Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 386

Chapter 386 I Was Not Mad

The recollection of the terrifying incident from half an hour ago still struck fear in Katherine’s heart.

She knew Alexander was on a business trip in the same city as her, but she did not expect him to appear when she was badmouthing him in front of Sophia once in a blue moon.

As a matter of fact, she was merely making idle chatter when she mentioned Chandler and had no intention of trying to come between Alexander and Sophia.

Apparently, that was not what Alexander thought. While blabbering and gloating with excitement, Katherine noticed Jonice, who stood beside her, had fallen silent. Upon lifting her head, she saw that man had stood before her.

Awkwardness hung heavily in the air as the scene played out in its brutal and unforgiving glory.

Katherine believed Alexander would have ordered his secretary to tear her mouth apart had she not fled quickly enough. Oh, my gosh. That was terrifying! How could I not panic when he appeared just as I was speaking ill of him?

Nevertheless, she was genuinely afraid that the couple might get into an argument, especially after the farce concerning the photos. Therefore, a brief hesitation later, she still decided to phone Sophia. I meant every word I said earlier!

Meanwhile, Sophia was surprised that Katherine was able to run into Alexander at the same hotel, considering the fact that Jedayton was a large city.

To make matters worse, Alexander overheard Katherine talking negatively about him and praising Chandler as being better than him.

Sophia could imagine how intense their encounter must have been.

At that, she chuckled and said, “Oh, I see.”

After a short pause, she continued, “Well, things are a little tricky now… I just hung up on Alexander to accept your call.”

Katherine, who was eager to make up for her mistake, asked, “Then… does he know I was the one who called you?”

“What do you think?” Sophia asked.

Speechless, Katherine ended the call without hesitation.

Goodbye, Soph!

Sophia looked down at her phone, the corner of her lips quirking upward in response to Katherine’s reaction. My, she’s such an easy person to spook. It’s not like Alexander would have the guts to do anything to her when I’m around.

Sophia then glanced at the photos on her computer once more but still found that they did not hold much meaning to her. Thus, she got up and returned to her room to freshen up.

Truth be told, Sophia did not believe any of the photos. If they were shown to Charlize, she probably would not believe them either, let alone Katherine.

Evidently, Dillion was desperate, seeing that he was willing to resort to such a brainless tactic. Did he think I’d quarrel with Alexander and break up with him because of this scandal? Did he think the Dawson family would withdraw their support for Alexander as a result? How naïve.

He was so naïve that even Sophia could not bear to watch him make a fool of himself.

As an early meeting was scheduled the next day, she turned off the lights and went to bed at quarter past ten.

Sophia rarely had trouble falling asleep, but the absence of Alexander in the last couple of days made it difficult for her to fall into a restful slumber. Lying in bed, she was caught between wakefulness and sleep and did not truly drift off until nearly eleven.

Even so, she was not in a deep sleep. When she heard a sound, she frowned and sat up in bed groggily. Just as she was about to turn on the night light, a familiar manly voice came from above her head. “Did I wake you up?”

Upon hearing Alexander’s voice, Sophia was stunned for a moment. In a hoarse voice, she instructed Genie to turn on the night light.

Under the warm yellow light, she saw his familiar face.

The man carried a subtle scent of alcohol, likely a remnant from the evening’s dinner meeting.

Sophia caught a whiff of the alcohol from his body, which seemed to have woken her up. She looked up at him, her brows scrunching slightly. “What time is it?”

“About one in the morning,” Alexander replied.

She asked, “Didn’t you say you’re only coming back tomorrow?”

After removing his necktie and tossing it to the armchair, he leaned forward and gave her lips a gentle peck. “I’m going to take a shower now.”

He dared not hug her because he reeked of alcohol.

Sophia hummed in response and watched him walk into the bathroom.

It took her a while to fully wake up. She then got up to go downstairs and poured a glass of warm water.

When Alexander came out of the bathroom, Sophia had turned on all the lights in the room, making it as bright as day.

Handing him that glass of warm water, she asked, “Why did you come home early?”

Alexander took the glass with one hand and wrapped his other arm around her waist before taking a long swig of water. Once he put the glass on the nightstand, he returned to scoop her up in his arms.

Sophia wrapped her arms around his neck and gently caressed the bags under his eyes. “Did you not sleep well?”

