustin raised his eyebrows and instinctively stepped back. He narrowly avoided the blade as it grazed his throat, sending a shiver down his spine.

The room’s door, upon being struck by the blade, shattered into pieces. It left deep marks on the wall behind it.

This swift and fierce strike was something only a Grandmaster martial artist could accomplish. The assailant seemed surprised that Dustin had dodged the fatal blow.

Just as she was about to strike again, Dustin quickly interjected, “Hold on! I’ve got business to discuss with Mr. Dawson.”

Without a word, the assailant swung for a second strike. This time, it was faster, more vicious, and undeniably at the level of a grandmaster martial artist!

“Wait a moment…” A lazy voice interrupted. The black steel blade froze midair, less than a foot from Dustin’s neck. Dustin breathed a sigh of relief.

If the attack persisted, there was a risk of causing irreversible harm. Sheathing her long blade, the assailant was revealed to be a young woman in her twenties. She was dressed ready to fight, and looked sharp and cold.

At her age and with her exceptional skills as a formidable grandmaster martial artist, even in a place as competitive as Oakvale … She stood among the very best.

Employing a naturally gifted martial artist as a personal bodyguard spoke volumes about how highly the Dawson family regarded Bo Dawson.

“Being able to evade Elara’s strike is proof that you’re no ordinary person,” Bo said as he sat in his chair, gently fanning himself.

His eyes bore into Dustin, now filled with interest. “Risking your life to meet me. So, tell me, what brings you here?”

“Today, I’ve taken the liberty to visit because I’d like to discuss a business matter with you, Mr. Dawson,” Dustin said with a slight smile.

“Business?” Bo replied with a hint of skepticism. “You’re not here to ask for an investment, are you? I may have money, but I’m not foolish.”

“Mr. Dawson, you’ve misunderstood,” Dustin explained. “The business I wish to discuss requires not a single penny from you. It only requires access to the Dawson family’s connections to expand the market.”

“Oh? What makes you think I’d be willing to help?” Bo raised an eyebrow with a touch of curiosity.

“Or perhaps you have some exceptional quality that could pique my interest?” he asked.

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