Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 390

Chapter 390 I Lack A Wife

Needless to say, Alexander called because of the matter about Jazzlyn.

After Jazzlyn had left the restaurant in a fit of pique, she grew increasingly irate on her way back to the hotel. Snapping, she gave Alexander a call.

At the end of the day, she was best at sowing discord.

Hah! Sophia was calm and unruffled, no? I’ll just antagonize her through Alexander, then!

However, Alexander had long since blocked her, so she had no choice but to call Felix.

She did not say much, merely stating, “This is Jazzlyn here, Mr. Lane. I met up with Ms. Yarrow a while ago, and I reckon she’s likely in a bad mood right now. Do tell Alexander to appease her.”

Her remark was pleasant-sounding, making it seem as though she was genuinely hoping Alexander could comfort Sophia.

In truth, however, Jazzlyn knew all too well that all women were the same. Although Jazzlyn had nothing to do with Alexander at present, Sophia would definitely be jealous and start panicking no matter how calm she was as long as Jazzlyn misled her into believing that they had something to do with each other.

Well, Alexander would certainly contact Sophia when my words reach his ears. And as long as he does so, I would’ve accomplished my goal. It hadn’t been long since I’d parted ways with Sophia. If he calls her right away, she’d undoubtedly surmise that I contacted him if she’s no fool.

Regretfully, she was destined to be disappointed, for the first thing Alexander said was something she would have never expected. “Do you need me to have Felix deal with her?”

At that, Sophia chuckled. Flicking her hand that held the fork, she fiddled with the utensil while drawling nonchalantly, “Deal with her how?”

“By ensuring that she doesn’t bother you anymore.”

Sophia arched a brow, recalling Jazzlyn’s words earlier. “Can you bring yourself to do so when Ms. Cadogan likes you so much?”

Her tone was languid, but if one listened closely, one could still hear the mirth in her voice.

Any normal person would be able to tell that she was joking.

But at that very moment, Alexander was seemingly not quite normal. “I’ll have Felix contact Mr. Cadogan.”

Sophia felt slightly awkward after hearing that, but an explicable sense of bliss pervaded her at how protective Alexander was of her. “Okay.”

Getting rid of Ms. Cadogan is never my intention. It’s Alexander who misunderstood my meaning.

Alexander did not want to continue talking about Jazzlyn, so he changed the subject. “Are you busy this afternoon?”

At that question, Sophia hummed softly. “Nope.”

“I see.”

It would seem that Alexander merely asked that for the sake of asking. After obtaining the answer, he did not say anything further.

Sophia cast a glance at Yvonne’s plate across from her. Hmm, if I don’t end this phone call soon, Ms. Leighton is going to end up eating cold steak.

“I’m going to continue eating. Talk to you later.”


After hanging up the phone, Sophia tilted her head and looked at Yvonne, who stood a stone’s throw away after having “gone to the restroom.”

Noticing her gaze, Yvonne felt somewhat uneasy. She headed back to the table. “Ms. Yarrow.”

Sophia flashed her a smile. “Hurry up and eat. Otherwise, it’ll be cold.”

Yvonne dared not look at her employer after her intentions were seen through. She sheepishly kept her head lowered and slowly ate the steak on her plate.

When they had finished eating lunch, they parted ways.

Sophia had little to do in the afternoon, so she did not want to return to Sunshine Group. She bought a bouquet of flowers and went straight back to the mansion.

It had been a long time since there had been fresh flowers in the vases in the mansion. That day, she specially brought home a huge bouquet of flowers.

The afternoon sun shone brightly. With the air-conditioning turned on in the house and soothing piano music playing, Sophia sat on the carpet and languidly arranged the flowers in the vases.

No sooner had Alexander walked down the stairs than he was greeted by the sight of her sitting cross-legged on the carpet in a dark brown spaghetti strap dress, trimming the flowers with her head lowered.

A near distance away, soothing and relaxing piano music streamed out of the speakers. Sunlight shone in from the floor-to-ceiling windows, stopping about half a meter away from her.

He was standing at the landing, so he could only see her slightly low profile from that angle.

Her long hair was casually pulled back, leaving a few scattered strands by her ears. On the coffee table was an unwrapped bouquet of yellow roses. The bouquet, which was mere inches away from her cheek, rendered her skin as white as snow.

Out of the blue, he was reminded of a particular day half a year after they had gotten married. It was about at this hour that he went back to the Xenos residence to retrieve a document. Hearing movement on the balcony when he went upstairs to the third floor, he walked over unbidden, only to see Sophia watering her succulents with a small watering can.

She seemed to love plants, for the few pots of succulents on their balcony on the third floor multiplied and took up more than half the space there in the three years of their marriage. There were also a few pots of roses and daffodils among them. The mixture of leaves and flowers made for an eye-catching sight.

According to the butler, she usually spent most of her time at the Xenos residence fiddling with her flowers and succulents. She treasured them so much that when Thalia wanted to destroy her succulents, she smashed the pot of uprooted succulents beside the latter’s feet on the spot, warning her that it would hit her the next time she tried doing that.

Later, after their divorce, he discovered that the succulents on the balcony and some plants in the room were gone. The space was restored to its initial bareness, but he could not shake off the feeling that something was missing every time he walked past it recently.

Indeed, something is missing. The Xenos residence lacks a mistress, and I lack a wife.

Corralling his thoughts, Alexander strolled over and leaned down, hugging her from behind. “How fragrant.”

Sophia had sensed when the man approached her, but she did not expect him to bend down and hug her the moment she glanced over her shoulder.

He buried his head in her neck, his short hair prickling her. It both stung and itched slightly.

She tilted her head to the side. “Why are you here at this hour?”

Logically speaking, he should be pretty swamped these days. Putting aside the fact that Dillon is making things difficult for him everywhere, Odyssey’s new projects in the second half of the year alone are enough to keep him busy.

Alexander kept his head in her neck for a while before he straightened and sat down beside her. Picking up a thorny rose at the side, he asked, “Didn’t you love cultivating plants on the balcony back then? Why aren’t you doing so anymore?”

Instead of answering her, he put that question to her.

Sophia trimmed the yellow rose in her hand before inserting it into the vase beside her. Then, she took some small white daisies from the side and interspersed them in the gaps.

When she finished arranging the flowers, she lifted her head and fixed her eyes on him. “It isn’t easy to take care of plants.”

In the past, she was a free and easy mistress in the Xenos residence. She had plenty of time on her hands every day and had nothing to do. That aside, her mother-in-law and sister-in-law loved picking fault with her. Hoping to have fewer conflicts with them, she cultivated plants on the balcony to kill time.

Truth be told, she was not all that passionate about cultivating plants on the balcony. She merely did it to pass the time besides finding herself in a much better mood after enjoying the view of the plants and flowers.

Alexander understood her meaning. Bringing up the past would only affect their relationship, so she handed the flower in his hand to her and changed the subject. “What would you like to eat for dinner?”

Pausing briefly, he added, “I’ll cook.”

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