Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 57

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 57
As they drove down the road, Kiara kept sneaking glances at Zane who was
busy on his phone.
“What is it? Do you want to say something?” Zane questioned as he dropped his
phone and turned to her.
“You look great in casual wear” He was literally dressed in black pants and a
black button up shirt. He tucked half of the shirt in and didn’t button his shirt up
fully, revealing his chiseled chest.

Gosh! He looked like he just got down from a runway but then again, he looked
like that no matter what he wore.
“Thank you but I have a feeling that’s not why you’re staring at me so what is it?”
She bit her lower lip.
“Why do you seem so close with Samantha?” He chuckled.
“I knew this question was going to come up, I just didn’t know when. To answer
your question, Samantha and I are not as close as everyone thinks. When you
left, she never left my side and made sure I was okay, made sure I wasn’t
wallowing in my sorrow and no matter how hard I pushed her away, she kept
coming back so I just stopped pushing her and let her do whatever she wanted
but we are not close. She’s like…. A puppy” Kiara rolled her eyes. More like Bat.
“But you keeping her so close to you is giving her ideas. I won’t be surprised if
she’s calling herself Your fiancee or wife. She’s probably parading herself around
the country and calling herself Mrs Black and because of how close you both
are, people will believe it” She took a deep breath after everything she said then
turned to Zane just to see him staring at her with an amused look on his face.
“What? Why are you staring at me like that?” He shook his head then raised up
his hand and poked her cheek with his finger.
“Is that jealousy in your voice, My love?” Kiara Scoffed as she swatted his hand
“You wish. I mean why will I be jealous?” He shrugged and she shrieked when
she suddenly wrapped his arms across her waist and pulled her closer.
“If it helps, I’ll make sure to cut all ties with her when we get back, okay?” Kiara
stared at him then scoffed.

“I don’t care but if you want to do that, I won’t stop you” Zane grinned then
placed a kiss on her cheek.
“We are almost there, okay and I’m sure you’re going to like it since you like
history and all” She turned to him with wide eyes.
“It’s another historical place?” He tilted his head.
“Yes it is but I don’t really know the history of it but what I do know is that it’s
now a place where Couples visit and spend time together” Her eyes brightened.
“That sounds wonderful. I thought we were having a picnic” He chuckled.
“Well we can if we wanted but I doubt you’d want to when we get there” After
hearing those words, Kiara could hardly keep her excitement at bay. She kept
bouncing on her seat as she stared out the window while Zane just watched her
quietly with a fond smile on his face.
“We are here” Zane finally uttered after what felt like hours. Kiara beamed at him
and as soon as the driver came to a halt, she climbed out of the car and glanced
“Erm…. Zane?” She called out then turned around just to see him standing
behind her.
“Yes, my love?” She glanced around at the trees and bushes then looked up at
him with a pout.
“You said we weren’t having a picnic” He chuckled then grabbed her hand.
“I said we could have a picnic but don’t worry, this is not the surprise. This is just
the entrance. We have to walk there because it’s part of the experience” After
saying that, he muttered something to the driver but she was too excited to

After he was done, he led her down a pathway which she had to admit had a
fairytale-like feeling to it. Everywhere around them was covered with trees and
bushes but it all added to the fairytale feeling and the flowers she saw were the
most beautiful flowers she had ever seen.
“These are the most beautiful flowers I’ve ever seen” She murmured as she
caressed one of the pink roses beside her. Zane stopped in his steps then
reached out for the flower and plucked it out before placing it behind her ear.
“There you go although the flower looks like dirt compared to you” She didn’t
know if it was because of how cheesy his likes were or it was because of the
way he was staring at her that made her cheeks red as a tomato but one thing
was for sure, Zane was good with his words which made her think….
“How many other women do you talk to the way you talk to me?” Her question
seemed to have caught him off guard.
“I’ve never been with another woman besides you” Kiara immediately turned
away from him so he won’t see how happy his words made her.
“Well you’d never be able to see someone better than me so I’m not surprised”
He chuckled then placed a kiss on her cheek.
“You are starting to sound like me. Am I a bad influence on you?” She nodded.
“You have always been a bad influence on me but I don’t mind it” She murmured
then wrapped her arms around him.
“Can we go now?” Zane nodded then they walked down the pathway and after a
while, Kiara gasped when she instantly realized where they were.
“Oh my goddess, are we at the temple of love?” She shrieked as she jumped
away from Zane.

“I knew you would know what it is. You like it?” She immediately nodded.
“This was one of the places I wanted to visit while we were here. Oh my, it’s so
beautiful, just like in the pictures” She was about to step forwards but Zane
grabbed her hand.
“Wait, we can’t walk over there just yet” Kiara furrowed her eyebrows and was
about to ask him why when he clapped his hand and some few men and women
ran towards them then lined up in a vertical line at their sides with a basket in
their hands.
“What’s going on?” He grinned.
“I watched about the place in a movie before and at that time, it was spring in the
movie so the couple had peach blossom petals falling on them as they walked
towards the temple but we just happened to get here when it’s summer and no
petals are falling down do I decided to improvise” He took hold of her hand and
as they walked down the pathway, the men and women began throwing petals
on them and at that moment, everything seemed to be in slow motion to Kiara.
She couldn’t believe all the things he was doing just to make her happy. She
glanced up at him and when he smiled at her, she knew she was going to be in
love with him for the rest of her life…

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