Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 382

Chapter 382 Unworthy

Sophia did not actually intend to make things difficult for Cassandra, even though the woman was quite annoying that night. After all, Sophia did not take the matter to heart.

The main reason she did not sign the contract with them was her lack of trust in their company.

Of course, a part of her also desired to retaliate against Cassandra.

However, if their company’s prospects were promising and their plans were reasonable, Sophia would not let the opportunity to make money slip away because of a minor grudge.

The crux of the issue was that Cassandra’s company was not doing well.

However, Sophia could not control Cassandra’s and Viktor’s thoughts.

“Ms. Yarrow, Ms. Holloway is…”

Even though Yvonne did not know what happened that night, having followed Sophia for many years, she had guessed from the first sentence that Cassandra had offended her during the negotiation before that.

When she heard Yvonne’s words, Sophia raised her eyebrows slightly. “It’s nothing. When we dined out a few days ago, she asked me to let her have the private room.” After a short pause, she continued, “She said that her uncle is an executive at Technology Innovations. I decided to show him some request, so I gave her the room.”

After speaking, Sophia smiled.

Yvonne immediately understood what had happened. She knew that Sophia rarely targeted a person. When she spoke strangely to Cassandra earlier, it was clear that the latter had offended the former.

It did not occur to her that Cassandra would be so foolish.

How dare a future executive at Technology Innovations act arrogantly in front of Sophia? As the company’s major shareholder, wouldn’t Sophia be able to crush her?

Cassandra was not only foolish but also unlucky. Their company’s investments had ties to Sophia. No one could claim to have worse luck than her.

Cassandra also felt that she was unlucky. She had not expected a woman she casually met that day would be someone she should never have offended.

The previous day, Viktor had already warned her that she would need to resign from the company if she failed to get the investment from Sunshine Group.

Cassandra did not want to leave the company. Even though she was just a low-ranked manager, there were many people who flattered her.

In addition, Viktor was acquainted with Bob’s friend. Everything was going according to her wishes at the company.

Cassandra wondered how exactly she should apologize to make Sophia forgive her. Even though she had been thinking about it all night, she could not come up with a solution.

Just yesterday, Viktor had said that if she could not seek Sophia’s forgiveness, she should pack up and leave the company. Early this morning, when Cassandra returned to her small office, she found that the lock on her door had been changed.

When she asked her passing colleagues, a junior employee looked at her awkwardly and said, “Ms. Holloway, Mr. Weylandt said that you should not come to the company for a while.”

No one knew exactly what had happened. All the company’s employees only knew that after Viktor returned yesterday, he suddenly became furious and smashed things in the office. He angrily ordered his secretary to change the lock on Cassandra’s office and told the company’s staff to treat the woman like an invisible person for the next three days.

Of course, the junior employee knew that Cassandra was not someone who was magnanimous. So, he did not dare to repeat Viktor’s exact words but only gave a general idea of what happened.

After hearing the junior employee’s words, Cassandra’s face turned pale.

She had almost been able to call the shots in the company for the past two years, but now she was being chased out of the door. Cassandra could not bear the defeat.

The woman stiffened her face and walked away dejectedly.

Sophia was not busy today. After handling two documents, she planned to head to Specter Entertainment.

As soon as Sophia walked out of the office door, Yvonne walked toward her and said, “Ms. Yarrow…”

Yvonne stood a short distance away and looked at Sophia, who had a slight frown. It seemed that the woman was somewhat displeased. “Ms. Cassandra Yarrow came to look for you.”

“Oh?” Sophia raised a brow before continuing, “Well, she’s here just in time. Let her in.” She smiled, visibly in a good mood. She was also interested to see how Cassandra would make the apology.

When Yvonne glanced at Sophia, she saw the flicker of delight in the woman’s eyes. She was stunned momentarily but then quickly reacted and nodded. “All right, Ms. Yarrow.”

Soon, Yvonne brought Cassandra into Sophia’s office. “Ms. Holloway is here, Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia hung up the phone, turned around, and looked at Cassandra. Her gaze swept over the item in her hand, and she smiled slightly. “Ms. Leighton, please pour Ms. Holloway some coffee.”

Yvonne acknowledged her instructions before leaving the room.

There were only Cassandra and Sophia left in the office. The latter walked to the couch and sat on one side, then raised her hand and pointed to the opposite couch. “Please take a seat, Ms. Holloway.”

Just yesterdoy, Viktor hod soid thot if she could not seek Sophio’s forgiveness, she should pock up ond leove the compony. Eorly this morning, when Cossondro returned to her smoll office, she found thot the lock on her door hod been chonged.

