Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 10

Chapter ten
Kiara cussed Zane in her head as she walked back to Levi’s office hoping
Heather was still there.
She couldn’t stay here another second if Zane was going to continue being a
jerk. Who did he think he was to talk to her about betrayal? He ruined her life!
She opened the glass door of the office and when she saw only Daniel and Liam
inside, she didn’t even bother to say anything to them before walking away.
Where the fuck was Heather?

Her eyes widened slightly when she saw Heather resting on the wall up ahead
and was about to call out her name when someone grabbed her hand and pulled
her into the elevator behind them.
She growled as soon as she saw it was Zane with a stupid smirk on his face.
Without saying anything, she turned away from him and was about to get out of
the elevator when Zane blocked her way and closed the elevator’s door by
pressing a button.
Kiara glared at him then moved over to the buttons to open the elevator but Zane
stood in front of that too.
“What the fuck is your problem? Why won’t you just leave me alone? You said
we should never see each other again, didn’t you?!” Kiara screamed out of
“You don’t get to scream at me, I was the one betrayed. If you hadn’t cheated on
me and broke my trust, none of that would have happened” Kiara scoffed then
ran her fingers through her hair.
“Says the man that believed just anything without solid proof’
“There was proof, Kiara! I saw them with my own eyes so stop fucking denying it
already!” Zane yelled as he flickered his red eyes at her. His wolf was trying his
hardest to stay calm but her constant lying was getting on his nerves.
When he saw the look in her eyes, his heart dropped all of a sudden. She looked
defeated and broken.
“You claim you me, you claim you would give me the world but without even
giving me a chance to say anything or defend myself, you threw me away like a
sack of dirt. I hate you and you disgust me. I never want to have anything to do
with you and I never want to see you again because anytime I see your face, it

reminds me of all the years I wasted on you and how badly you ruined my life.
Just stay away from me, I’m begging you. Just leave me alone” Kiara tried to
walk past Zane but he grabbed her arm and pressed her gently against the
elevator walls.
“I can’t leave you alone because I want you back. I’m willing to forgive everything
if you promise not to do it again and come back to me” She scoffed in his face
which made Zane frown.
“Didn’t you listen to a word I said? I don’t fucking care, I don’t want to be with
you so please….” She groaned when Zane slammed his lips on hers.
She tried pushing him away but he held her down and deepened the kiss.
“You can’t lie to me that you don’t care, Kiara and you can’t tell me you feel
nothing towards me because I know you can feel the spark between us. The
spark we had when we were teenagers, remember? I can feel it, I can feel that
you still love me’ Kiara groaned then pushed him away and slapped him across
the face. 1
Kiara wiped her lips furiously while Zane held onto his face.
“You’re wrong! All I feel for you is hatred and if you dare try to touch me again,
I’ll kill myself because I rather die than be with you” Zane’s eyes
widened slightly as his heart clenched with pain. 1
Her words were like sharp knives, piercing through his heart. Did kicking her out
his pack hurt her that much that she hated him to the core? i
Kiara, still breathing heavily, sidestepped him and pressed the button to open the
elevator doors.

“I’m not giving up, you can hate me all you want but I still want you and I’m going
to remind you about why we fell in love in the first place” Kiara didn’t bother to
turn to him and when the elevator doors opened, she stepped out and found
Heather and the rest except Levi standing in front of the elevator.
Apparently their yelling had gotten to their Wolf hearing. Kiara grabbed Heather’s
hand and without a second look, she dragged her away leaving Zane, Daniel and
Liam standing there. 2
Liam scratched his head then turned to Zane.
“So…. You guys are not getting back together?” He joked and Daniel rolled his
eyes at him. Liam never knew when it was time to joke and when it wasn’t.
“I want to know why you’re pestering her though, you were the one who drove
her away” Daniel muttered and Zane turned to him with a glare.
“Don’t start, I know what I’m doing” Daniel tilted his head.
“And What exactly are you doing? We heard everything and I have to side with
her. You were the one who pushed her away and no matter what, you didn’t
listen to me or Liam when we asked you to give her a chance to explain and after
two years just because you saw her, you suddenly want her back? If I was her, I
would even give you the time of….” Zane’s fist collided with Daniel’s face before
he could complete his sentence.
Daniel fell to the ground and spat out a tooth covered with blood before letting
out a groan.
“Why am I being made the bad guy? She was the one who betrayed me but yet,
I’m the one who is being judged? For your information, I don’t want to get back
together with her because I miss her or love her, I’m going to make her go
through exactly what I went through when I found out she cheated on me then

we’ll know If I reacted rashly or not. She will fall in love with me again and then,
I’ll break her heart”…

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