Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 11

Chapter eleven
Heather kept glancing at Kiara as they rode back to their apartment in a taxi. She
hadn’t said a word in a while and Heather was getting worried.
“Kiara? Are you okay?’ Heather questioned but Kiara didn’t reply. She was too
angry. Angry at Zane, angry at the world and most especially herself.
Heather then decided to let her be till she was ready to talk.
When they got to their apartment, Kiara suddenly broke down and Heather was
immediately by her side.

“It’s okay, it’s okay to cry, okay?’ Heather murmured soothingly as she held Kiara
in her arms.
“I hate him so much. I lost my child because of him!’ Kiara screamed out in
frustration and Heather just held her tightly without saying a word.
“I hate him but I hate myself more. I’m such a fool, I’m so weak” Heather shook
her head.
“Don’t say that. You’re the strongest person I know” Kiara shook her head as she
continued crying on Heather’s shoulder.
‘You don’t understand, Heather. You just don’t understand” Before Heather could
say anything, Kiara pulled away from the hug and ran into her room, locking the
door behind her.
She threw her bag on the bed then ran into the bathroom and turned on the tap.
She furiously wiped her lips with the water, trying to get rid of the feeling of
Zane’s lips on hers but it was no use.
She couldn’t seem to get rid of the tingling feeling his lips left on hers and it was
driving her nuts and making her feel so guilty. She felt guilty because she hadn’t
wanted to push him away.
She screamed at the mirror as her grip on the sink tightened.
“Why are you doing this to me, Zane? Why?” She muttered tiredly then fell to the
ground and cried her eyes out. She hated it, she hated the fact that his kisses
still made her knees weak and her mind go blank.
He was right, she still felt a spark when he touched her and she hated it. After
what he did to her, she had to hate him.

“I can’t do this, I can’t do this, not again’ She murmured to herself then ran her
fingers through her hair. She was going to call Levi and cancel and tell him she
couldn’t work with him anymore.
As long as he was working with Zane, Zane would find a way for them to meet
and she never wanted to see him again.
“Kiara? Please let me in! I’m begging you” Kiara raised her head when she heard
Heather’s voice. Had she been there all along?
Kiara took in a deep breath as she stood up from the ground then she walked
over to her room door and opened it.
As soon as Heather saw the state she was in, her heart broke for her friend.
“If you want, I can kill him for you” Kiara let out a laugh and that made Heather
“I’m okay now, don’t worry” Kiara murmured then hugged Heather tightly.
“I’m sorry I wasn’t there to push him away. I just had to step outside for a while”
Kiara shook her head at Heather.
“I need to get over this myself, Heather. You have been of great help to me and
that’s okay. I’ll get through this eventually and then I’ll finally be okay’ Heather
“Are you going to talk to Levi and Cancel? Because now that Zane knows you
work for Levi, he’s going to keep disturbing you” Kiara sighed then pulled away
from the hug.
“I’m sorry, Heather. I know this was a lot of money but I’ve got to do this for my
mental health” Heather rolled her eyes.

“Oh my goddess, I’ll do anything for you, haven’t you figured that out yet?’ Kiara
“I love you,” Heather grinned.
“And I love you. How about this? To get our mind off everything, let’s go for a
vacation” Kiara furrowed her eyebrows.
“A Vacation?” Heather nodded.
“I heard Paris is beautiful at this time of the year” Kiara raised an eyebrow.
“Paris? Do we have that Kind money?” Heather nodded.
“I’ve Been saving up. Plus, my mother sends me money from time to time so….”
Kiara sighed.
“I’m sure they hate me for making you leave the pack, Right?” Heather rolled her
“Well their opinion doesn’t matter. What do you say? Will you go to Paris with
me?” Kiara grinned.
“A free trip? Were you expecting me to say no?” They both squealed happily but
only one thing was on Kiara’s mind. She was finally going to be far away from
Zane even if it was for a little while, it was enough.
Zane walked into his room and stood in front of the mirror. A smile slowly made
its way on his face as he remembered the little kiss he shared with Kiara. Even
though it didn’t last for long, it was enough to make him long for her.
The feeling of her soft lips on his still lingered and he couldn’t stop smiling
because of that. He didn’t want to admit it to anyone and especially himself but
today just made him realize just how much he actually missed her.

The last two years, he had had sleepless nights because he couldn’t get her out
of his mind and he never sought her out because he assumed she had started
her new family and didn’t even want him anymore.
No one knew what he had to go through for the past two years without her
because he never showed anyone. He tried acting tough most of the time
because he was an Alpha and had a pack to run but only the goddess knew how
much his insides were shattered.
Everyday, he had to find a new reason to get up in the morning because he’s
only reason had left him and sometimes he never found any reason and would
just keep having suicidal thoughts but after a while, he busied himself with work
and everything else to forget her but seeing her again made him realize that the
heart never forgets.

Just then, he heard his house alarm go off meaning someone was probably at his
gate. He checked the security camera on his phone and when he saw Samantha
being held Down by his guards, he sighed. What was she doing here?
He instructed the guards to let her in and he went down to meet her.
When Samantha saw him, she marched up to him with anger in her eyes and
before Zane could say anything, she threw some pictures at his face.
“I heard you want to get back together with Kiara, right? She’ll just end up
cheating on you again because you can’t seem to control your heart” Zane was
about to yell at her but when he saw one of the pictures, his heart fell.
It was a picture of Kiara in Levi’s Car and they were both making out!…

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