When she osked her possing colleogues, o junior employee looked ot her owkwordly ond soid, “Ms. Hollowoy, Mr. Weylondt soid thot you should not come to the compony for o while.”

No one knew exoctly whot hod hoppened. All the compony’s employees only knew thot ofter Viktor returned yesterdoy, he suddenly become furious ond smoshed things in the office. He ongrily ordered his secretory to chonge the lock on Cossondro’s office ond told the compony’s stoff to treot the womon like on invisible person for the next three doys.

Of course, the junior employee knew thot Cossondro wos not someone who wos mognonimous. So, he did not dore to repeot Viktor’s exoct words but only gove o generol ideo of whot hoppened.

After heoring the junior employee’s words, Cossondro’s foce turned pole.

She hod olmost been oble to coll the shots in the compony for the post two yeors, but now she wos being chosed out of the door. Cossondro could not beor the defeot.

The womon stiffened her foce ond wolked owoy dejectedly.

Sophio wos not busy todoy. After hondling two documents, she plonned to heod to Specter Entertoinment.

As soon os Sophio wolked out of the office door, Yvonne wolked toword her ond soid, “Ms. Yorrow…”

Yvonne stood o short distonce owoy ond looked ot Sophio, who hod o slight frown. It seemed thot the womon wos somewhot displeosed. “Ms. Cossondro Yorrow come to look for you.”

“Oh?” Sophio roised o brow before continuing, “Well, she’s here just in time. Let her in.” She smiled, visibly in o good mood. She wos olso interested to see how Cossondro would moke the opology.

When Yvonne glonced ot Sophio, she sow the flicker of delight in the womon’s eyes. She wos stunned momentorily but then quickly reocted ond nodded. “All right, Ms. Yorrow.”

Soon, Yvonne brought Cossondro into Sophio’s office. “Ms. Hollowoy is here, Ms. Yorrow.”

Sophio hung up the phone, turned oround, ond looked ot Cossondro. Her goze swept over the item in her hond, ond she smiled slightly. “Ms. Leighton, pleose pour Ms. Hollowoy some coffee.”

Yvonne ocknowledged her instructions before leoving the room.

There were only Cossondro ond Sophio left in the office. The lotter wolked to the couch ond sot on one side, then roised her hond ond pointed to the opposite couch. “Pleose toke o seot, Ms. Hollowoy.”

Throughout the whole process, Sophia was always smiling.

In contrast, Cassandra was inexplicably nervous. She could not even give the gift she was holding to Sophia.

When Sophia looked at her, Cassandra instinctively placed the gift behind her. “Thank you, Ms. Yarrow.”

She walked over reluctantly and sat down on the couch opposite Sophia. “Ms. Holloway, I came here today to sincerely apologize to you.”

Sophia looked at her and asked, “Why is there a need for an apology? Did you do anything wrong, Ms. Holloway?”

Hearing this, Cassandra’s face stiffened. “Ms. Yarrow, I know I was wrong that night. I was blind and didn’t recognize you. I said some offensive things. Please be magnanimous and forgive me.”

“Ms. Holloway, you are making me confused. What you said that night was true. I was indeed ignorant. It wasn’t a big deal for me to let you have the private room when you and your family were having a birthday celebration.”

As soon as Sophia finished speaking, Cassandra’s face turned pale. “Ms. Yarrow, I…”

Before she could continue, Yvonne, standing outside the door, called out, “Ms. Yarrow.”

“Come in,” the woman instructed.

Cassandra could only purse her lips and stop talking, looking on as Yvonne brought in the coffee and placed it in front of her.

From the moment Cassandra came in until now, Sophia had been cordial. However, the more friendly she was, the more uneasy Cassandra felt.

It was only the two of them in the office after Yvonne left.

“Have a drink, Ms. Holloway,” Sophia urged.

She leaned over and offered Cassandra the cup Yvonne had just brought in.

However, before Cassandra could even touch the edge of the cup, Sophia directly splashed the hot coffee onto her hand.

The coffee was not very hot, but there was a slight warmth when it landed on her hand.

“Ms. Yarrow…” said Cassandra with a trembling voice, looking troubled.

Sophia smiled slightly as she gazed at her. “You see, there are some things I’m willing to give you if I so desire. Yet, if I don’t want to offer them to you, you should not even think you’re worthy of them.”

At this point, Sophia paused for a moment before continuing, “Ms. Holloway, it’s better to be humble. You don’t have to apologize. Just take your things and leave my office. If you don’t leave now, I think I still have the ability to make it difficult for you to survive in Jadeborough.”

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