EDEN: The Daughter of the Moon chapter 14 by kk winter


Eden pov

No matter how hard I tried to make sense of his words, I still couldn’t understand why this man kept addressing me as his mate. Then, there was the detail that nagged me – Diana addressed me as majesty and Lucius as the King.

Did that mean I was in the presence of the King himself? No, it couldn’t be. My guess would be that Lucius was someone crazy rich pretending to be the King, not the man himself.

No one really knew much about the King besides the things that were common knowledge. For example: he was a crazed maniac, extremely powerful, literally a one man army no other supernatural could take down.

There was a reason why the King ruled over everyone. He wasn’t the King of werewolves or shifters, no, he was the King of supernaturals and everyone feared him more than death for the man was the one who brought it, slowly and painfully.

Even the Elders Council didn’t hold half as much power as the King. That man was above everything and everyone, close to a God of a sort.

“Eden, will you grace me with an answer?” Lucius whispered the question with a slight smile across his lips.

I gulped and nodded as if I could utter a word when he was looking at me like that.

“I-“I tried to speak, but my attempt was interrupted by a loud voice, which I swear I had heard before.

“Lucius, the old man still insists he doesn’t want separate housing. Says he needs to stay close to his granddaughter and all that crap,” the man called out.

My head snapped in the direction of the voice and surely enough, I was right. As soon as he rounded the corner, I remembered where I had met him. The man who visited me in the cells before Asher rejected me.

“Eden?” He called out my name, as surprised to see me here as I was to see him.

I didn’t think, didn’t consider the consequences as I brushed past Lucius and ran at the kind stranger. He grinned as he opened his arms for me and I ran right into him.

Once he hugged me, tears started streaming down my cheeks as he laughed. “What are you doing here, little ‘I’m not a rogue’ troublemaker?”

Before I could force down the lump that formed in my throat, a threatening growl destroyed the beautiful moment and the man instantly released me. As I wiped the tears off my cheeks, he looked between me and Lucius and muttered, “no shit.”

“Titus, best friend or not, I fucking don’t appreciate your paws all over my mate. So, unless you want to lose them, don’t touch her.” Lucius growled.

“Holy shit, who would have thought,” the man laughed. While I was so lost to what was happening, he took a step closer and tossed his arm around my shoulders, earning another angry growl from Lucius. “You know what, buddy, you owe me. Big time.”

Now, it was my turn to look between them as I tried to figure out how they were connected and how I was pulled in the middle of this mess.

“How? What are you talking about?” Lucius sounded just as confused as I felt.

“Remember that skanky pack you sent me to check before we found the underground markets?” Titus asked.

Lucius thought for a moment and

nodded his head.

“That’s where I met Eden. You owe me because I paid her a visit in the cells she was living in and advised the beautiful soul to accept the rejection that was to come from her asshole of a mate. Congratulations, buddy, you are her second chance, her redemption, don’t

fuck this up.”

His words echoed in my mind, and suddenly, everything made perfect sense. Lucius called me his mate because he was my second chance at happiness, the Moon Goddess still tried her best to ensure I didn’t die alone.

That had to be why he was so nice to me. It was quite obvious how Lucius was breaking himself to remain grounded and do his best to tend to all my needs even if I didn’t ask for anything.

“Anyway, what am I supposed to do about grandpa now?” Titus quickly jumped the topic while I was struggling to wrap my mind around the situation.

Lucius pinched the bridge of his nose and sucked in a sharp breath. As he did, I noticed the vein on his neck popping out. He was angry… But why?

“I can’t think while you still have your paw on her. I’m trying, but Xabat, he… He isn’t happy,” Lucius snarled the words. He sounded angrier than he looked, even with his eyes closed.

“Shit, sorry big dog,” Titus laughed and stepped aside. He made sure to stand at a safe distance while I looked anywhere but at Lucius.

“Eden, I highly suggest you go to him. ONUS

Just stay near until he calms down. Lucius won’t hurt you,” Titus whispered.

My eyes snapped to Lucius again. He stood frozen, clearly struggling to calm down. Although I was lost with where I stood in this situation, I couldn’t deny that seeing him like this scared me.

I felt like I was rooted in this spot and couldn’t move a muscle even if my life depended on it.

“Eden, go,” Titus tried to encourage me again, doing nothing but scaring me even more.

Despite my better judgment, I blurted out what was on my mind. “I can’t, I’m scared.”

The words worked… In a way? Titus stared at me as if I had grown another head. Lucius, he looked hurt and confused. I didn’t think I could get used to seeing emotions like that on the face

of someone so scary-looking as him.

I barely glanced at Titus, pleading with him with my eyes to help me out, but the little shit rose his hands in surrender and backed away. “I’ll check on you later,” he mouthed and disappeared.

When I tilted my head to look at Lucius, he already stood before me. I didn’t realize what he was planning until he bent in his knees, placed his hands on my butt and lifted me in his arms. As a yelp of surprise left my lips, I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist and threw my arms around his neck.

Lucius smirked and leaned closer to hide his face in the crook of my neck. His nose ran over my skin as he took in a few deeper breaths and let out what I suppose was a growl of delight.

“Don’t fear me, Eden. Ever. Even when you will face Xabat, you will have nothing to be scared of. No matter what you have heard about me, about us, we would rather die than let any harm reach you. I have no intention to hurt you. It’s too soon to trust me, that much I understand, but you will realize that I mean the words I speak. My only intention is to worship you like the Goddess you are. You are my mate and now that I have you in my arms, I have made it my life mission, my purpose, to love, respect, protect and adore you till the last breath I take.”

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