Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 220

Sophia listened to their conversation and was moved to hear what they said, but she did not want to talk about Susan anymore. After all, Susan was the one who kept Perrin and Kylie company when she was away from the Dawson residence.

If Susan had not come to her with malicious intentions, Sophia would have treated her words as casual remarks and laughed them off.

“Granddad, do you want to play chess with me?” Sophia asked.

“Sure! But you’d better not go easy on me this time!”

Sophia looked at Kylie and said, “Aunt Kylie, I’ll be playing chess with Granddad in the study!”

“Go ahead. He only enjoys playing chess and nothing else, but I know nothing about chess, so I guess he finds it boring to play chess with me.”

“But, Aunt Kylie, you’re good at shopping!” Sophia joked and followed Perrin to the study for the chess game.

This time, Sophia did not go easy on Perrin. In the end, it was a narrow victory for Sophia.

Although Perrin lost the game, he was delighted as ever. “My granddaughter is so smart! Hahaha!”

Sophia poured him a cup of coffee and asked, “Granddad, should we go for a walk downstairs?”

They had been sitting for more than an hour. Despite her young age, she felt somewhat uncomfortable in that posture, and she could only imagine how much more discomfiting it must be for Perrin.

Thus, the two went downstairs and took a walk. When night fell, Sophia helped Perrin back into the dining hall for dinner.

After dinner, Perrin told Sophia to meet him in the study. He asked, “What is going on with you and Alexander?”

Sophia knew Perrin would surely ask her this question before she even came to visit them. Although she did not plan to hide anything from Perrin, she still felt a little shy as she said, “Granddad, I still like him.”

It made her feel pathetic to admit that, but it was the truth.

Perhaps she was meant to go through more obstacles in her love life than others.

Sure enough, Perrin’s expression darkened as he heard that from her.

As the air inside the study grew silent, Sophia pursed her lips and said nothing.

Around ten seconds later, Perrin pulled open a drawer. “Last week, someone sent a letter to our house anonymously. Why don’t you take a look at it?”

Sophia raised her brows and took over the printed letter from Perrin.

After reading the content, Sophia frowned.

The letter listed the complicated ties between her, Horatius, and Alexander. Other than that, the anonymous sender condemned Sophia for stealing Alexander. They also warned the Dawson family not to acknowledge a woman like Sophia as their daughter-in-law.

There was no address or information about the sender stated in the letter. However, it was clear that the sender was certainly related to Alexander.

Sophia could finally understand Perrin’s anger the other day. She pursed her lips. “Granddad, Alexander has been pursuing me again after our divorce.”

Hearing that, Perrin softened his expression a little, but he still snorted. “It’s his loss for not cherishing you in the past. There are other men out there. You don’t have to be with him!”

Sophia smiled wryly. “But he’s the only person I like.”

Perrin sighed. “You’ve gone through so much on your own all these years. I didn’t want to interfere with this, but Alexander will have to work harder to gain approval from us before he gets to be with you!”

From his words, Sophia understood that Perrin had decided to respect her decision. She was touched by his love for her as she stared at his grey hair. “Trust me. I won’t make it easy for him to win over me again.”

Perrin nodded with satisfaction. “It’s getting late now. Go get some sleep. You have to wake up early for your flight tomorrow.”

Sophia kept the letter. “Granddad, can I take the letter with me?”

She wanted to investigate the matter and find out who was pulling such petty tricks behind them.

“Sure. Take it with you.” Perrin did not fancy having this letter lying in his drawer either.

Sophia smiled and said, “Good night, Granddad.”

“Good night.”

Returning to her room, Sophia took out her phone, which had vibrated several times. She turned on the screen and saw three missed calls from Alexander.

Raising her brows, she texted him on WhatsApp. After chatting for a while, Alexander told her to go to sleep.

Putting away her phone, she grabbed a new set of clothes and walked into her bathroom.

Sophia did not bring anything when she visited the Dawson residence, but she took a huge suitcase with her when she left.

As soon as she stepped out of the airport, she immediately spotted Katherine. She walked over to the latter with the suitcase and asked, “Do you think I can’t see you just because you’re wearing sunglasses?”

“Of course not. There are paparazzi here.”

Hearing that, Sophia arched a brow. “Let’s go to the car then.”


