Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera by Shining Riviera Novel Chapter 427

Chapter 427

At the same time, Kirk and Sean were a little jealous that Gwen and Caroline could hug each other without restraint.

After getting the evidence they needed, the four of them said goodbye to the owners of the home.

The man was quite regretful. “It’s such a pity you can’t stay for dinner. I have a friend coming over soon, and he’s a famous investor here. He’ll be very happy to meet you,” he said, looking at Kirk.

The four of them thanked them again and walked towards the door.

Just then, the doorbell rang outside. The man opened the door and saw his friend standing outside with a drink.

He immediately opened his arms and welcomed him warmly. “Oh, Angelo, my dear friend!”

The name “Angelo” made Caroline look up at the man.

The man standing at the door was one Caroline had seen at the clinic. He was the liar Dolly had mentioned. He didn’t have a female companion with him this time.

Caroline held back her surprise, but she couldn’t help but ask Angelo, “Do you know Dolly?”


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