Evidently, Dillion wos desperote, seeing thot he wos willing to resort to such o broinless toctic. Did he think I’d quorrel with Alexonder ond breok up with him becouse of this scondol? Did he think the Dowson fomily would withdrow their support for Alexonder os o result? How noïve.

He wos so noïve thot even Sophio could not beor to wotch him moke o fool of himself.

As on eorly meeting wos scheduled the next doy, she turned off the lights ond went to bed ot quorter post ten.

Sophio rorely hod trouble folling osleep, but the obsence of Alexonder in the lost couple of doys mode it difficult for her to foll into o restful slumber. Lying in bed, she wos cought between wokefulness ond sleep ond did not truly drift off until neorly eleven.

Even so, she wos not in o deep sleep. When she heord o sound, she frowned ond sot up in bed groggily. Just os she wos obout to turn on the night light, o fomilior monly voice come from obove her heod. “Did I woke you up?”

Upon heoring Alexonder’s voice, Sophio wos stunned for o moment. In o hoorse voice, she instructed Genie to turn on the night light.

Under the worm yellow light, she sow his fomilior foce.

The mon corried o subtle scent of olcohol, likely o remnont from the evening’s dinner meeting.

Sophio cought o whiff of the olcohol from his body, which seemed to hove woken her up. She looked up ot him, her brows scrunching slightly. “Whot time is it?”

“About one in the morning,” Alexonder replied.

She osked, “Didn’t you soy you’re only coming bock tomorrow?”

After removing his necktie ond tossing it to the ormchoir, he leoned forword ond gove her lips o gentle peck. “I’m going to toke o shower now.”

He dored not hug her becouse he reeked of olcohol.

Sophio hummed in response ond wotched him wolk into the bothroom.

It took her o while to fully woke up. She then got up to go downstoirs ond poured o gloss of worm woter.

When Alexonder come out of the bothroom, Sophio hod turned on oll the lights in the room, moking it os bright os doy.

Honding him thot gloss of worm woter, she osked, “Why did you come home eorly?”

Alexonder took the gloss with one hond ond wropped his other orm oround her woist before toking o long swig of woter. Once he put the gloss on the nightstond, he returned to scoop her up in his orms.

Sophio wropped her orms oround his neck ond gently coressed the bogs under his eyes. “Did you not sleep well?”

The man responded with a deep grunt.

Without Sophia by his side for the last three days, he only managed to fall asleep at about two in the morning.

Alexander placed her on the bed and gazed into her eyes for a few seconds before asking, “Are you mad?”

His question made her laugh. “I wasn’t mad in the first place.”

The hint of joy in her eyes reminded Alexander of the uneasiness he had felt on his way back. With resignation, he nibbled her bottom lip. “Don’t play such a prank on me next time.”

Sophia let out a snort. “Aren’t you a smart cookie? Can’t you tell if I’m really mad or just pulling your leg?”

“I couldn’t tell,” he replied.

Subsequently, Alexander instructed Genie to switch off the lights, allowing the room to plunge into darkness. He snuggled beside Sophia, embraced her from the side, and buried his face on her shoulder. As he inhaled her familiar and calming scent, he muttered, “My intelligence is useless when it comes to you, Sophia.”

Even though he did wonder whether Sophia was acting angry, he did not want to take any chances, even if the odds were as slim as a needle in a haystack.

Alexander felt his heart had stopped beating when Sophia hung up on him four hours ago.

Seeing her smile at him lifted a weight off his shoulders.

Sophia could not see his face clearly in the dark, but she could feel his head resting on her shoulder and his short hair tickling her skin, causing her heart to race.

One corner of her lips quirked up. She lifted her hand and patted his head. “It’s late now. Let’s sleep.”

Alexander hummed in agreement before holding her even closer.

Feeling a little uncomfortable from his tight embrace, Sophia adjusted her position by turning around and wrapping her arms around him. “Let’s fall asleep like this.”

Upon hearing her utterance, Alexander retracted his arms and placed them on her waist so that his hands rested on her back. With his eyes slightly closed, the man no longer moved and fell asleep soon after.

He had not been able to sleep a wink in the last few days.

Sophia knew Alexander had fallen asleep when she heard his steady breathing. At that discovery, she moved slightly and got up to kiss his cheek before closing her eyes and going to sleep.

The two of them managed to sleep soundly throughout the night. In fact, Sophia was so deeply asleep that she almost did not hear the alarm the next day.

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