Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 35

Kiara was busy thinking about the strange phone call she just got from Heather
when Zane groaned, turning her attention to him and her eyes widened. She had
totally forgotten about him.
She stood up from her seat then walked up to him.
“What’s wrong?” She questioned as she dusted the flour off his face and suit.
“Some got into my eye and it hurts like hell” He murmured and was about to rub
his fist on his eyes when she smacked it away.
“Don’t touch it, that’s going to make it worse. Come let’s wash it off with water”
She murmured then led him over to the sink and because of how tall he was, his
head couldn’t go under the tap so she had to take a bowl of water to wipe it off.

“Does it feel better?” She murmured and he shook his head.
“I think you have to blow on it” He muttered and she sighed before dropping the
bowl and leading him towards the chair then sat him down and began blowing his
“Is it gone?” He shook his head.
“I think you need to kiss it for it to really go away” He murmured and she was
about to do as he said when she froze.
“There was nothing in your eye, was there?” She questioned as she pulled away
with a frown while he flashed her a cheeky smile.
“There was but it was gone when you wiped it away with water. I miss when you
used to take care of me, Kiara. it feels so nice to see that you still care about
me” She rolled her eyes.

“I don’t care, I just didn’t want to be the reason you lost an eye. I thought you
said we had somewhere to be? Why are you playing these games then? If you
think this is going to make me forget about the fact that you haven’t eaten then
you’ve got another thing coming” She uttered then pulled the plate filled with
pancakes in front of him and he frowned then let out a sigh.
“But I’m really not hungry” She rolled her eyes then pulled her seat closer then
cut a piece of pancake and placed it in front of his mouth.
“Eat” He groaned slightly but began eating. She smiled at him then happily fed
him till the plate was almost empty.
“I can’t eat anymore,I feel pregnant already” Zane muttered as he slumped down
on the chair which made her giggle.

“You ate a lot so you can go change now while I clean up this mess, hmm?” She
stood up from the chair then grabbed his plate and placed it in the sink.
“Why don’t I do it while you go dress up?” He uttered and tried to grab the
sponge in her hand but she pushed him away with her free hand.
“You cleaned up yesterday so I’m going to clean today. Go already” He smiled
then placed a kiss on her cheek before walking away.
As soon as he got into the room, his smile drained out of his face, then he ran
over to the bathroom and puked out all the pancakes he had just eaten into the
He sat down on the ground for a while as he breathed heavily before he stood up
and glanced at himself in the mirror. He had thought her coming back was going
to solve his eating disorder but that didn’t seem to be the case.
He furiously brushed his teeth and washed his mouth before taking a bath and
changing his clothes.

By the time he was out, Kiara was done cleaning up and when she saw him, she
was awestrucked for the second time. He looked like a whole snack even though
what he was wearing looked similar to what he was wearing before.
“You clean up nice” He chuckled at her for words.
“Just admit I look like a snack, I saw the way your eyes trailed down my body. I
can only imagine the fantasies of me going on in your head” Her cheeks
immediately turned red and without saying anything, she ran towards the room
and locked the door behind her before letting out a sigh. What was his problem?
Why does he keep saying words that make her heart flutter?
She shook her head and pushed him to the back of her mind as she got ready.
She placed the sparkly red gown on the bed before going to have her bath.

As soon as she was done, she decided to go for a no makeup look with red
glossy lips before getting up to wear the dress.
She won’t call herself insecure but she stopped wearing clothes that hugged her
figure and seeing the dress hug her in all the right places, she didn’t even know
how to react. She didn’t know if she liked it or not.
Another problem was that she couldn’t zip it up herself. She groaned as she tried
and tried but it was just impossible to zip it up alone.
She groaned as she walked up to the bed and sat down. She didn’t want to ask
Zane for help because she just knew he was going to make everything feel
sexual and her will power was this close to snapping.
After a minute of just sitting down there, she sighed.
“Fuck it” She muttered and walked towards the door. She took a deep breath
before opening it and walking into the living room.
She found Zane standing by the dining table with his phone in one hand and a
bottle of water in another.

“Can… Can you help me out?” He immediately turned to her as soon as he heard
her voice. His eyes trailed down her body and she felt goosebumps on her skin
when she saw the desire in his eyes.
“Damn! My woman is beautiful. Too beautiful that I kind of don’t want you
wearing this out anymore because I might have to kill somebody’s son because
every eye is going to be on you” The tone of his voice was serious yet playful but
she knew he wasn’t joking and her face turned red like a tomato.
“Erm.. I… Thank you. I just… I couldn’t get the zipper and I was wondering if you
could zip it up for me?” He raised an eyebrow at her words then slowly dropped

the water and his phone on the table before walking over to her.
“Turn around?” He murmured as he stood so close to her that she could feel his
body heat. Fuck, he hadn’t even done anything yet but the sexual tension
between them was so thick!
She nodded then slowly turned around and bit her lower lip when his palm landed
on her shoulder.
She shivered as his finger trailed down her back till It landed on the zip then he
flipped her hair to the side and without warning, he placed his mouth on her neck
and grazed it with his fangs which made Her whimper.
“What… What are you doing?” She asked in a whisper.
“I want to mark you so everyone will know you’re mine”

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