Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 119

Sophia was about to read the second novel when her phone rang without warning.

She glanced at the screen. The caller ID showed that the call was from the police station.

Arching a brow, she answered the call. “Hello, this is Sophia Yarrow.”

“Hello, Ms. Yarrow. This is Westland Police Station. Last night, you found a phone and left it at the police station. Do you still remember this incident?”

“Yes,” came Sophia’s calm reply.

She waited patiently for the police officer to continue speaking.

“Right. The owner of the phone is here. He said the phone is valuable as there is a lot of important information inside. Thus, he would like to thank you in person. If possible, could you make a trip here?”

Sophia let out a low chuckle. “I’m sorry, but I’m not free right now. I don’t need his gratitude. Thanks.”

With that said, she cut the line.

At the same time, the police officer glanced at Alexander in the police station.

“Mr. Xenos, Ms. Yarrow isn’t free right now. She said she doesn’t need your gratitude. So…”

Alexander lowered his head and glanced at his phone. Sophia’s reaction was within his expectations.

He gave a curt nod. “Thank you.”

As Alexander turned to leave, Felix promptly caught up to him.

Night fell in Jadeborough earlier than usual. It was only six in the evening, but the sky was completely dark.

Sophia finally closed the file in her hands. She grabbed her phone and her bag, ready to head home.

The moment she pushed the door open, she bumped into Sadie, who was running toward her office despite wearing heels.

Sadie halted to a stop before Sophia.

Realizing her obtruding manner, Sadie immediately took one step backward. “I’m sorry, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia shot her a smile. “It’s fine. What happened?”

Hearing that, Sadie looked at her grimly. “The old lady who claimed to be your grandmother this morning has shown up again.”

Sophia’s brows twitched. “Didn’t they leave?”

“They are back. This time, they are accompanied by an influencer and a few cameramen. The influencer runs an account on a video-sharing platform that focuses on helping others,” Sadie explained.

Oh? They are resorting to public opinion now?

Sophia laughed. “Are they downstairs now?”

Sadie nodded. “Security won’t let them in, so the elderly lady sat on the ground and wailed her heart out. It’s time for everyone to get off work, so employees from other companies would see them on the way home…”

It would leave a bad impression.

It would leave a bad impression.

Sadie dared not say that out loud, of course. She sensed Sophia’s aura changing in the middle of her sentence.

Sophia’s smile slipped as she glanced at Sadie. “Got it.”

They want to see me, right? I’ll do just that.

Sophia’s expression darkened momentarily. She quickly put on a smile and urged, “Let’s go.”

“Ms. Yarrow, why don’t you leave through the side door?” Sadie suggested.

After entering the elevator, Sophia turned to her. “If I leave through the side door, can you solve the situation alone?”

Delilah was still as stubborn as usual. It was useless to try to reason with someone as uncultured as her.

Sadie hung her head in shame. If she was capable of solving the problem herself, she wouldn’t need to rush upstairs to see if Sophia had gotten off work.

“Ms. Yarrow, I’m sorry,” she apologized.

Sophia’s lips curled. “What are you sorry for?”

“I didn’t settle the problem well…”

“Then watch and learn,” Sophia stated slowly.

Judging from the smile hanging on her lips, it didn’t seem like she was going to place the blame on Sadie.

Sadie froze as a blush crept up her face.

Right then, the elevator doors slid open.

Sophia shot Sadie one last look and strode out of the elevator.

Outside, she heard Delilah’s wails echoing around the lobby.

Delilah’s voice was so loud as though she was afraid no one could hear her. Beside her, a woman holding a microphone was comforting her. Rupert stood next to her and kept stealing glances at the elevator.

Sophia lifted a brow and tutted.

I was right.

She marched over to them and declared, “I heard you wanted to see me.”

Rupert stared at Sophia in disbelief.

Back when Sophia was young, she was skinny and looked malnourished.

It was normal for a girl to blossom into a pretty young lady, but Rupert had no idea Sophia would turn out to be this gorgeous.

Delilah’s job was to cry, while Rupert was tasked to keep an eye on Sophia. He had spotted Sophia the moment she stepped out of the elevator.

After observing Sophia closely, he realized she did resemble his sister, Rachel Sharp. Nevertheless, he dared not claim to be Sophia’s uncle right now.

Sophia was standing right before them. She was smiling, but her smile didn’t quite reach her eyes. Instead, she pinned them with a withering stare, and Rupert couldn’t bring himself to speak.

After hearing Sophia’s words, Delilah immediately stopped crying and scrambled to her feet swiftly. She gave Sophia the once-over.

Delilah was surprised to see Sophia for the first time after twenty years.

This worthless ingrate is quite pretty. I shouldn’t have done that back then. If I were to bring her up and marry her to a rich man in the village, Rupert wouldn’t end up being this useless.

It was too late to change things now. Delilah calmed down and reached out to grab Sophia. “Ungrateful brat! How dare you refuse to meet your granny and uncle!”

Sophia dodged her advances and took a step back. She watched as Delilah pretended to cry and call her a heartless woman.

Without a word, she stood rooted to the spot and enjoyed Delilah’s show.

As Sophia didn’t bother defending herself, the influencer Delilah invited spoke up. “Hello, Ms. Yarrow. I’m the host of ‘I’m Here to Help,’ and my name is Lexie. We were told that Old Mrs. Sharp and Mr. Sharp are your relatives. According to Old Mrs. Sharp, she showed up this morning to see you, but your security guards kicked her out.”

Sophia glanced at the host. “So why did they ask for your help?”

Lexie had never seen anyone as calm as Sophia. She froze and only came back to her senses a while later. “They just want to see you. Old Mrs. Sharp said she only has a son and a daughter. Your mom and dad passed ten years ago, so she could never meet her daughter again. Besides, you’re her granddaughter. She misses you a lot.”

Sophia glanced at Delilah before turning to look at the host calmly. “Did they ask for your help because they want to meet me?”

“Yes.” Lexie nodded.

“I’m here. Now that you’ve seen me, can you leave instead of blocking my company’s entrance?’

As Sophia was unfazed, Lexie parted her lips to say something, but Sophia didn’t give her a chance to do so. “Oh, I know. You have another purpose, right?”

Sophia looked Delilah in the eye. “Tell me. How much do you want?”

She pulled her checkbook out and shot Delilah a half-smile.

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