Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 12

Chapter twelve
Zane slowly bent down and picked up one of the pictures. Kiara was still wearing
the same clothes she had worn earlier so these were taken today.
“Where did you take these?” Zane questioned lightly.
“After I heard you wanted to get back with Kiara, I knew I needed to do
something to get you back to your senses. Take it from me, I’m her sister and I
know what she can do. She doesn’t love you” Samantha gasp in shock as Zane
threw the picture in his hand at her. 1
“This doesn’t concern me. We are not together so she can kiss whoever she
wants” Zane muttered harshly. It was obvious it did concern him and that piece of information was getting under his skin.
“I know but I just wanted to show you this just in case you were thinking of
getting back with her. Do you want history to repeat itself? I’m just looking out for
you’ Zane turned to her.
“You don’t need to do that, I can take care of myself. Leave my house and never
show up without telling me first” Samantha grabbed his hand before he could
walk away and wrapped her arm around his waist.
“Why are you always pushing me away? I’m not even asking you to love me now,
can’t I just be with you?’ Zane rolled his eyes then grabbed her hand and pulled it
away from his waist.
“Leave, it’s getting late” Samantha pouted as she watched him walk away.
“Can you just answer this? Are you really planning on getting back with her? ”
Zane paused in his track then sighed. 1
“No. Anything I do with Kiara is just a game to me. Leave now and make sure to
close the door behind you” Only when he disappeared from her sight did she
She brought out her phone and dialed a number.
“Did you get the pictures of us?’ i
“Yes,” Samantha grinned. She guessed it was time for her to pay her dear sister
a visit.

Kiara blew at Levi’s eye then moved backward

“Is it gone? Does it still hurt?” Levi wiped his eyes that were already red as he
shook his head.
“No, it doesn’t hurt anymore. Thank you, guardian angel. You saved me once
again’ Kiara rolled her eyes.
‘You didn’t have to drive all the way here by this time just because of what I said
over the phone, Levi” Levi sighed.
“Do you really quit? We haven’t even gotten a chance to work with each other
yet. If it’s because of Mr Black then I…’
“What can you possibly do? Even if you cut ties with him, Zane will find a way to
get to me. I just need a break right now and maybe when I’m back, I’ll work with
you” Levi frowned.
“You’re leaving? Where are you going?” Kiara pursed her lips as her eyes
widened. She hadn’t meant to tell him anything.
“Well you see…. Erm…” Levi sighed.
‘You don’t want to tell me, do you?” Kiara smiled slightly.
‘Tm going on a Vacation with Heather and I honestly just want to be with her
alone and away from the drama here” Levi pouted.
“Am I part of the drama too because now that I think about it, I might need a
vacation too” Kiara giggled.
“Believe this or not, the drama started the day I met you. I’ve been here for the
past two years and Zane never saw me till you came along” Levi sighed.
“If I had known, I won’t have asked you to meet me at his company that day H
Kiara placed her hand on his shoulder “Don’t beat yourself up, we were meant to meet one of these days. I have to get
back, Heather must be wondering what is taking me so long” Kiara smiled at him
then opened the door and was about to climb out when Levi grabbed her hand.
She turned back to him with a raised eyebrow.
“What?” Levi smiled. He didn’t mind if Kiara found out he was part of the Mafia. If
she didn’t want to associate with him then he’d give her space but for now, he
was going to shoot his shot and nothing was going to stop him.
“When you get back from your Vacation, will you go out for a candlelit dinner with
me?” Kiara furrowed her eyebrows.
“Like…. Like a date?” Levi nodded with a smile.
“I know we haven’t known each other for long but I would like for us to be more
than friends, Kiara’ Kiara frowned.
Levi was a Handsome guy. Any girl would be lucky to have him ask them out. He
was caring, he was funny and sweet. Plus he was a gentleman but he wasn’t….
“I’ll think about it. Goodnight” She flashed him a smile then slowly pulled her hand
out his grip, closed the door behind her and walked away, i
Maybe going out with Levi won’t be that bad. Even though she didn’t see him as
anything but a friend, he might be able to make her forget about…. Zane.
Zane went to work very early the next morning. He hadn’t slept a wink last night
after seeing those pictures because all he could think about was Levi kissing
Kiara and it took everything in him not to let his wolf go hunting for Levi’s heart.
He sighed then pressed his intercom .

“Get me coffee now” He ordered his secretary then released the button before
letting out another sigh.
Why was he letting this bother him so much? It was all a game to him right?
‘You’re not fooling anyone with that Bullshit” Zane suddenly his wolfs voice in his
head which was rare because his wolf hardly spoke to him unless it concerned
the Pack.
“Go back to being non-existent, no one needs your word of wisdom” Zane
muttered to his Wolf then blocked him out of his head.
Just then, his office doors open and he was surprised when Levi walked in
looking pissed off.
“What are you…” Levi pulled back his fist and landed a hard punch on his

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