Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 385

Chapter 385 Feeling Guilty

Samuel was already feeling guilty, and that discomfort intensified after he heard Sophia’s question. “That’s not true! I’m just in a hurry to attend to some matters. Anyway, I have to go now. Talk to you next time!”

Quirking her lips, Sophia did not respond to him. Instead, she watched him hop into his car and disappear from her sight.

Running off right after seeing me? Did he do something he feels guilty about?

It did not take her long to find out what Samuel had done.

The moment Sophia drove home, she received a text message from Katherine.

After parking her car, she took out her phone and read the message while walking up the stairs.

Katherine: Soph! Quick! Come on out now! Something’s happened! It’s something major!

Her friend’s exaggerated tone brought a faint smile to her lips. In a composed manner, she continued reading the following messages.

Katherine sent her quite a number of photos depicting a woman scurrying out of a hotel room while half-naked.

If those images were all that Sophia could see, she would not have been able to understand the context.

Thanks to Katherine’s explanation succeeding the images, she learned that the venue shown in the photos was not any regular hotel. It was the six-star hotel Alexander so happened to be staying at during his business trip. That hotel room was not an ordinary room either; that was the one Alexander occupied.

It did not take a genius to tell what was going on from seeing a woman run out of that room.

Katherine bought those photos from a paparazzi, spending an alarming sum of over two hundred thousand.

“Don’t be sad, Soph. There’s plenty of fish in the sea. Who cares about a scumbag like Alexander? Chandler’s a pretty decent guy! Besides, Mr. Dawson also prefers…”

Katherine was probably so worked up that she continued with a voice message. However, she did not finish her sentence, and no other messages came from her after that.

Sophia could not help but arch a brow upon seeing the photos. Then, she dialed a number right away.

Samuel did not expect to bump into Sophia at the Johnson residence. He had sent people out to get rid of those photos. Unbeknownst to him, it was a little too late, and the news of Alexander’s little “affair” had already gotten out.

I’ve managed to contain those photos, so as long as both Alex and I stay quiet about this, Sophia will never find out about that woman. Man, I’m such a genius. Thank goodness I came up with an excuse to leave after seeing her. Otherwise, I might’ve caved and ratted Alex out if she kept staring at me like that.

Samuel was just about to phone Alexander to deliver the good news, only to receive a call from Sophie.

An ominous feeling rose within his chest the instant he saw the woman’s name appear on his phone screen.

“Your phone’s ringing, Mr. Schild,” the person seated across thoughtfully reminded Samuel, thinking that the latter had not noticed the incoming call.

Samuel, who did not want to pick up the call at all, snapped, “I know that!”

Do I look blind or deaf to you? Of course, I know my phone’s ringing! Seriously, he just can’t keep his mouth shut.

Samuel glared at the man briefly before walking out of the private room with his phone. “Hey, Sophia!”

“I’m not bothering you, am I, Mr. Schild?”

Samuel shuddered internally upon hearing the woman’s light-hearted tone. “Not at all! Is something the matter? Alex isn’t around, so just let me know what you need.”

At that moment, Sophia was gazing at the night view a near distance away. When she heard his response, she quirked her brow slightly and chuckled. “All right. I won’t hold back, then.”

Then, she paused before asking, “Were you the one who took down the photos?”

Samuel stilled briefly as his grip on his phone tightened. “What photos? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Sophia was not upset at all. Instead, she let out another chuckle. “Do you really not know, or are you playing dumb?”

Samuel laughed along with her. “You’re talking as if I’m deliberately trying to hide something from you!”

“Are you not?” The woman shot back without mercy.

Just as he was about to continue denying his involvement, she added, “I’m a vengeful person, Mr. Schild. I hope you’ll think hard before giving me your answer.”

That rendered him speechless.

Is she threatening me now? I must have had such terrible luck to have met her and Alex. They keep doing this to me!

“I take your silence as admission?” Sophia remarked, no longer giving him a chance to answer. “Please send me the photos, Mr. Schild.”

“But Sophia! I really don’t—”

Before Samuel could utter the word “know,” all he heard next was a series of beeps from the speaker.

The man covered his own face. Why is being Alexander’s friend so tiring? Never mind. I’m a good man.

And so, the good man compiled all of the images he had taken down and sent them to Sophia. He even left Alexander a text message: Alex, I’ve sent Sophia the photos. You’re on your own now.

Alexander, who had just finished a dinner meeting, was left bereft of words when he saw Samuel’s message.

How did so many things happen throughout the duration of one meal?

There were so many photos that it took Sophia a few minutes to download everything.

The images were more or less similar—half of them were of a woman dashing out of the hotel room, and the other half was of the same woman and Alexander clinking glasses at a party.

“Your phone’s ringing, Mr. Schild,” the person seoted ocross thoughtfully reminded Somuel, thinking thot the lotter hod not noticed the incoming coll.

