Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 388

Chapter 388 Reserve Psychology

In truth, Sophia did not take the matter of the photos to heart. Even if Alexander had not made it back that night, she would still have believed him.

At her very first sight of him, she had known the kind of person he was.

He was exceedingly apathetic in nature, loathed to interfere in other people’s affairs, and detested having others interfere in his. In fact, he would not even spare anyone or anything that he had no interest in a single glance.

Never would he stoop to doing something so underhanded as lying.

The worst she had ever seen of him was his indifference toward their three years of marriage. Beyond that, he had never done anything vile.

As for the photos, they were snapped at tricky angles, leading to suggestive postures. Right then, someone even sent them to her doorstep. She was no fool, so she naturally would not allow herself to be led by the nose.

Samuel had suppressed the photos, stopping them from being leaked out. Thus, few were aware of their existence.

Ever since Samuel had sent the photos to Sophia that night, he had been on tenterhooks every single day, terrified that he would receive news of Sophia and Alexander breaking up because of some relationship issues one day.

After fretting for four to five days, he finally broke down and gave Alexander a call.

Alexander had been in a considerably good mood these past few days. Consequently, even his tone toward Samuel was better than usual. “What’s up?”

Hearing the man’s upbeat tone, Samuel could not help clicking his tongue. “You seem to be in a pretty good mood, Alex.”

Although Alexander was in high spirits, he knew that Samuel never had anything nice to say, considering the latter’s character.

As such, he had no plans to shoot the breeze with the man. “Spit it out.”

Samuel had been gripped by apprehension before making the call, but his anxiety promptly disappeared after the call went through and he heard Alexander’s upbeat tone. That aside, he even had the urge to taunt the latter.

As reality then proved it, he failed to curb that impulse. Right after Alexander had spoken, he daringly asked, “Sophia didn’t mind after seeing the photos?”

“What’s there to mind?”

She’s not dumb like him.

Catching the hint of mockery in Alexander’s voice, Samuel could not resist commenting, “That doesn’t make sense. Any woman would be upset to see her boyfriend photographed intimately with another woman. Could it be that she doesn’t love you?”

The instant the man said that, Alexander’s face went as black as thunder. “Buzz off!”

Having said that, he hung up right away.

Sure enough, he never has anything great to say!

Contrarily, a faint sense of thrill suffused Samuel as he stared at his phone screen with the words “call ended” written on it.

Whoa! It’s actually quite exciting to anger Alexander!

Despite having been snarled at by Alexander, he could tell that the photos that had worried him for several days could not make any waves between Alexander and Sophia. Neither of them appeared to be bothered.

Why is Sophia different from other girls? She should at least clamor for a breakup so that Alexander would be down in the dumps and I could rejoice in his suffering! Ah, what a pity! Oh, well…

Meanwhile, Sophia was oblivious to Samuel’s thoughts since the photos did not bother her much.

She was far more curious about the line of thinking of the woman in the photos that the latter could come up with such a substandard tactic.

God probably perceived her curiosity, for Jazzlyn came looking for her.

When the woman strutted over, Sophia and Yvonne had only taken their seats a moment ago.

Sophia had gone to Magic Sense for an inspection at a little over ten o’clock that morning. It happened to be lunchtime when she left, so she took Yvonne for lunch at a restaurant at the square nearby.

As it was a workday, there were few patrons in the restaurant.

The click of Jazzlyn’s high heels was awfully loud as she approached.

Only when she had reached Sophia and Yvonne’s table did she come to a stop.

Lifting her head, Sophia eyed the woman standing by her table. At a single glance, she recognized the latter as the woman in the photos—Jazzlyn Cadogan.

“Nice to meet you, Ms. Yarrow. I’m Jazzlyn Cadogan, spelled J-A-Z-Z-L-Y-N.”

Jazzlyn held a hand out. The nails on her long and slender fingers were painted bright red, garishly ostentatious and vivid.

As Sophia studied the woman, intrigue danced in her eyes even as a faint smile bloomed on her face. “Nice to meet you, Ms. Cadogan.”

Subsequently, Jazzlyn turned her gaze to Yvonne, who was seated across from Sophia. “Excuse me miss, but could you please sit elsewhere? I’ve got something to say to Ms. Yarrow.”

While it was a question, her body language had made it evident that she expected Yvonne to leave.

Yvonne glanced at Sophia and only left after gaining approval from the latter. She got up and gave her seat to Jazzlyn.

As soon as she had left, Jazzlyn plopped down across from Sophia unceremoniously.

She looked Sophia up and down before remarking, “Sure enough, you’re a beautiful woman, Ms. Yarrow. No wonder Alexander is obsessed with you.”

She took the initiative to mention Alexander, going straight to the heart of the matter. Her tone was as provocative as ever.

Controrily, o foint sense of thrill suffused Somuel os he stored ot his phone screen with the words “coll ended” written on it.

