Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 381

Chapter 381 Do You Know Her

The moment Cassandra saw Sophia entering the room, she froze. She thought she would never see Sophia again after that night.

She never thought that Sophia would be one of the investors that the company wanted.

Furthermore, Sunshine Group sent out two representatives. One was Sophia, and the other was the woman beside Sophia.

Cassandra was no fool, and she was a snob. Otherwise, she would not have pretended to be more than she was by using Bob’s name.

When Sunshine Group’s two representatives entered, Sophia was walking in the front while Yvonne walked behind her. Most would figure out that the one who was in charge that day was Sophia.

By then, it was already the third round of financing for their company. Cassandra only managed to join the company as a manager in a department, thanks to her connection to Bob.

If everything went well, their company would be able to apply for listing by the end of the next year.

Once the company was listed, the market value of the company would rise tremendously. Naturally, Cassandra’s salary would increase as well.

In other words, the meeting that day was crucial, and Cassandra had made many preparations for it.

However, the other party was Sophia Yarrow.

Cassandra could not snap herself back to her senses after hearing Sophia greet her. It was only when Viktor nudged her beneath the table did she force a smile onto her face. “Indeed, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia glanced at Cassandra but soon turned to look at Viktor instead. “Mr. Weylandt, I’ve looked at your proposal, and there are several things I would like to find out more about.”

Clearly, Sophia was interested in their company. Viktor hastily asked Cassandra to introduce the company to Sophia.

Even though Sophia was smiling at Cassandra, somehow, Cassandra found chills running down her spine.

“Ms. Yarrow, Ms. Leighton, please allow me to talk about our company’s plans for development.”

Sophia nodded, the smile still on her face. It was the same demeanor she had the other day when she looked unfazed about everything. “Sure, please go ahead, Ms. Holloway.”

Even though Cassandra could not make her lips curl into a smile, she knew it was something she had to do, nevertheless.

Fortunately, Cassandra was rather thick-skinned.

When she found out that Sophia was the investor she was meeting that day, she was taken aback, and she panicked. However, she told herself that what was done had been done, and her panic would do nothing to salvage the situation. Thus, by the time she stood up to introduce the company to Sophia, she had recomposed herself.

Cassandra’s voice was the only voice reverberating in the conference room. She had gone through the proposal multiple times. The only times she made mistakes were when she met Sophia’s eyes and was hit by a wave of guilt. Still, Sophia remained silent the entire time, so she pretended as if all was fine and continued.

“That is all. Thank you.”

By the end of her speech, Cassandra’s heart was no longer racing.

Sophia lifted her head to take a glimpse at Cassandra. “Ms. Holloway, I have a few questions I’d like to ask.”

Despite her calm state, the smile on Cassandra’s face stiffened when she heard Sophia calling her name. “Please go on, Ms. Yarrow.”

“If I invest eighty million into your company, may I know how your company is planning to allocate the funds?”

That was a question Cassandra had prepared for. “Ms. Yarrow, nowadays, we can consider the viral phenomena equivalent to money. Hence, marketing has become even more important for products. We will divide the money into three parts, one of which will be invested in advertising and marketing to further improve product awareness. The rest will be invested in product development to improve product quality to improve its sales.”

The answer was an ordinary one—it was nothing outstanding.

Sophia inclined her head and gave her a small smile. “Another question. If your company is unable to receive any funds this time, what would your company’s plans for development be like?”

It was a question that many investors loved asking. After a glance at Viktor, Cassandra gave Sophia another normal answer.

Sophia hummed before turning to Yvonne. “Ms. Leighton, are there any questions you’d like to ask?”

Yvonne then asked a question, and Cassandra was still the one who answered.

Two minutes later, Sophia looked at Cassandra with a smile that did not reach her eyes before saying to Viktor, “Mr. Weylandt, we’ll need to think about this first.”

What she was actually saying was, I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in investing in your company.

Viktor paled the second he heard Sophia’s words.

Not wanting to waste any time, Sophia asked Yvonne to send them off. “Ms. Leighton, please send Mr. Weylandt and Ms. Holloway out.”

Yvonne nodded and rose to her feet. “Mr. Weylandt, Ms. Holloway, this way, please.”

“Ms. Yarrow—”

Viktor wanted to say something else, but he realized Sophia’s focus was fully on Cassandra instead.

Realization struck him like a bolt from the blue, and he instantly scowled at Cassandra.

Thinking that Sophia and Cassandra knew each other, he thought the meeting would go well. However, he belatedly recalled what Sophia had said earlier—how Sophia said that she was not that familiar with Cassandra and even said that they met in an interesting way.

Finally, Viktor figured out what was going on.

He stopped trying and gave Sophia and Yvonne a smile instead. “Ms. Yarrow, I’ll take my leave now, then.”

Sophia returned the smile with a quiet greeting, but she remained seated, not intending to send them off.

Yvonne led them out of Sunshine Group. “Mr. Weylandt, Ms. Yarrow, thank you for coming today.”

Once Yvonne was done with the polite words, she turned and left.

The second she was gone, Viktor’s scowl deepened. “Cassandra, you know Ms. Yarrow?”

Cassandra shuddered when he asked her the question. “W-We met just once.”

Viktor sneered, “Be honest with me. Did you cross Ms. Yarrow?”

There was no way Cassandra would dare to admit to that. “No, but my uncle knows Ms. Yarrow, so I’ve met her once.”

Viktor was a smart man, and he did not believe her words at all. “Then what does Ms. Yarrow mean when she said that your encounter with her had been an interesting one?”

“I was… I was…”

Cassandra could not come up with an impromptu excuse. She could only stare at Viktor as cold sweat soaked her back.

She knew that she was going to lose her job.

Her reaction affirmed Viktor’s speculations. “Make time and apologize to Ms. Yarrow as soon as possible. I don’t care how you apologize to her, but if Ms. Yarrow still refuses to invest in our company, I want you out of the company!”

Back then, he had turned a blind eye to how Cassandra joined the company by pulling strings. He thought that it would be fine since the pretty young woman had come from a famous university and spoke fine. She had not been completely useless, so he kept her around.

However, if he were to lose Sunshine Group’s investment because of Cassandra this time, he was never going to let Cassandra go.

Once Viktor said his piece, he went into the car with the secretary. The car drove off, leaving Cassandra to stand under the hot sun alone.

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