Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 169

“Let’s eat first.”

Sophia took a glance at Lukas. At that very moment, she really needed some time to digest everything he said.

Sophia seemed very distracted during the meal.

In fact, the real purpose of Lukas coming over was not only to reunite with Sophia. He looked up at her, who was sitting across from him at the moment. “Your granddad has been wanting to see you ever since he heard of you.”

After a brief pause, Lukas continued, “As for your granny, she was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer five years ago and has been fighting for survival until today in the hope of seeing your mother. She has been resentful over the fact that she lost Aunt Rachel back then. Three months ago, the hospital issued a notice of Grandma’s critical condition. The doctor says she only has less than one month to live. Even so, she is waiting for you and your mother to go home before she breathes her last. Aunt Rachel has left before Grandma. Right now, you’re the only one who can fulfill her wish. Sophia, I hope you can go back with me. We have been waiting for you to return home.”

Unexpectedly, such an aloof man appeared to be so warm-hearted as he articulated his words. Suddenly, Sophia felt a lump form at the back of her throat. Her eyes began to redden.

She looked up at Lukas opposite her. After a moment, Sophia finally uttered, “All right.”

What Lukas mentioned was that the Dawson family was waiting for Sophia and her mother to go back. It didn’t mean that they acknowledged her.

Her mother was a member of the Dawson family, and so was she.

There was a sudden moment when Sophia almost burst into tears.

After her parents had passed away, she lost all sense of direction in life. Later, she met Alexander and thought he could give her a home, but in the end, the man gave her nothing other than hurting her.

It had been more than one year after the divorce. All this while, she had lived a casual life. Sophia was indeed happy. However, when others called their families during festive seasons, she couldn’t help but wonder where her home was.

At times like that, she would be reminded that she had no home.

However, when Lukas told her they had been waiting for her to return, Sophia thought it was probably the most irresistible remark she had ever heard.

“Are you going back tonight?”

Lukas nodded. “Yes.”

Sophia pursed her lips. “I’ll pack some clothes and go back with you tonight.”


Penelope’s condition was getting worse by the day. She merely gasped for her last breath. Everyone was devastated upon seeing that, but they all understood why she was unwilling to breathe her last.

Penelope had suffered for so many years. The Dawson family hoped she could take her last breath peacefully.

Lukas was delighted that Sophia agreed to return home with him.

“Ms. Leighton, please inform Kimberly to take care of the following matters.”

Yvonne was equally stunned as she learned about the news that night. Upon hearing Sophia’s words, she eventually came to her senses. “All right, Ms. Yarrow.”

After that, Sophia turned to Lukas and remarked, “Lukas, I’ll go back to pack my things first.”

Although it was the first time the cousins met each other in such a formal manner, Sophia could feel his kindness and love for her.

Needless to say, it was hard to accept him as a family member in an instant. However, upon hearing Lukas mention that the Dawson family was waiting for them to get back home, Sophia understood that a simple acknowledgment was not enough to repay the family.

Lukas, who had been taciturn for more than three decades, was deeply stirred when Sophia addressed him in a familial manner.

From then on, he was not the only child in the Dawson family.

They then left the private room and walked straight to the entrance. Sophia traveled there in her car. Since Lukas and Taylor didn’t drive, she asked Yvonne to send them home.

The rain that stopped in the afternoon began to fall again at night. As soon as Sophia opened the umbrella, Lukas, who stood next to her, took it.

“Let me do it.”

Sophia was stunned for a while before nodding. Her lips curled into a grin as she looked at Lukas. However, her eyes reddened when she looked away.

If Mom knew it, I guess she would be as happy as I am now.

The four of them parted ways when they arrived at the parking lot. Sophia hopped in her car while Lukas and Taylor got into Yvonne’s car.

The rain at night was dreadful. Alexander had been standing at the door for quite some time.

Although Felix tried his best to prevent the rain from hitting Alexander’s face by holding the umbrella over the latter’s head, he was helpless in the face of this wind-driven rain.

“Mr. Xenos, Ms. Yarrow has left.”

Although it sounded cruel, Felix couldn’t help but point that out. After all, they had another appointment.

It was just that they didn’t expect to see Sophia acting intimately with an unknown man. What was more, the man was tall and handsome. As Sophia was standing next to him, she looked just like a submissive little bird. Even Felix couldn’t bring himself to tell a lie that they didn’t look good together.

Judging from the appearance of the man, he and Sophia would indeed make a great couple.

Felix took a glimpse at Alexander once more, feeling bad for him. It was only after the divorce that Alexander realized he had fallen in love with Sophia. Not only did he fail to win her over, but the love rivals also appeared one after another.

Sophia got entangled with the popular celebrity, Mason, right after the divorce. Then, she got close to an exceptional neighbor, Stephen. Several months ago, she suddenly became related to Horatius, the son of Onyx Builders.

A few days ago, Darrell announced that he wanted Sophia to be his goddaughter. At first, Alexander thought he could finally put his mind to rest. Unexpectedly, he caught sight of Sophia sharing an umbrella with a good-looking guy on this day.

In other words, it was miserable for him.

Upon hearing Felix’s words, Alexander withdrew his gaze and turned around to walk into Mirage.

What Sophia told him in the morning on the previous day was still ringing in his ears. If Alexander made a move, he thought that it would only irritate Sophia.

After Sophia got home, she casually packed some clothes and left with her luggage. Lukas’ flight was supposed to be half-past eight. Although it had been rescheduled to nine o’clock, there wasn’t much time for her to waste.

The traffic was terrible on rainy days. Sophia had been stuck in the traffic for fifteen minutes. By the time she reached the airport, it was already ten minutes past eight.

After passing the security checkpoint in a hurry, she dragged her luggage to the departure lounge in search of Lukas.

Just then, Taylor spotted Sophia from a distance. “Ms. Yarrow, over here.”

Sophia’s lips curled into a smile. She then dragged her luggage and walked over.

Lukas, who was resting, slowly opened his eyes. Taking a glance at her, he asked, “Is there anything you wish to know?”

Sophia pursed her lips. Indeed, her mind was full of questions. “Are they aware that my mother is gone?”


Although she had never seen the Dawson family before, they had been looking for Sophia and her mother for so many years. At the thought of this affection, she couldn’t afford to look awkward to conceal her feelings.

“When Granny sees me, will she—”

“Sophia, don’t feel burdened. She has been waiting for you. It’s a good thing.”

Sophia nodded, but her mind was still loaded with thoughts.

Even when an announcement rang out to remind the passengers to board the flight, Sophia was so distracted that she didn’t notice it.

Taylor had already boarded the plane with his luggage. Lukas called out, “Sophia.”

Only then did Sophia come to her senses. “Sorry! I was lost in my thoughts.”

“It’s time to board the flight.”


Fixing his gaze on Sophia, Lukas reached out to pat her head. “We have been waiting for you. Don’t be afraid, Sophia.”

“I’m not afraid.”

Sophia lowered her head. Indeed, there wasn’t an ounce of fear in her.

She just felt heavy-hearted at the thought that Penelope would breathe her last after the latter saw her.

Her mother changed her name from Rachel Dawson to Rachel Sharp after she had come of age. It seemed that she also remembered her previous family. It was just that she couldn’t find her way home.

If Rachel were still alive, she would also want to see her mother get better instead of having her long-cherished wish fulfilled after Sophia said goodbye to her.

Lukas didn’t say anything further. If it happened to somebody else, that person might not be able to accept it up to this point.

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