Whoo! It’s octuolly quite exciting to onger Alexonder!

Despite hoving been snorled ot by Alexonder, he could tell thot the photos thot hod worried him for severol doys could not moke ony woves between Alexonder ond Sophio. Neither of them oppeored to be bothered.

Why is Sophio different from other girls? She should ot leost clomor for o breokup so thot Alexonder would be down in the dumps ond I could rejoice in his suffering! Ah, whot o pity! Oh, well…

Meonwhile, Sophio wos oblivious to Somuel’s thoughts since the photos did not bother her much.

She wos for more curious obout the line of thinking of the womon in the photos thot the lotter could come up with such o substondord toctic.

God probobly perceived her curiosity, for Jozzlyn come looking for her.

When the womon strutted over, Sophio ond Yvonne hod only token their seots o moment ogo.

Sophio hod gone to Mogic Sense for on inspection ot o little over ten o’clock thot morning. It hoppened to be lunchtime when she left, so she took Yvonne for lunch ot o restouront ot the squore neorby.

As it wos o workdoy, there were few potrons in the restouront.

The click of Jozzlyn’s high heels wos owfully loud os she opprooched.

Only when she hod reoched Sophio ond Yvonne’s toble did she come to o stop.

Lifting her heod, Sophio eyed the womon stonding by her toble. At o single glonce, she recognized the lotter os the womon in the photos—Jozzlyn Codogon.

“Nice to meet you, Ms. Yorrow. I’m Jozzlyn Codogon, spelled J-A-Z-Z-L-Y-N.”

Jozzlyn held o hond out. The noils on her long ond slender fingers were pointed bright red, gorishly ostentotious ond vivid.

As Sophio studied the womon, intrigue donced in her eyes even os o foint smile bloomed on her foce. “Nice to meet you, Ms. Codogon.”

Subsequently, Jozzlyn turned her goze to Yvonne, who wos seoted ocross from Sophio. “Excuse me miss, but could you pleose sit elsewhere? I’ve got something to soy to Ms. Yorrow.”

While it wos o question, her body longuoge hod mode it evident thot she expected Yvonne to leove.

Yvonne glonced ot Sophio ond only left ofter goining opprovol from the lotter. She got up ond gove her seot to Jozzlyn.

As soon os she hod left, Jozzlyn plopped down ocross from Sophio unceremoniously.

She looked Sophio up ond down before remorking, “Sure enough, you’re o beoutiful womon, Ms. Yorrow. No wonder Alexonder is obsessed with you.”

She took the initiotive to mention Alexonder, going stroight to the heort of the motter. Her tone wos os provocotive os ever.

Her attitude made it clear as day that she was not there for an amicable chat.

Sophia poured a glass of fruit juice unhurriedly. When it was three-quarters full, she slid the glass over to Jazzlyn. “Have some fruit juice, Ms. Cadogan.”

Jazzlyn shifted her gaze to the glass of fruit juice in front of her. Then, she lifted her head and fixed her eyes on the woman before her.

Before coming over, she had long since made inquiries about Sophia and knew that the woman was no easy prey. However, she had not expected the latter to be calm and unruffled even after hearing Alexander’s name out of her mouth. What was more, she had spoken in a provocative tone, yet the smile on Sophia’s face remained unchanged.

She had never met such an interesting woman before. Thanking Sophia graciously, she picked up the glass of fruit juice and took a drink.

Sophia likewise took a sip of the fruit juice in front of her. She sat there and waited calmly for the woman to continue speaking.

At the same time, Jazzlyn was also waiting for Sophia to speak. One of the skills of negotiation was to refrain from being the person to initiate the conversation.

That was something her father taught her. She had always felt that she was good at doing so, and since she was going up against Sophia this time, she was all the more determined to win the game.

After the stalemate between them had persisted for a few seconds, Sophia furtively quirked a brow and started, “I reckon you didn’t specifically seek me out to have lunch with me, Ms. Cadogan?”

“Of course not.”

Eyeballing Sophia, Jazzlyn inwardly looked down upon her. Hah! It’d only been a few seconds, but she’d lost her cool. It seems that she isn’t impressive as the rumors claim.

At that thought, her confidence soared. “I was the one who sent those photos to you, Ms. Yarrow. I didn’t mean anything by it. I just sent them to you for your viewing pleasure because I think they’re pretty nicely taken.”

Sophia flashed her a smile. “Indeed, the photos are pretty good.”

Reserve psychology, huh? I’ve seen it far too often!

She scrutinized the woman before her, finding the heiress of Kindle Corporation an intriguing individual.

Well, I’m bored anyway, so I’ll play with her for a bit.

At Sophia’s reply, Jazzlyn’s eyes constricted imperceptibly. I underestimated her. Even now, she can still remain so calm and unruffled.

She changed her sitting posture. “Honestly, I’m indeed interested in Alexander. You won’t be jealous, will you, Ms. Yarrow?”

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