Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 82

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 82
Zane turned back to Kiara with worry filled in his eyes.
“Did he hurt you?” She shook her head then took a deep breath.
“No but what was that? What’s going on?” The people around them were
screaming and running around frantically. There was even traffic due to everyone
trying to get out of the area. As Kiara watched this, she realized there was
something bad coming, very bad.
“Don’t worry yourself about that, I have this under control” She frowned at him.

“You have this under control? I almost died. What if you hadn’t shown up?”
“I’ll always show up because I’ll never let anything happen to you” He
immediately said, making her sigh.
“At least is it something I need to be scared of?” She questioned softly and he
shook his head while caressing her face.
“I’ll always protect you so you don’t need to worry about it. I’ll have some of my
best men watch over you and Heather in the meantime while I try to find this
beast but don’t worry, okay? Everything is going to be over soon” She frowned
again because of the unsureness she saw in his eyes. Zane was hardly ever
unsure of anything but when he was, it meant it was serious.
Before she could say another word, she heard Heather’s voice from behind her.
“Let go of me” Heather’s voice was low but it was clear she wasn’t in the mood
for games. Daniel sighed as he let go of her hand.
“Listen, what you heard this morning… I didn’t mean to say it, I was just…”
“I don’t want to hear what you have to say and I never want to hear what you
have to say. It’s better for me not to be your problem anymore, right?” Daniel
frowned. He opened his mouth to say something but she turned away from him
and walked up to Kiara before grabbing her hand.
“Let’s go. I’ve already messaged Levi and he’s on his way here” Zane refused to
let go of Kiara as he glared at Heather.
“Levi can’t protect her from that monster, Heather. You both need to come stay
at the warehouse” Heather scoffed.
“We would rather be eaten by that monster than stay in the same space with the
likes of you” Zane clenched his fist. She was getting on his nerves.

“I wasn’t talking to you Heather. If the monster kills you then good riddance
because I could care less” Kiara gasped slightly then hit his chest.
“That’s enough, both of you. Now is not the time for this, okay? You have work to
do, don’t you Zane?” He pursed his lips.
“Yes but I have to make sure you’re safe first,” She sighed.
“You said you were going to have some of your men watch over me? Then they
can do that without me being in the warehouse, right?” He frowned.
“But it’s safer, my love. That monster can kill up to ten wolves within a minute,
Kiara. It’s not a joking matter” She furrowed her eyebrows.
“I know it’s not a joking matter, I stared at that monster in the eyes and I saw
that it wanted me dead but I can’t just think about my safety alone, Zane” He
furrowed his eyebrows.
“I know and that’s why Heather is going to come along too so what’s the
problem?” She sighed.
“I don’t want Levi to be alone and be in danger” His mouth laid agape as he
stared at her. That was the last thing he had expected her to say.
“What?” He questioned. Even Heather seemed surprised by her words.
“That monster, it didn’t seem like it was just out for wolves alone and like you
said, that monster couldn’t even be stopped by up to ten wolves then how’s Levi
going to survive? If I stay with him then you’ll have your men watch over all of us”
Zane was too stunned to speak.
“I agree. Levi has done too much for us and we can’t just abandon him especially
when he has no one else so unless he comes with us, we are going to stay with

him” Zane scoffed.
“Come with us? He’s a human and you both are not. If he comes with us, he’s
going to find out and only the moon goddess knows what’s going to happen next.
That’s too risky” Kiara sighed.
“Then let your men watch over us while we stay at his Mansion till we can figure
something out” She uttered, making Zane groan. He grabbed her hands and
pulled her closer to him.
“Please don’t be like this, my love. I just want you to be safe. I can’t be worrying
about you while I’m out looking for that monster, I need to know you’re safe” She
stared at him for a while then slowly pulled her hand out of his grip.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be okay and if anything ever happens, I’ll call you” He shook his
head then let out a sigh.
“You’re putting yourself at risk for him? Why? Do you… do you have feelings for
him, Kiara?” She sighed.
“Everything doesn’t revolve around our feelings, Zane. You won’t understand but
Leaving Levi alone doesn’t sit well with me and yes, I know I was going to move
out of his mansion because Heather and I were going to our apartment but
knowing such a monster is running loose and he’s all alone makes my heart
ache” She didn’t know why but with the few moments she had spent with Levi,
even though she didn’t see him romantically, he had grown on her and most of
the time, she saw him as a young boy who just wants the best out of life. A
young boy who’s just trying to be happy, a young boy who just wants to be
protected and have a family and since her family abandoned her, she knew how
that feeling was and she didn’t want someone else experiencing it.
After saying that, she turned away from Zane but before she could take a step
further, Zane spoke and his words shocked them all.

“If that’s the case then you heather and Levi can come stay in my mansion with

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