Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 150

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 150
Kiara smiled as Heather walked into the room.
“Hey. It feels like I haven’t seen you in forever, Heather” Kiara uttered as Heather
wrapped her arms around her.
“Me too, Kiara. I missed you so much and I’m glad you’re no longer in chains
even though I would prefer if you were free to walk around” Kiara smiled.
“Don’t worry, I’m okay like this. I get to eat good food and the rope is not that
tight. At least I know after this, our lives will be better again” Heather pursed her
lips then pulled a chair forward and sat down in front of Kiara.

“Kiara, I wanted to…”
“How’s the baby?” Kiara interjected as she placed her hand on Heather’s
“The baby is okay, I felt it kick today” A bright smile appeared on Kiara’s face.
“That’s good to hear. It might feel very uncomfortable at first but trust me, you’ll
be aching to feel it soon” Heather smiled then nodded.
“I know. I wanted to talk to you about something, Kiara” Kiara tilted her head
with a questioning look.
“Oh? What is it about?” Heather bit her lower lip then let out a sigh.
“I need you to talk Zane out of this war” A pin drop silence filled the air as Kiara
stared at Heather in shock.
“I’m sorry, what?” Heather sighed.
“I know it doesn’t sound right but listen, I…”
“Are you listening to yourself? You should be the one to talk Liam out of it. He’s
the one that started all this and now you want me to tell Zane to back down?
That basically means he surrenders” Heather frowned.
“No, that’s not what I meant. You’ll talk we to Zane and I’ll try my best to talk to
Liam. This isn’t going to end well for any of us and I really think…”
“The war is going to happen, Heather. Liam won’t back down and as long as he
doesn’t, Zane and Daniel won’t as well. Stop trying to see the good in him”
Heather’s frown deepened.
“But he is good. I can feel it. There’s just something wrong with him now but if he
believes that he’s heard and not underestimated, he’s going to change”

“He wants Zane and Daniel dead. He doesn’t deserve a second chance after
what he did. He killed a lot of our kind for his selfish gain”
“Oh but when Zane kicked you out of the pack while you were pregnant and even
when you had a miscarriage, you forgave him, huh?” Kiara stared at her in shock
and for a moment, she was speechless.
Guilt washed over Heather and she opened her mouth to speak but Kiara beat
her to it.
“What happened between Zane and I was a personal issue. If Liam succeeds in
killing Zane, our pack is going to lose their Alpha and Liam is going to take the
title and since he’s not a true Alpha, the pack is going to experience great
calamity. Is that what you want? He killed people, Heather and you want to
forgive him for that?” Heather pursed her lips then scoffed as he turned away.
“Look I’m sorry that I brought up you and Zane’s situation, that wasn’t very nice
and I didn’t mean to offend you but do you know how many people Zane has
killed? And yet he’s praised for it” Kiara was rendered speechless again. All she
could do was stare at Heather in disbelief.
“What is wrong with you, Heather? Why can’t you just accept that he’s wrong
and needs to be punished?”
“Because I love him, Kiara and I’m carrying his fucking child. If he dies, what
then? My child won’t have a father and I’ll never get someone else to love me the
way he does. Even you, after this is over, you’ll start your life with Zane and I’ll
be left alone” Kiara’s face softened at her words then she let out a sigh.
“I’ll never leave you alone, Heather, No matter what and you and I can take care
of the baby together. We…”

“It’s not the same, Kiara” Heather interjected as tears ran down her cheeks, “I
want to be loved and I want to have a family of my own. That’s all I’ve ever
wanted. Liam gave me that love and I feel… I know that deep down, there’s still
a part of him that loves me and I’m going to prove it to you guys that he’s not a
bad person. Yeah he made awful decisions but that doesn’t mean he should be
executed for it” Heather uttered and before Kiara could say anything, she stood
up and stormed out of the room.
Kiara sat there in silence as she thought over Heather’s words. Fear crept into
her body as she thought of many scenerios on how Heather’s conversation with
Liam would go. She just hoped Heather was right and he still loved her.
Levi glanced at his father through the rare view mirror before turning back to the
road. He was awfully quiet and Levi knew it had something to do with the fact
that they were both going to speak with his mother tonight.
Levi couldn’t help but be nervous as well. He didn’t remember much of his mother
because she had died at an early stage in his life but with the few he could
remember, she had seemed to love his father and him very much.
He smiled as he hummed a tune he didn’t know the lyrics to but he knew his
mother had sang him a lullaby with the same tune.
He was honestly more excited to meet her than nervous. He had heard about
how brave she was and how powerful she had been in the mafia world.
Even though she had been the first female Mafia King, she hadn’t let that stop
her and had managed to have the most powerful mafia family. She was known
everywhere and Levi guessed the pressure to live up to her name was one of the
reasons why he retracted into his shell well not anymore.
He was going to become a Mafia King his mother was proud of and become
even more powerful and successful than her…

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