I Want a Divorce by Abigail Quinn Novel Chapter 60

Chapter 60

“Ms. Fox, I’ll go!” Oliver agreed without much thought.

When Gunther told him, he had refused directly. He would not agree to any conditions offered.

But Oliver would agree to anything once Hailey opened her mouth, even without a boon.

He was the type of person who would return kindness with a spring after receiving drops of water when in need.

But he was a vengeful person at the same time. To him, there were clear lines between gratitude and grudges. When generosity was given, he would pay it back, and when revenge was needed, he would settle the score.

Hailey’s eyes shone with tears. Although her father Gunther was strict on marriage matters, the love and care he had given her since childhood was unparalleled. Gunther had never even mentioned a word of remarriage, even though her mother had passed away several years ago.

Gunther did not want to break Hailey’s heart, let alone complicate her inheritance.

Therefore, although Hailey had argued with Gunther about marriage matters, she did not doubt his love for her. Yesterday, Hailey’s heart ached intensely upon accidentally finding out about Gunther’s medical diagnosis.

Furthermore, Hailey had learned about Gunther’s wish. Like any person, Gunther did not want to die. Hailey found that Gunther was obsessed with searching for Henry’s Tristar Treasure because he wanted to find the obscure Immortality. She could not help but keep thinking of her father.

Hailey wanted to accompany Gunther through the last journey of his life, even if it was uncertain/and absurd!

Moreover, she had also found out from questing Gunther that Oliver was a significant person in the search for the Tristar Treasure, so she had gone to beg him.

“Oliver, thank you!” Hailey was moved and grateful for his unhesitating agreement.

“When will you leave? Tell me so I can prepare in advance,” Oliver asked Hailey again.

“I’ll leave in two days. My dad doesn’t have much time. So, the sooner, the better.”

“Okay.” Oliver nodded.

Hailey did not say anything more and hurried away.

She had just left when Fabian and Wayne came back, along with their comrade, Simon Chuck, whom they had picked up from the station.

Simon was not tall, but he looked very tough.

Wayne smiled and said to Oliver, “Mr. Eastwood, this is my comrade, Simon. His nickname is Sim. Although he is short, he has a pair of devil hands. I am not remotely on par with him when fist-fighting or sniping.”

Oliver was stunned and nodded while shaking hands with him.

Simon shook his hand and saluted him. “Mr. Eastwood, Wayne is my best friend and comrade-in-arms. Please tell me if you need anything!”

Oliver waved his hand and said with a smile, “Since we are here, then we’re family. Don’t be so polite. This is our home. If you need anything, just tell me directly. If I’m not here, you can look for Wayne or Fabian.”

“Yes!” Simon made another military salute.

Oliver had seen Wayne’s fighting skills with his own eyes. He had said Simon was better than him, which would mean Simon was an awe-inspiring figure!

After sitting down, Joanna went to pour tea. Oliver said to Fabian, “Fabian, my former boss Hailey needs something that I can help with I’ll go with her in two days. It’s uncertain how long it’ll take. It’s estimated to be half a month, but even one or two months/is not out of the question. You have more experience being the head of the house, so you should be careful. Take care of the store and pay the employees’ wages. I transferred another 10 million dollars to the company account, so the total should be 20 million dollars. Decoration, equipment, and salaries are for you to do as you see fit. It doesn’t matter. whether the shop profits when I’m not around. After I come back, we’ll go to Manchernius directly. From then on, we will go there at least once a month.”

Fabian nodded while taking notes on his phone.

Oliver called his sister and said, “Jo, I’ll transfer another 10 million dollars to you. Just take good care of our parents for the time being. When Dad recovers completely, you can work in Jason’s shop. If there are any problems, look for Fabian.”

Fabian agreed, “Mr. Eastwood, you don’t have to say anything more. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of your family’s problems as my own.”

Oliver nodded and looked at Wayne and Simon again. After thinking for a while, he said, “Wayne and Simon, as for you two… One will come with me, and the other will stay here.”



Chapter 60

Simon immediately stood up and said, “Mr. Eastwood, I’ll go with you!”

Wayne beamed but did not budge. “Of course, I’ll be going!”

Fabian waved his hand and ordered, “Don’t argue, you two. Both of you should go. The safety of Mr. Eastwood is the most important thing. What else is there to do here? The other five employees will still be here, including Charles.”

Oliver pondered for a while. There was nothing dangerous going on here. There were six men here, including Fabian, so the store could run as usual.

He and Gunther were going to look for the Tristar Treasure. According to the previous map, it should be in the unpopulated zone of Citraine Mountain, which was more or less dangerous. It was safer to have two strong and skilled men, Wayne and Simon, so he nodded and agreed.

After arranging these things, Oliver thought of another thing and hurriedly said, “Fabian, the young lady in the car shop I frequently visit wants to borrow six of our cars for a marriage ceremony. Arrange for three employees to come here tomorrow morning. They, as well as Simon, Wayne, and I, will all drive a car. We will be acting as their coachmen.


Fabian hesitated for a moment and said, “Mr. Eastwood, you are the boss, yet you do things like this… I’ll arrange for one more person to come.”

Oliver smiled and shook his head. “It’s okay. I get to see the lively process. Aren’t I getting married soon? It’ll be a learning experience for me, and I can avoid getting manipulated on the day!”

Hearing this, Fabian was delighted and did not resist anymore. Then he discussed with Oliver the decoration style and progress of the store.

When he left, Oliver stopped him and said, “Take care of everyone here, Fabian. Along with handling business issues with

our workers, we should also assist them with any personal issues that can be resolved. We ought to make better life choices. Don’t stress over a little money. Have supper together. Organize activities on the weekends. The company will pay for it.”

Fabian nodded.

After arranging company and family affairs, Oliver beckoned Wayne and Simon over again. “You two accompany me to buy some gifts and go to my girlfriend’s house later.”

Wayne immediately went to prepare the car, and Oliver called Sienna after getting in.

“Why did you call me out of the blue?” Sienna’s voice seemed to be particularly beautiful that day.

“Where are you? At home or at work? I have something to do, and I’ll have to travel far. It’s estimated to take at least half a month. So, now, I’m going to your home to meet Mr. Kaiserman and Mrs. Kaiserman and have a heart-to-heart talk about my feelings.”

Sienna burst into laughter. “Stop it. I got it. Where are you? I’ll be right there.”

Oliver said the address, which was near a high-end business center.

Sienna arrived in ten or so minutes. When Wayne saw the beautiful and refreshing Sienna, he smiled awkwardly. “Ms. Kaiserman… Ah, no. I have to call you Mrs. Eastwood!”

Sienna laughed and glanced at Oliver again. “Where are you going? Who are you going with?”

Oliver touched his chin and said, “Hailey’s father, Gunther.”

Sienna was startled. She asked, “Will Hailey go?”

Oliver also paused. “She… I don’t know. I didn’t ask her just now.”

Sienna looked at him with a half-smile and said, “Then ask her. If she goes there, I have to go too. I won’t rest assured with such a beautiful person tagging along!”

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