His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 129

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 129 – Azalea POV

He had been out for hours. The waiting became pure agony, and my mind kept wondering if it was too late. I wondered if I had k****d my mate. Why didn’t he tell me he could d*e? Did he seriously think I would let him d*e? Yes, we have obvious issues but none worth d***g for, so why would he risk his life? He should have told me when I was in heat the first time I wouldn’t have let him d*e despite being angered with him.

My skin was supersensitive, and I tried shifting to get out of the handcuffs. The limited movement made the pain worse when all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball, but the handcuff restricted that effort. When l shifted, my wrist grew thicker, and d**n, did it hurt when the metal dug into my flesh and sliced through my skin, cutting off my circulation. So instead, I was forced to just lay in the same position.

Yet as the hours dragged on, I knew I was turning rabid as the heat boiling inside me grew stronger. My claws slipped from my fingertips and sliced into Kyson repeatedly as I battled with the pain and searing heat that made me feel like I was boiling from the inside out, his scent no longer soothing but excruciating as the urge to mate ravaged me.

Kyson would wake thinking I was mauling him if he woke up? That thought made me whimper, and my heart raced faster as worry gnawed and clawed at my insides. My stomach clenched painfully, and my p***y throbbed to its own beat. D***h would be kinder at this point. The pain was horrendous as I rocked my hips against him, trying to get any form of relief. Sweat beaded and glistened on my skin, my hair drenched in it as my temperature skyrocketed. The pain was so bad that I begged to be put out of my misery as I cried out and writhed.

My tears coated his chest along with my bite marks when I felt his hand suddenly in my hair. I froze, wondering if I imagined it and that the pain had driven me to madness. Only when his fingers caressed across my scalp, moving through my hair, do I realize lyrics hadn’t imagined it all.

Pushing off his chest, I look down at him to discover his eyes open and staring up at me.

“Shh,” he whispers before tilting his face up to kiss my forehead. A sigh of relief leaves me. He was awake. Never had I felt such immense relief before in my life. My heartbeat quickened, knowing I hadn’t k****d him.

My hips rock against him before I c***h against his chest, pressing my ear flat against the center, wanting the soothing essence of his calling. Kyson delivered instantly, and I was worried he wouldn’t. I was worried that he would be mad and let me suffer. His calling slipped out, and I basked in it and soaked it in, my body calming instantly as it rumbled through his chest and vibrated against me, soothing my soul and the bond that was running haywire.

Kyson ran his fingers through my hair. My breathing slows before I embarrassingly start purring, imitating his calling while moving my hips against him. Gone was any sort of dignity I had left. I no longer cared as long as he gave me what my body desired, what love craved, and what our bond demanded. His hard length slips between my drenched folds, my arousal coating his c**k and saturating my thighs.

A moan escapes me when I hear him groan, and his hard length brushes my c**t. Kyson grips my hips, forcing my hand awkwardly behind me as he moves me higher and away from his pelvis, making me cry out at the loss of friction that reduced the throbbing pain burning between my thighs.

“I am not touching you until you say it, love,” he murmured into my hair. His hot breath moved across my neck and made me shiver, and I tried to move lower, but his grip grew tighter, holding me still. He was really going to make me say it? Yet, with the intense pain destroying me, I would beg if he requested.

“Please! Make it stop!” I groaned, trying to move lower. My teeth sink into his chest. The saltiness of his skin was intoxicating, and I ran my tongue across my bite marks, his blood washing over my tongue, only arousing me more. Even as my claws scratched his shoulders and bit into his flesh, his grunt turned to a purr.

Kyson moved his arm wraps around my waist, and he rolled, flipping me onto my back. His lips instantly mold around mine, his enticing scent making me moan as my lips part, and I kiss him back hungrily. Desire coursed through every inch of me, and wrapped my legs around his waist and dragged him closer to me.

The handcuff on our wrists clicks as he forces my leg wrapped around his waist up higher before grinding his hips against me gently. I gasp, my lips pulling from his as his hard length slides between my wet folds and hits my c**t. My hips arch as I crave the friction he offered when he growls, annoyed at the handcuff making things difficult. My hand falls to his hip, my nails digging into him.

“Did he leave the key somewhere?” Kyson asks, but l don’t answer, nor do I care about a d**n key. Lifting my head, my teeth sink into his chest as I bite him. Kyson purrs, his hand going to my hair and holding my face against him. My other hand was trapped at our side. Kyson fists my hair, forcing my head back only to recapture my lips with his. His tongue delved between my lips, tasting every inch of my mouth, and I rolled my hips against him. Kyson rocks his hips against me, his fingers lacing with mine while the other was still tightly gripping my hair as he devoured my lips.

I moan into his mouth, my thighs drenched when he sucks on my bottom lips, nibbling on it. His lips travel lower and down my neck to my mark. He sucks on it, making my eyes roll into the back of my head, and my toes curl as tingles flood my entire body, causing me to tingle all over. My temperature reduces as the bond comes alive.

Kyson’s hot fiery mouth and tongue continue their descent before his lips wrap around my nipple. He bites down it making me hiss before soothing it with his tongue, only to turn his attention to the other, teasing it with his hot tongue until it hardens so much it is almost painful.

Moving down my body, he kissed the side of my ribs, going lower with each kiss, sucking and nibbling on my skin, making me squirm every time his lips and stubble grazed a ticklish spot. He kissed my hip bone.

His teeth grazed over it and scraped down my flesh as he moved down between my legs, forcing my legs from around his waist as he settled between my thighs, his handcuffed hand placed flat on my stomach, his fingers still laced through mine while his other hand gripped my t***h, pulling my leg further apart, his warm breath swept over my p***y before his mouth was covering it in its entirety. He growls, running his tongue across my wet lower lips.

His flat tongue laved across my glistening wet folds before his tongue parted my lower lips, and he sucked my c**t into his mouth. His tongue swirled around the throbbing nerves, making me cry out and writhe.

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