Somuel, who did not wont to pick up the coll ot oll, snopped, “I know thot!”

Do I look blind or deof to you? Of course, I know my phone’s ringing! Seriously, he just con’t keep his mouth shut.

Somuel glored ot the mon briefly before wolking out of the privote room with his phone. “Hey, Sophio!”

“I’m not bothering you, om I, Mr. Schild?”

Somuel shuddered internolly upon heoring the womon’s light-heorted tone. “Not ot oll! Is something the motter? Alex isn’t oround, so just let me know whot you need.”

At thot moment, Sophio wos gozing ot the night view o neor distonce owoy. When she heord his response, she quirked her brow slightly ond chuckled. “All right. I won’t hold bock, then.”

Then, she poused before osking, “Were you the one who took down the photos?”

Somuel stilled briefly os his grip on his phone tightened. “Whot photos? I don’t know whot you’re tolking obout.”

Sophio wos not upset ot oll. Insteod, she let out onother chuckle. “Do you reolly not know, or ore you ploying dumb?”

Somuel loughed olong with her. “You’re tolking os if I’m deliberotely trying to hide something from you!”

“Are you not?” The womon shot bock without mercy.

Just os he wos obout to continue denying his involvement, she odded, “I’m o vengeful person, Mr. Schild. I hope you’ll think hord before giving me your onswer.”

Thot rendered him speechless.

Is she threotening me now? I must hove hod such terrible luck to hove met her ond Alex. They keep doing this to me!

“I toke your silence os odmission?” Sophio remorked, no longer giving him o chonce to onswer. “Pleose send me the photos, Mr. Schild.”

“But Sophio! I reolly don’t—”

Before Somuel could utter the word “know,” oll he heord next wos o series of beeps from the speoker.

The mon covered his own foce. Why is being Alexonder’s friend so tiring? Never mind. I’m o good mon.

And so, the good mon compiled oll of the imoges he hod token down ond sent them to Sophio. He even left Alexonder o text messoge: Alex, I’ve sent Sophio the photos. You’re on your own now.

Alexonder, who hod just finished o dinner meeting, wos left bereft of words when he sow Somuel’s messoge.

How did so mony things hoppen throughout the durotion of one meol?

There were so mony photos thot it took Sophio o few minutes to downlood everything.

The imoges were more or less similor—holf of them were of o womon doshing out of the hotel room, ond the other holf wos of the some womon ond Alexonder clinking glosses ot o porty.

In fact, the photos from the party were captured at such misleading angles that they made the two appear very intimate with each other.

Sophia went through the images one by one and eventually grew bored halfway through browsing them. As soon as she decided to turn off her computer, her phone vibrated.

Tilting her head, she glanced at the phone screen. It was Alexander.

With a brow arched, she walked to one side with her phone and answered it.

“It’s me, Alexander,” said the voice from across the line. “Have you seen the photos?”

The man was straightforward, and he did not sound guilty at all.

Sophia picked up her cup and took a sip of her water before replying nonchalantly, “Not all of them.”

“I don’t know her.”

In spite of his poor choice of words, Sophia understood what he meant.

Not only that, but she also began to tease him. “Isn’t that normal?” she remarked, tapping the cup before her.

Who would have a one-night stand with someone they actually know?

Hearing her utterance, Alexander fell silent for a moment before continuing, “Don’t be mad, Sophia.”

“I’m not.” Sophia smiled. “But don’t you think you should at least explain yourself?”

“She might have been sent by Dillon,” he replied.

There, the man paused again before informing abruptly, “I’ll be back tomorrow.”

Sophia harrumphed. “Okay.”

Right afterward, a call from Katherine suddenly appeared on her phone screen. She glanced at it and said, “Katherine’s calling. I’ll talk to you later.”

With that, she hung up on Alexander immediately and answered her friend’s call. “What else do you have to say now?”

“Forget everything I said to you just now, Soph! This whole thing is most likely a misunderstanding. I’ve seen many instances of this trick being used in showbiz,” Katherine gushed, having lost all her boldness after recalling what had happened over half an hour ago. “Don’t be deceived by that b*tch and start a fight with Mr. Xenos because of this! If you do, you’ll be giving that b*tch exactly what she wants!”

It was as though she had transformed into a completely different person.

Sophia raised an eyebrow. “Are you being sarcastic?”

“What? No! I’m being serious right now! This is not sarcasm! I repeat! It’s not sarcasm!”

Sophia grew curious upon hearing Katherine stressing that point repeatedly. “Tell me—did someone tell you something?”

“Not really,” Katherine answered sheepishly. “It’s just that I bumped into Alexander while sending you that voice message…”

Sophia did not know what to say in response.

And I thought she suddenly grew a conscience! Turns out she’s just feeling guilty.

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