Being Pursued By Ex-husband chapter 95

When Sophia stepped out of the suite with the keycard in hand, she bumped into Alexander.

It was a rare moment of her being stunned. Not only was Coldbridge and Jadeborough thousands of meters apart, but that wasn’t the only good hotel in Coldbridge. Yet, they still managed to bump into each other.

She had just done something bad, so she didn’t plan on catching up with the man.

Furthermore, there was nothing to talk about between them.

Sophia only froze for a second, retracting her gaze calmly in the next. Her plan was say goodbye to Elijah in the private room before heading home for a shower and bed.

“You’re here for a class reunion?”

Hearing that, Sophia halted in her tracks and glanced back over her shoulder at Alexander. “Is that true for you as well, Mr. Xenos?”

“No, I’m here for a vacation.”

Having no interest in his motive for coming to Coldbridge, Sophia simply nodded in acknowledgment. “My classmates are waiting for me, so please excuse me.”

Alexander said nothing, merely staring at her back until she gradually went further before withdrawing his gaze.

Just as he was about to turn around to return to his own room, a peculiar sound drifted out of the room Sophia exited earlier.

It seemed to be a woman’s voice, but the sound insulation was too good, so he couldn’t hear clearly.

Alexander’s ebony eyes flickered imperceptibly. Taking out his keycard, he swiped open the door of the adjacent room.

He pretended that he heard nothing.

With Priscilla and the others no longer in the private room, Sophia felt that those former classmates of hers weren’t all that detestable.

Without anyone instigating trouble, the atmosphere turned much more harmonious.

Sophia stayed for another half an hour. Only when the clock struck nine o’clock did she inform Elijah that she was leaving.

Upon hearing that, many persuaded her to stay for a while longer. They were planning to go to the temperance bar later. After all, they hadn’t seen each other for a long time, so they wanted to have a good chat about how they were all doing recently.

Regretfully, Sophia shook her head with a smile. “No, thanks. You all go ahead. I’ve got a date with a friend.”

That wasn’t a lie, for she indeed had a date with Katherine to chat via voice call.

When everyone saw that she didn’t seem to be lying, they didn’t dare continue coaxing her to stay though they were a tad regretful.

Although it had been quite some years after their graduation, some of them had already attained some success. Before coming over, they were all geared up to show off in front of the goddess of their younger days.

However, none of them dared to harbor any romantic thoughts after beholding Sophia.

At the end of the day, she was still the goddess of the past. They weren’t worthy of her back then, and the same applied at present.

Every single smile and action of hers were gracious and elegant, distant but not aloof. Yet, the sense of distance didn’t inspire the slightest bit of chagrin.

When she said she was leaving, only Elijah and Christopher, who were relatively close to her back then, spoke and urged her to stay. While the others were reluctant, they didn’t dare speak their minds and pressure her into anything.

“Did you drive here?” Christopher inquired just as Sophia was going to leave.

Arching a brow, Sophia admitted, “No.”

“I drove here. Let me drive you home.”

The instant Christopher’s words rang out, many of them started clamoring in agreement.

Sophia flashed him a smile in response. “It’s okay. The taxi I called is almost here.”

“It’s night, so it’s not quite safe for you to take a taxi alone when you’re a girl.”

Recently, there had indeed been numerous incidents involving taxis hailed online. A few days ago during the university holidays, in particular, many female university students were sexually harassed when they took a taxi home.

“My house is just nearby.”

Sophia’s residential area was truly nearby the hotel. If it weren’t too cold, it would only take her about twenty minutes to walk home. It wasn’t far.

However, it was too chilly, and she didn’t want to put herself through that.

“What a coincidence! I live nearby as well. Is it Euphony Residences?”

“It’s indeed a coincidence, then. I’m also living in Euphony Residences.”

“I’ll give you a ride.”

Sophia deliberated for a moment. If I continue declining, it’ll make me seem rather ungrateful.

Smiling faintly, she was just about to open her mouth and concur when a familiar male voice split the air. “Sophia.”

It was Alexander.

Basically, he was also a figure who could only be seen on television.

Thus, everyone there was quite surprised to see him in the flesh then.

Even Christopher, who wanted to drive Sophia home, was taken aback. Why did he come here all the way from Jadeborough?

Of course, many drew their own conclusions to that question after casting a glance at Sophia.

The smile on Sophia’s face faded. “Mr. Xenos?”

Alexander strode over. “I’ve got something to tell you.”

After having divorced for a year, he really understood Sophia by then.

Her remark of not wanting to see him was the veritable truth, not a contradictory statement favored by other women.

When he appeared just now, he distinctly clocked the smile on her face dimming.

Sophia could smile at her former classmates she hadn’t seen for ten years, but when it came to him alone, she wasn’t willing to spare him any expression.

Alexander knew that if he didn’t cut straight to the point, her next utterance would undoubtedly be a dismissal of him.

Sophia scrutinized Alexander for a second before turning to Christopher. “I’m sorry, but I’ve got something to handle.”

While speaking, she looked at the others behind him. “I’ve got some business to handle, so please excuse me.”

After inclining her head a fraction, she walked right past Alexander and out of the private room.

Meanwhile, Alexander eyed Christopher. Men understood men best, so he could tell what that former classmate of Sophia’s was planning to do with a single glance.

His ebony eyes darkened, and his brows furrowed. Pivoting, he went after Sophia.

As soon as they both left, someone in the private room exclaimed, “Good Lord! I wasn’t seeing things, was I? That man earlier was Alexander Xenos, the chairman of Odyssey?”

“You weren’t seeing things. That person was really Alexander Xenos!” the person beside her, who was relatively calmer, answered smilingly while nudging her.

Upon hearing that, the first speaker clicked her tongue. “Wasn’t it said that Alexander didn’t want Sophia? I don’t think that’s the case. Just now, it was our campus belle who acted indifferent toward the renowned Mr. Xenos. I think if he hadn’t said that he had something to tell her earlier, the next remark out of her mouth would likely have been a dismissal! This is no abandonment by a wealthy family. Instead, it’s evident that it’s our goddess who doesn’t want the riches!”

“You’re not the only one who thinks so!”

The private room was all abuzz, with everyone postulating about the relationship between Alexander and Sophia.

Elijah alone glanced at Christopher. Sighing, he patted the latter on the shoulder. “Don’t fixate on her anymore, Chris. We’re not of the same league as her.”

Christopher pressed his lips into a thin line and said nothing.

I know. I just wanted to be closer to her.

Sophia stepped into the elevator after leaving the private room, with Alexander following behind her.

She looked at him indifferently. “It’s inconvenient to speak here. You don’t mind if we switch to a relatively quiet place, do you, Mr. Xenos?”


Alexander shook his head, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he gazed at her slightly upturned eyes.

Why had I never realized that her eyes glint even when she’s angry?

Shortly, the elevator came to the third floor. Sophia walked out first and went into the hotel’s temperance bar in a few strides.

Coincidentally, the hotel’s manager was there. Spotting her, he planned to step forward and greet her, but his footsteps halted when his gaze alighted on her face.

Oh, never mind. She seems to be in a pretty bad mood.

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