Bogus Billionaire by Shining Riviera by Shining Riviera Novel Chapter 485

Chapter 485

Caroline wasn’t the kind of person who would easily bend to another’s will. Kirk might have an

idea on how to stackle this, but she could come up with her very own idea too.

She sat on the chair beside the bed and continued going through the documents.

A ghost of a smile hung on Kirk’s lips as he stared at her, watching her work.

It had been long since he experienced a day as wonderful as this, and he found himself thinking that the hospital wasn’t that horrible anymore.

Just then, a doctor came in to check on him. “Mr. and Mrs. Morrison,” he greeted them as he

entered the room.

Both Caroline and Kirk had left a lasting impression on him. To be precise, they had left a lasting impression on everyone here in the hospital.

Caroline and Kirk looked like a lovey–dovey couple, but when asked if they were husband and wife, Caroline would always deny it. Apparently, they had gotten into a fight and weren’t on good


Still, it was kind of embarrassing for her since her actions told the truth.

Although she wouldn’t admit that Kirk was her husband, the hospital staff always found signs of

her looking after Kirk in the room.

For example, she had bought him a cushion so that he could sleep more comfortably at night.

Besides that, there were fresh fruits on the table and flowers in the vase all the time. The staff

could always catch a waft of the aroma of Caroline’s cooking from Kirk’s room too.

When the doctor spoke, Caroline put down the documents in her hands and asked, “Doctor, how’s

the injury on his back?”

She was already sick of telling the doctor that she wasn’t Kirk’s wife over and over again.

The doctor then removed the bandage to inspect Kirk’s wound. “The wound is healing perfectly.”

He had barely finished his sentence when he felt Kirk’s deadly gaze on him. He forced himself to

look at Kirk’s face, which had a smile on it.



However, the smile didn’t teach his eyes In fact, it seemed rather eerie and sent a chill down the

doctor’s back

“Are you sure that my wound is healing as it should?”

“I–I think so,” muttered the doctor. There was already a sheen of cold sweat on his forehead.

“You think so?” Kirk’s smile deepened.

“Doctor, you should take a good look at it since you’re here to treat me.”

The doctor wiped a hand across his brow. He was sure that the wound was nothing to worry about

now, but Kirk’s formidable look made him say, “How about I come back here to check on you later?

After hearing the doctor’s words, Kirk’s smile disappeared in an instant, along with the terrifying

air around him.

The doctor was flabbergasted. Kirk was probably the only person who wished to prolong his stay

at the hospital.

“Is something the matter?” Caroline asked, concerned.

“It’s just a check–up. I just want to make sure that there aren’t any internal injuries.”

Caroline glanced at Kirk with eyes full of worry. The doctor felt the urge to tell her that nothing

was wrong. Kirk had fully recovered and was as fit as ever.

However, he could feel Kirk’s piercing gaze on him. So he said, “Don’t worry. Just look after him

and be more considerate toward him. Make sure that he doesn’t get emotional. It’ll help with his


After finishing his sentence, he sensed that Kirk’s gaze wasn’t as terrifying anymore.

Caroline also felt very relieved after hearing what he said. “Thank you.”

The doctor picked up the patient file and left without even sparing Kirk a glance.

After seeing the doctor off, Caroline walked back to sit beside the bed again.

Just as she started flipping through the documents again, Kirk’s husky voice sounded from beside

her. “Darling, you heard what the doctor said, right?”


“What now?”

“You have to take good care of me and make sure that I don’t get emotional.”

Glancing sideways at him, she simply hummed in response.

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