The two quickly left the airport and got inside their car in the parking lot.

The car windows were specially customized so that people could not look in from the outside.

Right then, Katherine took off her sunglasses and scarf. “Oh my! These paparazzi surely have time on their hands!”

Sophia fastened her seatbelt and tilted her head at Katherine. “Didn’t I tell you not to come?”

“How could I not come? You’re my best friend!”

Sophia quirked her brows and exposed her mercilessly, “You only came for the bag, didn’t you?”

“That’s nonsense! I came to pick you up and get the bag at the same time!”

The other day when Kylie offered to buy a bag for Sophia’s best friend, she was not merely making empty promises. She actually bought two bags and told Sophia to give Katherine one.

Last night, when Sophia told Katherine about this, the latter immediately risked it all to pick her up at the airport.

Of course, Sophia knew Katherine came for the bag instead of her.

After flying for slightly more than two hours, Sophia was a little tired. She leaned against the seat and said, “All right. Start driving now. I’m tired.”

“Sure thing, President Yarrow.”

Sophia chuckled at that and tilted her head to look at Katherine.

“President Yarrow, don’t pay me any min. Just get some shuteye!”

“I’m wondering how shameless you can be.”

Katherine was at a loss for words.

On their way back, Sophia dozed off and gradually woke up when their car arrived at the mansion.

Once they got out of the car, Katherine eagerly trotted to the car trunk, where the suitcase was placed in. “My dear bag, I’m coming for you!”

On the other hand, Sophia could not be bothered about that. She was thirsty and only wanted to have a drink at that moment. “Help me bring in the suitcase.”

“No problem!”

Right after she said that, Katherine, who usually struggled to open a bottle cap in front of Joshua, immediately lifted the suitcase that weighed more than thirty pounds.

It was certainly not an exaggeration to say that luxury handbags were like magic that could make women accomplish what they usually could not in their daily lives.

When Sophia was waiting for the water to boil in the kitchen, Katherine suddenly rushed in and exclaimed, “Oh my! Is your Aunt Kylie looking to receive goddaughters? Why don’t you introduce me to her?”

Although Katherine knew she was not intelligent, she was confident in winning over Kylie’s heart with her charm.

Sophia glanced at her. “I didn’t know you could be so pathetic.”

“I can be even more pathetic!”


Last night, when she heard what Sophia told her over the phone, she was yet to feel impressed. Yet, when she opened the suitcase just now, Katherine had a strong urge to steal all the outfits and luxury bags inside.

Her Aunt Kylie sounds like a fairy godmother to me!

Sophia scoffed. “Why don’t I pass the message to her next time I see her?”

“Of course! That sounds great!”

“You’re shameless.”

“Can’t I be shameless?”

Sophia gave up arguing with her. “Whatever. You can pick any bags you like and take them with you.”

After all, luxury bags did not matter much to her. She could live without them.

Upon hearing that, Katherine immediately pulled Sophia into a tight embrace. “I love you so, so, so much!”

Sophia raised a hand and shoved her face away. “I can feel your saliva all over my face.”

Katherine was rendered speechless. She was simply giving Sophia a peck on the cheek, yet the latter did not seem to appreciate that.

Still, now that she had the luxury bags with her, Katherine was no longer bothered by that. She let go of Sophia and went outside to choose her bags.

When Sophia left the kitchen with a glass of warm water, she saw Katherine kneeling on the floor.

Sophia raised her brows again. “You don’t have to bow and thank me.”

Katherine looked conflicted as she asked, “Well… Can I have all of them?”

“Get lost.”

In the end, Katherine chose three bags. As she left, she could not help turning back and blowing a kiss at Sophia with every step she took.

Sophia could not stand watching that, so she lifted her arm and pushed Katherine away. “Leave now, or I’ll take everything back from you.”

Hearing that, Katherine stopped blowing kisses at her. Instead, she clutched tightly onto the bag containing the handbags and said, “Bye, Soph!”

Sophia tugged her lips upward and watched as Katherine walked away. “Remember to lock the gates.”

With that, she turned around and closed the door, walking back into the mansion.

She had barely taken a few steps away when she heard someone knocking on the door downstairs.

Sophia cocked her brows and went back to open the door. “Did you forget—”

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