His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 91

Read His Lost Lycan Luna by Jessica Hall Chapter 91 – Kade rips me to my feet by my hair, he shoved me toward the door, and I saw my phone; I tried to snatch it off the counter when he punched me the stomach, knocking the air from my lungs as I doubled over. He smashes it on the floor, my phone breaking into pieces while I try to catch my breath. He kicks me in the stomach, and I retch. The little food I had eaten bubbles up my throat and spills onto the floor along with my blood.

Dots danced before my vision, and flecks of gold as a wave of dizziness washed through me, the room spinning around me violently. My blood dripped from the g**h on my head. Kade’s feet stopped beside my face when hands grabbed me, and I was tossed over his shoulder. He kicked the door, sending it flying into the front of the yard before stomping down the steps.

“Open the trunk,” he snapped at one of his men, who rushed to do his bidding. I thrashed, trying to get him to put me down, begging and pleading with him though it fell on deaf ears when I was tossed into the trunk, and he slammed the lid shut.

I have no idea how long he drove for, but I was sent hurtling into the rear seat when he jammed on the brakes. My heart beat erratically, filling my ears with the pounding sound of it when I heard the car doors slam, and I suddenly couldn’t breathe, panic consuming me, and I tried to s**k in a hiccuped breath as the trunk lid opened. One of his warriors reaches in to grab me. I thrashed, slapping his hands away and kicking when he punched me. My head whipped to the side, and I felt my eye swell shut instantly and I groaned, dazed from the blow.

“Hurry up,” Kade snarled when I felt a needle jammed in my arm, it was like someone set my veins on fire as the poison raged an inferno through my bloodstream. “Don’t worry, Love, it won’t k**l you, but you won’t be able to shift or heal, just a mild sedative,” Kade mocked as I peered up at him through my swelled eye that felt like it ballooned out.

The other man grabs me, tossing me over his shoulder, and I groan, feeling sick at the motion of him walking up steps before I was dumped onto a red carpet. I couldn’t even sit up, wholly p*******d yet wide awake. My mind raced as I tried to look around, yet all I could see was a bed with red blankets in the distance. Attached to it were different chains and ropes and the room smelled funny. The pungent aroma of incense burned my nose.

“Sit her up, and make sure she watches,” Kade sneered when the man from before gripped my shirt leaning me against the wall. He grabbed my head that lolled forward; I was dribbling blood and drooling down my chin. A woman walks in with barely any clothes on.

She had black lingerie on, her hair was cut short in a pixie cut, and she was wearing stilettos. “Yes, Alpha,” she asks, yet I noticed the tremble of her fingers and the shake to her voice.

“This is my mate, Abbie. She is being punished, so we are going to put on a show for, get on the bed, Blaire. The women gasps and spins when he motions toward me with his hand, and she stumbles back, her face paling.

“Your mate?” she gasps and goes to kneel down, her hands outstretched like she wanted to help me when Kade snapped at her. “Don’t touch the s**t. Now get on the bed,” Kade snarls at her.

The woman looks horrified at Kade. “But she is your mate,” the woman says, and Kade growls.

“Are you questioning your Alpha? You remember what happened last time you questioned me?” he asks, tilting his head to the side, and she whimpers, offering her neck to him and nods.

“Get your clothes off, and get on the f*****g bed,” he snapped at her, she looked over her shoulder at me, and my eyes welled with tears when Kade started removing his clothes.

“If she closes her eyes, hit her,” he orders the man holding my head up. Pain ripped through every part of my body, my heart crushed to smithereens. Gannon was right; there was nothing wrong with me. The pain l felt now made worse because I not only endured it for so long, I was now forced to watch it as he fucked the girl right in front of me. Kade climbed off the bed and walked over to me when he was done. Tears trekked down my face when he stopped in front of me.

“Open her mouth,” Kade said, and my eyes widened. I tried to move but couldn’t; I couldn’t even speak. My tongue felt numb; I could only drool on myself. Tears burned my eyes when I felt fingertips on my chin opening my already slack mouth. My eyes went to the woman Blaire on the bed sobbing into her hands when he stuffed his c**k in my mouth.

Kade grips my hair and starts thrusting into my mouth. The taste of her coating my tongue repulsed me as he used my mouth before emptying himself in it, making me gag as I choked on it. He then let me go, and I crashed to the ground in a heap, my entire body numb, even my mind as I stared blankly at the dust underneath it.

I stared beneath the bed, no longer listening, going deaf to my surroundings. Closing my eyes, I pretended to be back in mine and Ivy’s room at the orphanage, remembering the times we would lay on the hard floor gazing out the window at night making pictures from the stars, dreaming of what it would be like to be free. Never thought I would see the day where I would rather be back there than where I currently was.

Kade left me on the floor and walked out, and it took hours before I could move my hand; I brushed my hair behind my ear. It had been annoying me and obscuring my vision for hours and tickling my nose when I breathed because I couldn’t move it; however, I regained some feeling back. My fingertips brush the scar behind my ear, and I s**k in a shaky breath.

“More than my life, more than my life,” I repeatedly whispered to myself as I cried.

“More than my life,”

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