Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 389

Chapter 389 I Do Not Even Care

Arching a brow, Sophia tossed the question back to Jazzlyn. “Do you want me to be jealous, Ms. Cadogan?”

Throughout it all, the smile on her face remained unchanged. Jazzlyn could not even tell whether Sophia was angry or otherwise.

Naturally, Sophia was not enraged. Although it was her first time encountering a woman like Jazzlyn, she believed that it would be a common occurrence in the future. After all, her boyfriend was too outstanding, and she was not the only one with good taste.

The choice was in Alexander’s hands. In light of the fact that he had chosen her, other women’s appearance was destined to amount to nothing.

If she were to be infuriated every time a woman who took a fancy to him sought her out and provoked her, she would only be giving herself high blood pressure.

Instead, she was far more curious about where Jazzlyn got the confidence to pay her a visit.

When the ball was in Jazzlyn’s court again, she did not quite know how to answer the question for a moment.

Verily, she had never met a woman who could still remain calmly seated even after several provocations from her.

“I thought you’d be angry, Ms. Yarrow. Ultimately, no woman will be unbothered when another woman comes right up to her and admits to liking her boyfriend as well. Well, unless…”

While saying that, she paused for a second and regarded Sophia thoughtfully. “You don’t really love Alexander.”

“Ms. Cadogan.”

Sophia’s smile faded. The curve of her lips flattened significantly, and her expression as she looked at Jazzlyn also turned considerably solemn.

Jazzlyn mistakenly thought that she had finally riled the woman up. She straightened in excitement, but just when she expected Sophia to fly into a rage, she heard the latter’s voice drifting into the air, still as calm as ever. “I’d like to ask you a few questions.”

Jazzlyn’s ruby lips curled. “What would you like to ask me, Ms. Yarrow?”

I shall see what kind of trick she wants to play!

“My first question is this—do you think you’re more beautiful than me, Ms. Cadogan?”

Rendered speechless, Jazzlyn stared at the exquisite countenance before her.

She actually wanted to answer in the affirmative, but the words got stuck in her throat since she was embarrassed to utter such a blatant lie for once.

“My second question is this—do you think you’re richer than me, Ms. Cadogan?”

Just as Jazzlyn was going to say “yes,” she abruptly remembered that the woman in front of her was one of Technology Innovations’ directors. Her expression froze, and she was again at a loss for words.

“My third question is this—do you think Alexander likes you or me, Ms. Cadogan?”

Once more, words eluded Jazzlyn.

She found that she could not answer any one of Sophia’s three questions.

In reality, she had the answers. Worse than her inability to reply, however, was the fact that all the answers would humiliate her.

Unfortunately for her, Sophia twisted the knife deeper. “Look, you can’t compare to me in those three aspects alone. So, why should I be jealous?”

At that, she paused briefly before adding smilingly, “To tell you the truth, not only am I not jealous, but I also don’t even care.”

In other words, she did not care about the photos or Jazzlyn, who was inferior to her in all aspects.

When Jazzlyn heard that, her face drained of all color. It was the first time in her entire life that someone cut her to the quick in such a manner. Yet, she could not even utter a single word of rebuttal.

Just then, a server came with the steak.

“As the saying goes, Ms. Yarrow, the grass is always greener on the other side. All men cheat. As long as I put my back into it, I believe that Alexander will lose control one day.”

That remark of hers was utterly tasteless. Eyeing her, Sophia clicked her tongue. “All things aside, Ms. Cadogan, I’m downright curious about how you’re capable of illustrating shamelessness to its full potential.”

It was a rather complex comment, so Jazzlyn could not immediately digest its meaning. Only when she had finally registered everything did she realize that Sophia was insulting her.

Her expression promptly darkened. She was just about to riposte the latter for putting on airs when something occurred to her. The smile returned to her face. “That can’t be helped. In all these years, few men had ever snagged my interest, but I just so happened to take a fancy to Alexander.”

Pausing momentarily, she continued, “Initially, I came today to ask you whether you’d be willing to give Alexander to me, Ms. Yarrow. But from the look of things now, the answer is no. Anyhow, it’s okay. Men always change.”

Sophia studied the woman in front of her. For a moment, she could not tell whether Jazzlyn’s obsession with Alexander stemmed from a genuine attachment toward him or a result of being triggered by her.

No matter the reason, she was still a touch annoyed although she was not incensed.

With mirth dancing in her eyes, she eyed Jazzlyn smirkingly. “Are you done, Ms. Cadogan?”

That stunned Jazzlyn slightly. “You’re angry, Ms. Yarrow?”

“You’re mistaken. My secretary’s steak has been served, so I think you should allow her to come back to eat. As for when Alexander is going to change, come and seek me out again when that has happened.”

Discerning the sarcasm in her words, Jazzlyn’s face paled a shade. “Are you mocking me?”

“There’s nothing I can do if you want to interpret it as such, Ms. Cadogan.”

Sophia’s eyes remained pinned on her, a faint smile showing in them.

Her amusement made Jazzlyn’s blood boil. “Just you wait, Sophia! Soon, Alexander will dump you!”

“In that case, thank you for warning me about it beforehand so that I can brace myself, Ms. Cadogan.”

While speaking, Sophia extended a hand out, gesturing for the woman to leave posthaste.

Gritting her teeth, Jazzlyn snagged her handbag beside her and stood up. Thereafter, she stalked off in her high heels.

Not only did she wear a red dress that day, but her high heels were also of the same color. It rendered her very much fiery and passionate. Before she reached the door, a man came over and hit on her.

She was furious in the first place, and that incident had her recall Sophia’s mocking remark earlier. Hence, she did not turn the man down. After giving him her phone number, she threw a gloating look at Sophia.

Alas, a near distance away, Sophia was wholly focused on cutting her steak with her head lowered and did not pay Jazzlyn any mind.

Seeing that she did not even bother glancing over, Jazzlyn got even more incensed.

She stomped her foot hard before shoving aside the man who hit on her and left the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Yvonne returned to her seat. At the thought of the woman’s hostility earlier, she could not help feeling worried. “Who was that just now, Ms. Yarrow?”

“A love rival.”

When Sophia said that, she still had a faint smile on her face. With a fork in her left hand, she took a piece of steak and placed it into her mouth after replying calmly. Her tone was so plain it was as though she was merely talking about the weather.

Yvonne’s hands that were holding the cutleries trembled. Gazing at Sophia cautiously, she ventured, “Mr. Xenos—”

In response, Sophia shot her a look. “Don’t worry. He didn’t cheat on me.”

Even if he really did cheat on me, it’d be no big deal. At worst, I’d simply break up with him. Breaking up doesn’t matter when we’ve even divorced.

Yvonne breathed a sigh of relief. “Sorry, Ms. Yarrow. I was merely curious.”

Fixing her gaze on Yvonne, Sophia chuckled. “Nosy, you mean. I understand.”

Embarrassed by her scrutiny, Yvonne did not dare continue asking about the matter.

Halfway through the meal, Sophia’s phone rang.

Glancing at the phone, Sophia glimpsed Alexander’s caller ID at once.

Upon seeing that, she could not help quirking a brow. Picking up her phone, she swiped the answer button. “It’s me, Sophia.”

Whoa! That was pretty quick of Mr. Xenos!

Yvonne had also caught sight of the caller ID. She thoughtfully got to her feet and pretended to go to the restroom.

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