Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 157

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 157
“Shit!” Zane cussed as he kicked his car tire then ran his fingers through his
hair. What was Daniel thinking?! It wasn’t safe yet! Was he trying to get
himself killed?
He brought out his phone and dialed Leo’s number.
“Hurry up and track Daniel’s plate number. Report back to me immediately” He
didn’t even wait to hear what Leo had to say before hanging up.
At that moment, his phone rang making him furrow his eyebrows. Why was a
strange calling his phone? Only a few knew this number.
After the third ring, Zane decided to pick up.
“Zane, Liam fucking knows” Zane’s eyes widened.

“Levi? Why are you calling with a strange number and what does Liam know?”
“He knows we are working together. He knows our plans. He tried to take me
and lock me up but I was able to escape and my phone got destroyed in the
process” Zane frowned. Liam knew?
Just then, a message from Leo popped up on Zane’s screen and when he
read the content, his eyes darkened.
“Levi, come over to the central park immediately. I’m going there now to help
Daniel” Zane muttered as he climbed back into his car and started the engine.
“Liam has him, doesn’t he?” Zane sighed then stepped on the acceleration.
“Hurry” Zane uttered then hung up.
“Shit Daniel. You better not have died before I get there”
Kiara screamed out in pain as the silver whips landed on her back again.
“Samantha, that’s enough” Kiara pleaded as tears missed with blood ran down
her cheeks.
Samantha just laughed like manic then walked over to Kiara and grabbed her
face, digging her claws into her cheeks.
“I finally have the chance to do what I’ve always wanted to do to you for years
which is hurt you and now you think I’m going to stop? That’s a silly joke. The
only time I’m going to stop is when you stop breathing” Kiara glared at her.
“Why? Why do you hate me so much? What…what did I ever do to you? Our
parents loved you more than they ever loved me. You had more friends than I
did and you were a social butterfly back at the pack. Everyone loved you so
why?” Heather gritted her teeth.
“Everyone loved me but the man I wanted. I hated the fact that you got to be
his mate and I hated the fact that you got to carry his child even though it was

short lived. What I wanted was to take everything and leave you with nothing
but Zane won’t fucking let go of you. Why? You don’t even have anything to
offer. You’re not even half as beautiful as I am” Kiara smirked through the
“Well Zane didn’t seem to think so. After spending two damned years with him,
you still couldn’t get him to fall in love with you” Samantha slapped her across
the face.
“You bitch. I’ll teach you a lesson for running your mouth” Then she walked
over to the little fire they had built on the ground and picked out the burning
rod with her gloves on before turning to Kiara with a devilish smirk.
“Sorry sister but this might hurt a little” Kiara eyes grew wide as she shook
her head frantically as Samantha took slow steps towards her.
“No no no” Kiara chanted over and over again but before Samantha could hurt
her, one of the men spoke.
“I just got a message. Boss wants us all at the park now” Samantha groaned
as she turned to him.
“Can’t I just finish with this first?” The man shook his head.
“He said we should be there in five minutes” Samantha sighed before dropping
the rod on the ground.
“You have been saved by the goddess, Kiara but best believe that when I
come back, we are going to kick off from where we stopped. Come on boys”
Samantha muttered as she walked out of the room.
Kiara immediately broke out in sobs as soon as Samantha banged the door
after her.
What was she going to do now? Who was going to save her? Where was

Heather screamed as she cried while flailing her arms around like a child.
“Calm down, miss Swift” One of the men said but that just made her cry
“Let me out of this car, I need to save Daniel. This is all my fault, I’m such a
fool!” She uttered in between tears. At that moment, her heart felt heavy.
She had destroyed everything and now, Daniel might get killed because of her
“Boss said we should get you back to the warehouse and lock you up there till
all this is over. Stop struggling because you’re not going anywhere” The one
by her right uttered.
She cried bitterly all the way to the warehouse. If she weren’t pregnant, she
would have fought all of them and escaped but she needed to think of the
As soon as they got to the warehouse, they pulled her out of the car and
dragged her towards the warehouse while she struggled.
“Let me go, I need to save Daniel” She screamed but it all fell on deaf ears as
they pushed her into the warehouse and locked the door.
She pounded her fist on the door as she heard their receding footsteps.
“Let me out of here! Please I’m begging you, just let me out!” She screamed
as hot tears ran down her cheeks. What was she going to do now? How was
she going to get out of here?
A feeling of hopelessness crept into her body as she slid her back down the
door. She was all alone.
As she placed her head on her hand, she suddenly heard a voice making her
eyes widen.

Help, someone help me!” Heather abruptly stood up from the ground as she
ran towards the voice.
“Kiara!” Heather screamed as she ran down the stairs then barged into the
room Kiara was being kept in.
She gasped with her hand over her mouth as she saw the stare Kiara was in
while Kiara began to shed tears of joy as soon as she saw Heather.
“What happened to you? Who did this to…”
“That doesn’t matter now, Heather. Get me out of here” Heather immediately
nodded as she ran towards her. She winced as soon as her hand touched the
silver chains but she was more focused on getting Kiara free.
As soon as the chains were off Kiara, she stood up with a sigh of relief and
did a little stretch before turning to Heather.
“We need to leave before they get back. Let’s try to call up Zane or Daniel or
even Levi” Kiara muttered hurriedly as she walked towards the door with
Heather behind her.
“I don’t… I don’t think Daniel is going to be able to answer you” Kiara stopped
in her tracks as she turned to Heather with furrowed eyebrows.
“What does that mean?” Heather immediately bursted out crying as she held
onto Kiara’s hand tightly.
“I did something very bad, Kiara. I did something very bad” Kiara frowned.
What are you talking about? What did you do?” So Heather told her everything
Including how Liam had raped her and how she had trusted that he wanted to
end things and had called Daniel up.
“I know I made a mistake and I’m willing to fix it but…” Kiara yanked her hand
out of Heather’s hold as she glared at her.

What you did is not only a mistake but you have cost Daniel his life. How
could you be so stupidly in love?! I hope Liam was worth it”…

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